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Chapter 31

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This was becoming the norm with me. Sitting outside their hotel trying to figure out how the hell I got myself into this in the first place. I put the check into my back pocket and headed up to Pete’s room. As I walked through the lobby and as I was almost to the elevator I heard his voice so I turned toward it.

“Patrick this one is different I swear. I can’t sleep…” I stepped behind a chair and crouched down so that they wouldn’t see me.

“Pete you never can sleep,” Patrick interrupted him.

“That’s the thing, when she’s in bed with me I can.”

“Pete you do this in every city. I must admit she has kept your attention longer that the others.”

“I don’t know what the hell is going on with me. I was so happy she and that Frank guy had a fight, cause that meant they wouldn’t be hanging all over each other all the time, then she didn’t show up last night. Do you think I went too far at the meeting yesterday? I mean in the end I really did like her covers better and I picked them.”

“So she stood you up last night?” I saw Pete nod.

“Yeah which I don’t understand cause I paid her in advance.”

“Pete you do realize that she’s not a hooker right?”

“I just had to have her and well it’s worked with so many other’s. I honestly didn’t think she would take the deal, that’s kinda why I waited for her to get drunk that first night.”

“Pete if you seriously like her, you can’t keep throwing your money at her and you gotta start showing her that you care about her. Quit being an ass all the time. She’s got enough problems.” I had heard enough, so Frank was right. Pete was in love with me. I didn’t know what to do with this information. I turned and headed back toward the door, then opened it and closed it as though I had just entered then I looked over toward where they were sitting.

“Hey Patrick,” I said loudly. They both stopped talking and looked up at me. I didn’t say anything to Pete, cause it would have been out of character for me to be nice to him.

“Where were you,” He said looking me dead in the eyes. I felt like a child being scolded by my mother.

“I…” he didn’t let me say anything he just grabbed my arm and pulled me roughly toward the elevator.

“Pete I think you’re hurting her.” Patrick said walking up behind us.

“Stay out of this,” Pete said sending him a warning look. He went straight to his suite and pushed me into the room. I watched as he closed the door and putting the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the outside. He walked over to me. “Where were you?”

“Look I’ve been thinking and…” he cut my words off with a kiss. I’m not stupid, this may not have been what I was expecting, but I still wasn’t going to tell him that I spent last night with Frank.

“You’ve been crying,” he said taking a step back. I hadn’t bothered to look in the mirror after I left the apartment, and after hearing what he and Patrick speak I had all but forgotten about what I must look like. “Why?” the harsh edge to his voice resurfaced I just looked at him unable to say anything. He closed the distance between our bodies again and started kissing along my jaw line. Then made his way to my neck stopping abruptly. “Who was he?” he asked pressing his body painfully to mine.

“Who?” I said trying to breathe, his weight making every breath a triumph.

“The one, who gave you those,” his finger trailed along the side of my neck.

“What?” I gasped. He took a step back, grabbing my wrist and pulling me into the bathroom. He spun me around so that I was facing the mirror and he was behind me. Once again he wrapped his arms around me and held me in place against him. He didn’t seem to want our bodies to be apart for long.

“Those,” he said, his fingers trailing over what I could now see were bite marks. “You said no other clients, and no boyfriend.” He was whispering only each word was venomous and stung. “Wasn’t that the agreement?” I nodded and reached for my back pocket. His hand stopped me. “Now you wanna come and…”

“I was reaching for the check it’s in my back pocket.” I said trying to keep calm. I could see a crazy look in his eyes, and it was scaring me.

“No, you’re a whore I shouldn’t have expected you to keep your word in the first place.” I closed my eyes. “Aww did that hurt the sluts feelings?” I broke free of his embrace and took out the check slamming it on the counter top.

“I have never been nor will I ever be a slut or a whore.” I yelled at him and watched as his satisfied smile fell. I liked making him feel that way. I had officially reached my breaking point. “Take your money Pete I don’t want it. If you must know I was with Frank last night,” his smile fell even more if that is possible. “But don’t worry cause apparently I’m so useless that even that man found me unworthy of loving so that won’t be happening again.” I went to walk past him only to have him grab me and pin me against the wall again.

“Don’t ever let me hear you say that you are unworthy of anything,” he yelled before crashing his lips against mine.
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