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Beach time Pt. 2

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Still at the beach.

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‘Where is Brendon?’ Holly asked as Grace sat between her and Ellie while she fixed the little frills on her suit. Grace was wearing a white and silver metallic triangle bikini top that tied around the back and the neck with a matching low-rise bottom with a frilly edge to look like a tiny little skirt. The top gave her the right amount of cleavage to drive Brendon crazy while the colors of the suit contrasted her skin tone and hair perfectly.

‘He needed a shower, his hair was unfixable.’

‘Oh I see.’ Holly said.

‘Hey guys!’ Brendon shouted as he walked down the beach. Grace sat up a bit and looked at her boyfriend before dropping her head back down on the towel as she laughed. Out of all the people on the beach that day, Brendon looked the best (depending on who you asked of course) He was wearing one of Grace’s bikinis. It was a crystallized black halter bikini top and skimpy low rise black bottoms. The bottoms were a little too small for his liking but with the proper and frequent adjusting, he would be fine; except when he took a few steps his little friend would try to make a debut out of the leg. Brendon knew he looked damn good and that’s all that mattered to him. He was just hoping that he wouldn’t get the wretched tan lines around his neck and middle.

‘What are you doing?’ Grace asked as he sat down between her legs.

‘I decided I was tired of the same board shorts I wear every time we go swimming so I decided to try out you girls’ option and I must say, it’s a little constricting.

‘Brendon, there are children around. I don’t think they need to see this.’

‘They can’t see anything.’

‘Yeah until you get up from here when you Brendizzle falls out.’

‘Are you saying that I don’t look good?’

‘Baby you look great, however…’

‘You look like a queer!’ Jon yelled.

‘Thanks Jon.’ Brendon glared.

‘Fine I’ll go change.’ Brendon said getting up as all of the guys cringed. Brendon rolled his eyes tucking his junk back into his trunk and starting back to the house but not before completely pants-ing Ryan.

‘Ow ow Ryan.’ Grace yelled as he quickly pulled his pants back up while the red spread across his face.

Grace, come help me!’ Spencer yelled. Grace got up from her towel and walked over to where Spencer was working diligently on a sandcastle.

‘This is amazing per.’ Grace said. She quickly took a picture before Brenzilla ran through it.

‘Brendon!’ Grace yelled.’

‘Oops…sorry baby.’ Grace glared at him. She shook her head as she walked back over to her towel and sat down. Brendon walked over and sat down behind her on the towel. She leaned back into him.

‘I like you better in the shorts than my bikini.’

‘Why? I thought I looked hot.’ He said.

‘It makes me feel like less of a lesbian.’ Brendon chuckled kissing the side of her head. Brendon soon got up to go play around with the guys. They wrestled; they played a sorry game of beach football, as well as walked up and down the beach checking out various hotties while the girls sunbathed and talked about their boyfriends.

‘I can’t believe Brendon came out here like that.’ Holly laughed.

‘I can. It doesn’t surprise me at all.’ Grace chuckled.

‘So you two had some fun last night I hear.’ Ellie said.

Grace blushed a little bit as she shrugged, ‘When you have a boyfriend as hot as he is some times it’s a little hard to handle.’

‘Do you have no morals at all? How long have you and Brendon been dating?’ Anna asked. Anna was Spencer’s fairly new girlfriend. This was the first time Grace and Ellie had met her.

‘Excuse me?’ Grace asked.

‘You’re already sleeping with him. I know you two haven’t been together that long. Don’t you have morals? Why are you having sex with him so early?’

‘What are you my mother? I love Brendon, I’m pretty sure that’s what matters.’

‘I bet you do, just as much as you loved the last guy you fucked right after getting together.’

‘First off I do love Brendon…a lot. Second, Brendon is the first and only boy that I’ve ever been with. And lastly we didn’t just get together; we’ve been together for a while.’ Grace said.

‘Whatever, I can’t believe you girls would hang out with someone like her. Holly I thought you were better than that.’

‘You obviously do not know me well.’ Holly said. Grace rolled her eyes and stood up. ‘Where are you going?’

‘I’m going to find my boyfriend; I’m tired of sitting here.’ She said walking off down the beach with Ellie next to her and Holly trailing behind.

‘Hey baby cakes.’ Brendon said getting up from the sand where he was laying and running towards her picking her up as he went along. Grace wrapped her legs around his waist and laughed while he ran into the ocean soon falling over with Grace underneath.

‘Hi beary.’ She smiled as she sat on the wet sand as the surf came up and wrapped around him.

‘Did you get tired of girl time?’ he asked tucking some wet bangs behind her ears.

‘No, I got tired of being away from you.’ She said kissing his nose before kissing his lips.

‘I see.’ He said looking out over the water. He wrapped his arms around Grace and kissed her hand while they both looked out over the water.

‘Hey guys if you’re going to sit in the water and go all romantic on us, we’re leaving you here!’ Ryan yelled. Brendon and Grace soon stood up. Brendon took Grace’s hand as they started towards the group who had decided to go on a walk down the beach.

Brendon walked with his arm around Grace’s shoulder while she held her hand. ‘We should do stuff like this more often. Take band vacations. I like it.’ Brendon said.

‘Me too.’ Holly agreed as she swung her hands back and fourth while holding onto Ryan’s. Their day at the beach lasted a couple more hours before everyone was exhausted. It was finally time for naps and then time for dinner at some restaurant they would pick after everyone was clean and well rested.

‘Baby you’re going to be burnt, you didn’t put on sunscreen.’ Grace said as she stood in the room with the doors shut and Brendon sprawled out on the bed.

‘You think so?’ he asked looking down at his chest.

‘Yeah you’re going to be as red as a tomato.’

‘You’ll still love me right?’ he asked. Grace smiled and walked over to the bed.

‘Of course I’ll still love you. And I’ll rub you down in aloe when you hurt tomorrow.’

‘Will you kiss it and make it better.’

‘Of course.’ She smiled kissing his lips tenderly before laying down next to him.

Brendon and Grace’s relationship continued to grow and they continued to fall in love. Brendon was in awe of the fact that he could love someone as much as he loved Grace. There was nothing about her that he didn’t love.
They continued to date for two years. Grace didn’t always tour with him; she went back to school and finally graduated from Boston University. Brendon and Grace were now 23 years old and they were at a cross roads in their relationship.

What would be the next step for the young couple?
*What did the future hold for him? *
*Would they with stand the storms to follow or would they buckle under the pressure? *


Megan here!

So this is the last chapter in this section of the story. I split this story into three parts so this is the end of the first part. I'll probably have another title for the next one but thanks for reading. Reviews are great so keep them coming.
I'll probably post the second part of this story soon.

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