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Grace visits the past

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The tour quickly past, everything was the same every day. Either it was a show or a free day. On free days, Holly and Grace or Brendon and Grace would go do laundry. Usually it ended up as Grace and Holly doing the laundry. Grace would wash hers, Brendon’s, and Jon’s laundry while Holly had the rest. They would sit in the laundry mat being normal people as they did their boyfriends’ laundry. They’d read magazines, take random pictures, and talk about the four boys they lived with.

Life was good; that is until they came to Boston, one of the last tour dates on the tour.

Grace was rudely awoken early one morning to the sound of screaming as she rolled out of bed only to have Jon land on her a minute later.

‘What’s going on?’ Holly asked as she crawled out of the bunk while Ryan came out of the back lounge looking unphased. He looked down at Jon scrambling to move off Grace as the screaming continued.

‘Fans, we’re in Boston.’ Ryan said. Ryan helped Grace up as she walked to the front of the bus to look out the window. She saw the familiar city scape of Boston and the venue she used to go to see concerts with Alyssa and Rachel; which just brought back painful memories. She started back to the bunks and crawled in.

‘What’s wrong with her?’ Spencer asked Brendon who sat at the table.

‘She’s got some painful memories of Boston.’ Brendon said.

‘Well she better get used to it we’re staying over night.’ Jon said.

‘Baby are you planning on coming out at all today?’ Brendon asked.

‘No!’ he heard Grace shout from inside the bunk.

‘Come on baby, it’s not that bad.’ He said. Grace threw the curtains back.

‘Are you kidding me? Not that bad? Alyssa and I used to come here all the time for concerts.’ Grace said as tears welled up in her eyes.

‘Baby I’m sorry.’

‘Look its fine.’ She said pulling out a pair of plaid shorts to put on with her white baby doll.

‘Where are you going?’

‘There are some people that I need to visit while we’re here.’ Grace said.

‘Let me get dressed and I’ll come with you.’ Brendon said pulling out some jeans.

‘Baby you can’t come with me; you have sound check and stuff.’ Grace said.


‘Bden, I’ll be okay.’ She said resting her fingers under the waist band of his underwear.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Positive, I’ll call you.’ She smiled.

‘I love you.’ He said holding her waist.

‘I love you too.’ She said before kissing him gently and picking up her purse.

Twenty minutes later Grace was back in her beloved Silver Range Rover on the familiar path she had taken so many times in her life.

She soon stood at the big red door of the house that was like her second home. She knocked softly on the door while half of her hoped that no one would answer. She didn’t really have time to second guess herself before the door opened revealing a middle aged man.

‘Tamara, Grace is here.’ Mr. Harwell, Alyssa’s dad said. Grace was soon engulfed in a hug by her best friends’ mother.

‘Oh Grace we’ve missed you so much.’ She smiled as tears rolled down Grace’s face.

‘I missed you guys too.’ She smiled hugging Alyssa’s mother tightly.

‘Come in sweetheart.’ She said pulling Grace into the house. Grace slipped off her white vans by the door and set her purse down taking her blackberry out before following Alyssa’s mother into the kitchen. By the time she got into the kitchen, Mrs. Harwell was on the phone, no doubt with Rachel or Holly’s mom.

‘How have you been sweetheart? How’s the tour? How’s that cute boyfriend of yours?’

‘I’ve been alright I guess. The tour has been fun. The boyfriend is good.’ She said as Mrs. Harwell handed her a cookie.

‘I’m glad you came over today. We’ve been going through some of Alyssa’s things and we’ve found some stuff that we knew you would want.’


‘We’ve sent a lot of it home with Tom but there were a couple of things we kept here. I started a project to give you for your birthday but I finished it a little early and since you’re here I’m going to go ahead and give it to you.’ She said before walking out of the room just as Grace got a text.

‘Hey baby, I know you’re probably going through someone hard right now but I’m here and I love you if you need me.’ Received 1:52 PM B Beary.

‘Alright here we go.’ She said walking back into the kitchen with a baby pink and white striped book with a ribbon keeping it shut.

‘What is it?’ Grace asked.

‘Robin, Mary, and I started working on it right after you left. It’s a scrap book so you wouldn’t lose the memories you and the girls made.’ Mrs. Harwell said as Grace opened the book. Each girl had their own page as well as about twenty five pages filled with memories.
By the time Grace had finished looking through the book, Rachel and Holly’s mom were both standing with Alyssa’s mom on the other side of the counter top and Grace was engulfed in tears.

‘Thank you.’ She smiled holding the book close to her as she was hugged by all three mothers.

The day was spent with her three other mothers talking about the tour, a lot of talk about Brendon, and what the future held for the couple.

Around 7 PM Mr. Harwell walked in the door and into the kitchen, ‘Grace, I found this boy wondering around outside. He said he knows you.’ He said as he stood next to Brendon.

‘Beary, what are you doing here?’ she asked getting up and hugging him.

‘I got worried when you didn’t call so I talked to your brother. He said you were probably here.’

‘Brendon, would you like to stay for dinner?’ Mrs. Harwell asked.

‘I’d love to.’ He smiled sitting down next to Grace

‘So when you get back in town we want to see you.’ Mrs. Harwell said as she held Grace’s arms.

‘I promise. I’ll e-mail you guys soon.’ She smiled.

‘Alright, we love you sweetheart.’ She said hugging her before passing her around to the other two.

‘Oh I love you guys too.’ She said.

‘Go on, before it gets dark.’ Mrs. Harwell said opening her door.

‘Bye I love you guys.’

‘Bye sweetheart.’ She smiled.

Grace slowly backed out of the drive way as with Brendon sitting in the passenger seat looking down at the pink book that he held in his lap.

‘It’s a scrap book that they made me so I didn’t forget.’ Grace said as she drove to one more spot before going to the hotel for the night.

‘Okay.’ Brendon said taking her hand softly, ‘Where are we going?’

‘We have one more place to visit tonight.’ Grace said pulling into the gates of a beautiful cemetery.

‘Can you give me a minute?’ she asked before getting out of the car.


‘Okay like five then I want you to meet them.’

‘Alright.’ Brendon agreed. Grace turned off the car and the lights and slowly walked over to the grave holding her three best friends. She sat down on the dark stone memory bench and shuffled her feet a few times.

‘Hey girls.’ She smiled, ‘I miss you guys, more than you know.’ Grace began. ‘I brought someone for you to meet tonight, Rachel I know you were always the one to date musicians but I secretly always wanted to know what it was like to date a guy that could sing me to sleep so I did. His name is Brendon and he’s amazing. You guys would love him... I saw your moms’ today. Just as amazing as they were last night, a little bit more crazy now but who isn’t with out you three around.’

Brendon soon walked over and sat down next to her, ‘Here he is girls. This is Brendon. He’s cute huh.’ Grace smiled. Brendon chuckled taking her hand into his.

‘Your moms gave me a scrap book today. It’s beautiful. Just like the one we always wanted to make but always got caught up in laughing at the pictures instead.’ Brendon and Grace sat on the bench until it got dark.

‘Come on sweetie, it’s getting cold.’ Brendon said.

‘Alright, I’ll be right there.’ She said. Brendon kissed her cheek before walking to the car.

‘I love you guys, so much. I’ll come back to visit when the tour is over.’ She said kissing her fingers before pressing them to the grave stone. She turned on her heels and started back to the car as a cool breeze blew through her hair. She smiled softly as she got into the car.

‘Where have you two been?’ Zack asked as they walked into the suite with four rooms that everyone was sharing at the hotel.

‘I went to visit some friends.’ Grace mumbled as she held her book close.

‘Are you okay?’ Ryan asked.

‘Yeah.’ Grace said with a week smile, ‘I think I’m going to go to bed.’

Grace received various good nights from everyone as she started into a random room. ‘Is she alright?’ Jon asked Brendon.

‘Yeah she’s okay.’

‘What happened?’

‘She’ll explain when she’s ready.’ Brendon said, ‘goodnight guys.’

Grace sat on the bed flipping through the pages before she felt Brendon kiss her shoulder softly, ‘Hey.’ He whispered.

‘Hi beary.’ She smiled shutting the book. Grace got up and set it on her suitcase before walking over and crawling on the bed with Brendon straddling his hips, ‘Thank you for today.’

‘You’re welcome baby, that’s what I’m here for. I’m your support beam.’ He said resting his hands on her hips.

‘You would have loved the girls and they would have loved you. I might have had to fight Rachel off of you though.’

‘What can I say I’m just a stud.’ She chuckled before kissing his lips softly. Brendon wrapped his arms around her deepening the kiss as she rolled off of him. Brendon parted form the kiss and held her close in his arms.

‘You’re so amazing.’ He whispered.

‘I love you so much.’ She said sweeping his bangs out of his face. Brendon kissed her again before laying his head down on the pillow watching as she fell into a peaceful sleep.

‘Goodnight baby doll.’

The tour soon came to an end. The boys had planned an end of tour vacation with out telling the girls. They were going to the Magen’s Bay Beach, St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for a week with the girls. Jon and Spencer’s girlfriends were even flying down to spend the week with them. It was bound to be interesting.
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