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Change for the better

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Tom comes to visit and gives Grace a different point of view.

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‘So you’re going to have lunch with your brother?’ Brendon asked as Grace tried to put on mascara while in a moving bus.

‘Yes.’ She said.

‘Why is Tom here?’

‘We’re on our way to San Francisco. I guess he had a game here.’ She said.

‘You’re coming back right?’ Brendon pouted.

‘Of course I am.’

‘Good, Is Tom going to come to the show?’

‘I don’t know, maybe, I’ll see if he wants to come.’

‘Alright do you want an extra pass just in case?’

‘Do you really want him to come?’

‘Yeah, I want to see him, I haven’t seen him in forever.’

‘Alright well I’ll talk to him and see if he wants to come.’

‘Good, tell him he doesn’t have a choice.’

‘Alright.’ She said as she felt the bus come to a stop.

Brendon picked up her jacket and helped her put it on and handed her, her purse and her phone, ‘I’ll be back soon Beary.’

‘I love you.’

‘I love you.’ Grace said kissing him a couple of times before starting off the bus. ‘Wanna come say hi?’

‘Yeah.’ Brendon said putting on her flip flops and walking off the bus with her. Grace saw Tom standing across the parking lot. She walked quickly over and jumped into his arms. He kissed the top of her head with the biggest smile on her face.

‘Hey Urie.’ Tom smiled shaking his hand.

‘How’s it going?’ he asked.

‘Good. How’s my sister been?’

‘Amazing.’ Brendon smiled.

‘Good good.’

‘Are you coming to the show tonight?’

‘Oh I don’t know I haven’t really thought about it.’

‘Well you should come; you’ll have a blast I promise.’

‘Alright I guess I could come check it out.’ Tom said.

‘Great here’s your pass, I’ll see you when you get back baby cakes.’ Brendon said kissing her cheek before turning on his heels and jogging back to the bus.

‘Well you two seem to be doing well.’ Tom said as they walked back to the car.

‘I have something to tell you.’ Grace said excitedly as they sat in the car on the way to a small café.

‘Are you pregnant?’ Tom asked.


‘Pregnant, you know having a baby.’

‘My gosh no! Tom, are you kidding me?’

‘Then what is it?’ he asked. Grace held out her left hand.

‘If that’s an engagement ring, Brendon’s ass is mine.’

‘Chill out, it’s a promise ring.’ She said.

‘Don’t you two think you’re moving a little fast?’

Grace looked down at her ring before looking up at her brother, she looked a little sad as she opened the menu, ‘Gracie I didn’t mean anything by it, I just don’t want you to get hurt.’

‘Don’t worry about it.’

‘Grace…I like Brendon. If you love him enough to wear a promise ring he gave you then that’s fine with me. It’s my job, as your big brother, to look out for you.’

‘Tom, I love Brendon. I want to be with Brendon.’

‘Then be with him Grace and don’t let anyone change that babe.’ Tom smiled. Grace matched his smile as the waiter came to take their order.

Lunch with Tom was fun. Grace really missed her brother. Everything about him-she missed talking football with him, laughing with him, and just spending quality time with her big brother.

‘So what do you guys do before the show? I mean it’s only two the show doesn’t start until six thirty.’

‘Usually we just hang out; the guys do their sound check I take a nap. You know whatever.’ Grace said as they walked back towards the buses.

‘Where do you sleep?’

‘Want a tour?’ she asked.

‘Sure apparently we have some time to kill.’ Tom said.

‘Great!’ Grace smiled linking arms with him.

‘So this is our bus.’

‘By ours you mean…?

‘The boys…and mine.’ She said as she stepped on the empty bus.

Grace began her tour, ‘So this is the front part of the bus, where we hang out and eat sometimes or just goof off. We have our little mini kitchen area. I cleaned it up yesterday but living with four boys isn’t easy.’ Tom followed Grace further back, ‘the bathroom is pretty gross, again I’m living with boys that take longer to get ready than I do. These are the bunks; we each have our own bunk.’

‘Do you have your own bunk?’

‘Yes. Mine is the bottom one of the left.’

‘Do you sleep in your bunk?’

‘Yes.’ She said.

‘Does Brendon sleep in your bunk?’

‘No he has one that’s on the right.’ Grace said as she started back towards the back. ‘And this is where we spend most of our time, we have a TV, and video games, and internet back here. It’s not bad.’

‘This is pretty cool Gracie-face.’ Tom said.

‘It’s not home but it’s not too bad, Come on you can meet everyone else.’ Grace said taking his hand and tugging him off the bus.

‘So you and Brendon don’t share a bunk.’

‘Remember that threat you gave him right before he left, if I came home pregnant you’d nail his balls to a plaque? Well he’s listened to it.’

‘Good, I like Brendon I wouldn’t want to have to hurt him.’

Grace rolled her eyes as they started into the venue. ‘Let’s see who we can find.’ Grace said as she walked towards the backstage area.

‘So here we go. This is Holly; she’s our resident fashion designer and Ryan’s girlfriend/something. I don’t know. Holly this is my big brother Tom.’

‘Tom Brady?’ she asked as a smile played on her lips.


‘It’s nice to meet you.’ Holly smiled taking the straight pens out of her mouth as she hemmed Jon’s pants.

‘Nice to meet you too.’ Tom said

‘This is Jon, he’s the bassist.’

‘Hey dude.’ Tom said.

‘Where are the rest of the guys?’

‘Next door playing guitar hero or something.’ Jon said as Holly stuck him with a pen, ‘OUCH!’

‘Hey hey boys.’ Grace said walking in to find Brendon on the floor with a guitar and Ryan and Spencer reading on the couches.

‘Hey baby cakes you’re back how was lunch.’ Brendon asked as he started to kiss her before Tom cleared his throat.

‘It was good.’ She smiled, ‘tom this is Spencer, he’s the drummer and you remember Ryan and of course Brendon.’

‘Yup.’ He said giving Brendon the watchful eye.

‘Tom you wanna play some guitar hero?’ Brendon asked. Tom walked over and sat down next to Brendon while Grace sat between the boys.

‘So I’ll call you when I get back to Boston.’

‘Alright. I’m glad I got to see you.’ Grace smiled.

‘Me too, I love you Gracie-face.’ Tom smiled picking her up in a hug.

‘I love you too Tommy.’ She smiled as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

‘Aww Gracie don’t cry, I’ll see you soon.’ Tom said sweeping her tear away.

‘I know.’ Grace smiled. Tom hugged her one more time before kissing the top of her head. He parted from the hug and turned to get into his car.

‘Bye Grace.’ He winked.

‘Bye Tom.’ She smiled. Grace stood in the parking lot as she watched Tom drive away. She stood for a few minutes in the parking lot before she felt someone stand next to her gently lacing their fingers together. She looked over to find Brendon. He swept her tear away and pulled her into a hug. Brendon and Grace stood in that position in the parking lot for quite some time before hearing Zack yell at them that it was time to go. Brendon took Grace’s hand as they jogged back to the buses.

Grace stepped onto the bus behind Brendon. They walked towards the back of the bus and sat in the lounge with everyone else. Grace curled up next to Brendon as Jon put in a movie while everyone sat around to unwind. Brendon put his arm around Grace and let her lay back into him. She felt him kiss her head. She smiled softly imagining what it would have been like if nothing had every happened.

On one hand she would be in Boston with her brother and her three best friends but she would not have Brendon.

On the other hand she was sitting on a bus driving outside of San Francisco with five of her new best friends.

She smiled and snuggled more into Brendon realizing how lucky she was that everything happens for a reason.

Brendon Urie was sent to her to change her life and that’s exactly what he was doing
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