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Torn jackets and promise rings

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Brendon gives Grace a surprise in her torn jacket.

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‘Brendon wait.’ Holly said as she ran down the hall after him. Brendon stopped and turned around to find her carrying Grace’s jacket.

‘What’s up?’

‘The ring is in there, all she has to do is pull this string to get it out.’ She sniffled.

‘Thanks Holly, I’m sorry about your dress.’

‘It’s okay; I think I can fix it.’

‘I hope so.’ Brendon smiled. Holly turned around and met Ryan at the end of the corridor while Brendon turned back around to start out to the bus again.

‘Baby cakes?’ Brendon called as he walked onto the bus. By process of elimination, he figured she was in the only bunk with the curtains pulled, which happened to be his. He slipped his shoes off and his jeans and crawled into the bunk.

Grace looked up at Brendon as tears threatened to fall out of her beautiful eyes, ‘Baby what’s wrong?’

‘Beary, I know what you were like before I met you and I’m okay with that. I really don’t care because you’re special to me and I love you but I’m so tired of people hearing it. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal that you have a girlfriend. I know I shouldn’t let it get to me and I’ve tried so hard not to let it but it makes me feel like other people think I’m a joke. They make me feel like I’m just some stunt in your life to improve the reputation that you have and I hate it.’

‘But you know that’s not true. You know that I love you so much. You know that. You know that you’re not just a stunt and that I don’t care what you do for my reputation because in all reality the only thing that matters is for you to be with me.’ He said softly. Grace sat up a little bit facing him and rested on her elbows.

‘Do you love me?’

‘I do.’

‘I wanna hear you say it.’ She said playing with his fingers.

‘Grace Evelyn Brady, I love you so much.’ Brendon said kissing her hands as he looked at her.

‘I love you too.’ She smiled kissing him gently.

‘I have a present for you.’ He said.


‘Don’t get your feathers ruffled, it’s just your jacket.’ He said handing her, her beloved Betsey Johnson Jacket.

‘Thank you Beary.’ She smiled.

‘Your jacket and I had an accident.’ He said.

Grace laughed, ‘What do you mean?’

‘Well I was carrying it to come find you and Jon tripped me, long story short the sleeved tore a little bit.’ Brendon said. Grace quickly crawled out of the bunk for better light.

‘Which arm is it?’ she asked.

‘Left one.’ He said standing behind her with his arms around her waist to settle the shaky-ness that had quickly come over him.

‘How’d you fix it?’

‘Holly did, earlier this morning.’

‘I’ve been with holly all morning.’

‘She fixed it before you got up.’ He said.

‘Oh, well, she forgot to cut the thread, let me get something cut it with.’ She said. Brendon quickly stopped her.

‘You can just pull it off.’ He said.

‘What if the fabric tears?’

‘It’ll be fine.’ Brendon said, ‘Besides we don’t have anything to cut it with.’

‘Okay.’ Grace said as she pulled the long piece of black thread only to have something shiny fall out of it, ‘What’s this?’ she asked picking up the silver ring. She looked up at Brendon as he held a priceless smile. ‘Is this Holly’s?’

‘No it’s yours.’ Brendon smiled as he took it out of her hand.

‘I don’t understand.’

‘Baby it’s a promise ring.’ He said holding up her left hand sliding it onto her ring finger slowly.

‘Brendon.’ She smiled.

‘Sometime in our lives, I don’t know when but definitely later on, we’re going to get married. We’re going to be happily married and have lots of babies and even more sex because I love you so much.’ He said as his hands shook.

‘Aww Beary.’ She smiled. Grace looked down at the beautiful ring he had gotten her. It was a thin silver band with diamonds going all the way around and a heart made out of diamonds in the middle.

‘I had something inscribed on the inside of the band.’ Brendon said pointing out the words that were written in a pretty cursive A ma vie de coer entier

‘All my life, all my heart.’ Grace said as tears welled up in her eyes.

‘Do you like it?’

‘I love it. I can’t wait to marry you.’ She smiled pulling him into a hug.

‘I love you baby.’ He said kissing the side of his head.

‘I love you too.’ She smiled pulling him back to the bunk.

‘Oh so now we’re going to do this?’ Brendon asked as she kissed his neck kissing down his chest.

‘We’re so doing this.’ She smiled. Brendon quickly pulled off her shirt and helped her out of her jeans. Grace giggled a little bit as he ran his fingers up and down her side. Suddenly the curtains were pulled back and Ryan and Jon stood at eye level. Grace and Brendon looked at them. Grace noticed Jon look down at her butt before a smirk formed on his face.

‘Perv.’ She snapped.

‘You broke her nose.’ Ryan said. Grace pulled her shirt back on before jumping out of the bed while Brendon cursed Jon and Ryan.


‘Kelly’s nose is broken.’ Ryan said.

‘That’ll teach that stupid bitch to mess with me again.’ Grace said.

‘Great can we get back to what we were doing?’ Brendon asked.

‘Oh right you’re business meeting.’ Ryan said.

‘Business meeting? Cassie and I don’t have business meetings. Ryan wanna have a business meeting?’ Jon asked as he and Ryan walked off the bus.

‘Dude, that’s gross, you’re not my type.’ Ryan joked.

‘Oh I forgot you and Brendon are the only ones that have business meetings.’
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