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Cat fights.

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Ryan's girlfriend comes in causing ripples in the routine

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‘This dress is amazing Holly.’ Grace said the next day as she stood in the boys’ dressing room while Holly sewed on of the sides of the dress tacking it to use her sewing machine on it a few minutes.

‘This is my dream dress.’

‘You designed this?’

‘Yeah I’ve been designing this dress since I was 11. It’s my baby.’ She smiled stepping back to look at the dress. The dress was an electric blue metallic strapless bubble dress with a larger bow tied around the waist that was made to fit Grace and only Grace perfectly to a T. The dress bunched together in places to create a wrinkled, vintage look. It took Holly well over a month to create and years if you include how long it took her to design the pattern. Usually Holly could whip a dress together in little to no time, but with the complex material and the detailed design, it took longer and took more work than she had ever put into a dress before, but it was absolutely gorgeous and Holly was extremely proud of it. It was her baby, if you will.

‘It’s perfect.’ Grace said as Brendon and Spencer ran into the room the facial expressions that were unreadable and funny.

‘You guys aren’t supposed to be in here.’ Holly said.

‘We have a problem.’ Brendon said locking the door behind him.

‘Brendon, what is wrong with you?’ Grace asked as he walked over and held her close.

‘Kelly is here.’

‘Kelly who?’ Holly asked as she cut a piece of thread.

‘Kelly…Kelly Ryan’s girlfriend.’ Holly looked up at him before dropping the scissors on the floor.

‘What?’ Holly asked as all the color drained from her face.

‘She’s here, she’s standing outside.’ Spencer said with a sympathetic tone of voice.

‘Grace we can finish this later, I’m not feeling so well.’ Holly said putting all of her stuff back in her bag. Grace looked at Brendon and Spencer.

‘Don’t mind us.’ Brendon smirked.

‘Out!’ Grace said pointing towards the door.

‘Baby cakes, I’ve seen you naked, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.’

‘Brendon.’ She said lovingly.


‘Get out.’ Grace said. Brendon pouted out his bottom lip and started out the door with Spencer behind him only to find Ryan, Jon, and Kelly standing at the door.

‘Look who’s here.’ Ryan said dryly.

‘Kelly!’ Brendon yelled opening his arms.

‘Save it Urie.’ Kelly said walking through the door. She stopped when she saw Grace and Holly.

‘You must be the new whore Brendon has parading around as his girlfriend.’ She said towards Grace. Grace started to step off the platform she was standing on before Ryan stood in front of her stopping her. ‘And you must be the slut that is sleeping with my boyfriend.’ She said towards Holly.

Holly stood there for a moment with her jaw on the floor while her face went from being deathly pale to being as red as a tomato.


‘Save it.’ Kelly said turning back to Grace.

‘Nice dress.’ She said walking around Grace in a circle. Grace looked over at Brendon and he knew he had to get out of there before there was a hard core fight between the two.

‘Kelly, Grace was just about to change; we should give her some privacy.’ Brendon said.

‘Don’t you guys have a sound check to do?’ Kelly asked.

‘Not while you’re alone in the room with my girlfriend.’

‘Your girlfriend huh Brendon? You know when I heard that you had a new girlfriend I about died laughing. I remember last time I was here you were having a lot of fun with that one girl. What was her name? Brittany, or was it Audrey, or was it Hannah? Oh no it was all three of them. Oh and then there was Jennifer, Jessica, and Abby. Should I go on?’ she asked finishing with a sweet smile.

Brendon looked up at Grace whose head was over to the side as she looked at the floor, ‘So why don’t you guys run along and play on stage with your little instruments. I’ll just hang out back here and bond with these two.’

‘We don’t have sound check for a couple of minutes and Grace needs to get out of that dress so she can put it up.’ Ryan said.

‘I want to look at it a bit more; it really is a pretty dress.’ Kelly said looking at Grace with an ice cold glare.

Grace stepped off the platform and walked over to Brendon hugging him around the waist, ‘If you leave me in here she won’t come out looking the same.’ She whispered kissing his ear. Grace stepped back and looked at Brendon. He gave her a look before looking at Ryan just as Zach came in.

‘Hey guys, we need you on stage for sound check.’ Zach said.

‘We’ll be right there.’ Brendon said not breaking eye contact with Grace.

The boys stepped out of the room pulling Zach over before walking to the stage, ‘Zach will you stay in here with the girls? Someone has to mediate. Grace is at the point of ripping Kelly’s head off.’ Brendon said.

‘Sure you guys get on stage now, we’re already late.’ He said walking back into the dressing room with the girls.

Grace walked over to the couch picking up her true religion jeans and put them on under the dress. Zach turned around so she could put Brendon’s tee shirt back on. At that point Kelly began to laugh. Grace turned around to look at her.

‘This is so funny to me.’ She began, ‘How long do you actually expect Brendon to stick around with you? Brenny Poo has never had the attention span for one girl.’

‘Oh get off your high horse, don’t act like you know him, or any of these other boys for that matter.’ Kelly stood up from the couch and walked over to stand in front of Grace whom was still standing in Holly’s dress.

‘I know these boys a whole hell of a lot better than you do, I’ve spent more time with them than any of you two.’

‘A lot changes while you’re sleeping around.’ Grace said as she stood nose to nose with Kelly. Kelly looked down at the dress before slowly running her hand up the seam and ripping down the side of the dress.

‘Oops.’ She smiled.

‘Oh my god.’ Holly cried.

‘Looks like it just needs one more change’ Kelly said tearing the sweetheart neckline in half as she looked at it with a proud expression.

Grace looked down at the dress before shoving Kelly on the couch and pinning her down, ‘I’ve about had it with you and your bullshit. You’ve just ruined her dress and you’ve pissed me off. Who the fuck do you think you are coming here and ruining the boys’ mood and tonight’s show. You’re nothing but a piece of trash around here so why don’t you take your skanky ass right back where it came from.’ Grace said before punching Kelly square in the nose landing another punch to her left eye before Kelly shoved her off onto the floor.

‘That’s enough.’ He said picking Grace up and throwing her over his shoulder walking out of the room with Holly following. Zach set Grace down in a chair just off stage and went back to the room.

‘Fucking bitch.’ Grace mumbled as Holly handed her a Kleenex for her busted lip.

‘What happened?’ Brendon asked walking off stage to see Grace holding a Kleenex on her lip and a scratch down the side of her face and Holly’s dress ripped in two places. Grace’s bra was in plane view.

‘Ryan you’d better get that bitch out of here before I get another chance.’ Grace said just as Kelly walked in again.

‘Ryan, look what she did to me.’ Kelly pouted sporting an already visible black eye and a swollen bruised nose.

‘You did that?’ Brendon asked with a shocked tone of voice looking at his girlfriend.

‘Look what she did to Holly’s dress.’ Grace yelled standing up before Zach pushed her shoulders back to sit.

‘Okay look this is ridiculous.’ Ryan began, ‘Kelly, go home. You and I both now that this was over a long time ago, the only reason you came was to bitch out Holly.’

‘But Ryan, I love you.’

‘Don’t give me that bullshit I’m not interested.’ He said. Grace looked at him in shock. Kelly walked over to him and slapped him hard across the face.

‘One of these days you’re going to regret this Ross.’ She said before she stomped out of the venue going who knows where.

‘Bitch.’ Grace mumbled under her breath picking the tissue lent off her lip.

‘That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.’ Zach laughed.

‘What happened?’ Jon asked.

‘She started going on about how Brendon was never one to have a girlfriend and all this bullshit and then she tore Holly’s dress and you know to be quite honest I’m getting really sick of hearing all this shit about you and your past so once you get it together and figure out exactly what you want you can come talk to me.’ She said aiming the last part at Brendon before grabbing her tee shirt lying on the floor and walking out off the stage as Holly followed.

‘What the hell just happened?’ Brendon asked.

‘She’s pissed.’ Jon mumbled.

‘Grace apparently isn’t one to be fucked with.’ Ryan said.

‘No kidding but Ry at this point I’d be more worried about Holly than anything. She looks heart broken.’ Brendon said as she grabbed a towel and a bottle of water. He started back to the bus unsure about how he was going to handle what was coming.
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