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Angels in heaven; Angels on earth

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Grace is having problems sleeping but after a long talk with Ryan, everything is okay.

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‘Tonight on QVC, we’ll be looking at priceless gems…’ Grace curled up on the couch under a warm blanket with her head on her pillow from her bunk. There were no lights on and the TV was down so low that she was the only one that could hear it.

‘What are you doing up?’ Ryan asked as he opened the door an hour after Grace had settled down in the back.

‘I couldn’t sleep.’ She mumbled deciding that since Ryan was here she’d flip through the channels.


‘Yeah Ry.’

‘What are you doing up?’

‘I told you, I couldn’t sleep.’ Ryan walked over and sat next to her crawling under the blanket.

‘Grace you know you can tell me when something is bothering you. I’m not Brendon; it might be easier to talk to someone else.’

‘I don’t know how you do that.’ Grace said as she turned the TV off.

‘Do what?’

‘How you can tell when there is something bothering me and Brendon can’t.’

‘Grace, I can’t tell when something is bothering you but I’m an old veteran of insomnia.’


‘But now that I know something is bothering you…now you can tell me.’

‘I hear them scream, I hear crying, I hear the sirens, and I hear the glass shatter. I hear it all. Every time I close my eyes I see them. I can’t stop thinking about them. I miss them so much.’ She said as she began crying.

‘Grace…’ Ryan said wrapping his arms around tightly.

‘I just don’t understand why I lived and they didn’t. I could have given up my life for even one of them and I’m here alone.’

‘You’re not alone sweetheart, you have us. We’re here.’

‘It’s not the same…they were my best friends. They were everything to me.’

‘Grace, you are everything to Brendon. He loves you so much. Look at what you’ve done for him, Grace you saved him. Brendon wouldn’t be alive right now with out you.’

Grace chuckled a little bit as she swept the tears out from under her eyes, ‘Look at me, I’m such a mess. This is stupid.’

‘It’s not stupid Grace. It’s normal. I would be worried if you were acting completely normal after your three best friends died.’

‘I just miss them so much you know? It’s hard for me; I don’t know how to live with out them.’ She cried. Ryan wrapped his arms around her again pulling her body to his.

‘I know you do. You’re always going to miss them. It’s not something you’re just going to get over.’

‘I wish I was. I want to sleep again. I miss sleeping all night. I want to sleep in bed with Brendon. I want to sleep-in in the morning. I just want to go back to being normal.’

‘Grace you were in a horrible car accident, and you’re dating Brendon Urie, normal is not an option.’ Grace chuckled. ‘Come here.’ Grace followed Ryan out into the hall way towards their kitchenette. He handed her a banana and a half full glass of milk. ‘Eat the banana and drink the milk.’


‘It’ll help you fall asleep.’ He said as he did the same thing. ‘Goodnight Grace.’ Grace set the glass in the sink and walked back to Brendon’s bunk. She slowly crawled in as to not wake her sleeping beauty. She kissed his lips softly before lying down in his arms. She smiled as she shut her eyes allowing herself to fall into a peaceful sleep not thinking about her three angels in heaven but her one angel on earth.
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