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Starting of a friendship through a dress.

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Grace and Holly make up.

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Grace thanked the taxi driver before stepping out and stepping onto the bus realizing she left her Betsey Johnson jacket at Pete’s. She pulled out her phone and was in the process of texting Brendon when she ran into Holly.

‘Grace.’ Holly said quickly. Grace shut her phone and turned to Holly.

‘Hey.’ She said.

‘Can I ask you a question? Actually it’s more like a favor and you’re really the only person that can help me.’ Holly begged. Grace looked at her, despite the infidelity going on with Ryan; Holly was a sweet girl so Grace gave in.

‘Sure come talk to me.’ Grace said getting on the bus with Holly following.

Holly and Grace sat down at that table and chairs where Holly began talking, ‘I’m one project away from graduating design school. For my last project I have to design something that I came up with and I’m at the point of having to put it together. I was wondering if you would be my model. I know that you don’t like me right now but you’re my last hope. I can’t use Ryan he’s too skinny you have the perfect body for my dress. If you like it you can have it when I’m done but I need someone who can be my model so I can put it together.’

‘So let me get this straight…you want me to be your model for your graduation project?’ she asked.


‘Alright.’ Grace said.

‘Really?’ Holly squealed jumping up from the chair.

‘Yeah, no problem; I like playing dress up.’ Grace smiled. Holly tackled her into a hug.

‘Great! We can start on it tomorrow while they boys do their press and such.’ Holly smiled.

‘Sounds like a plan.’ Grace said.

‘Speaking of the boys, where are they?’

‘They are still at Pete’s.’

‘What are you doing here then?’

‘I couldn’t stomach Asslee Simpson anymore and Pete Wentz makes me want to vomit.’

‘I’m glad that we have that in common.’

‘He’s pretty gross. I don’t really know what his appeal is but the boys like him so whatever.’

‘You and Brendon are good together.’


‘No it’s just that I admire the couple you two are. You are a couple that doesn’t have to be making out all the time to prove that you’re in love. You don’t have to keep people up at night having sex. You two still wrestle and bicker. It’s sweet.’

‘I really love him. There is just something about him that draws me to him. It’s so weird.’

‘Well he loves you a lot. He’s changed his whole life style for you. You’ve changed this band for the better, you’ve saved these boys.’

Grace smiled. She and Holly sat in the back of the bus for a long time talking before she heard the doors open and four loud boys walk onto the bus, Spencer a little louder, because of his alcohol intake, than the rest.

‘Did you guys make up?’

‘Grace is going to be the model for my dress.’ Holly said happily.

‘Thank god, I thought I was going to have to prance around in that thing.’ Ryan said bitterly.

‘How was the rest of the party?’ Grace asked as Brendon sat on her lap leaned back against her chest with her arms wrapped around his waist.

‘Pete and Ashlee kept making out so we decided to head back.’

‘Oh…did you bring my jacket?’ Grace asked.

‘Oh shit, baby I forgot it.’ Brendon said.

‘No.’ Grace frowned.

‘I’m sorry baby; I’ll call Pete first thing in the morning to get it back for you.’ Brendon looked over at Holly and she nodded lightly.

‘Don’t forget please, it’s the only jacket I have for the tour.’

‘I promise.’ Brendon said.

‘Okay I think I’m going to head for bed.’ She said pushing Brendon’s boney butt off her and getting up starting towards the bunks.

‘I’ll be right there.’ Brendon called.

‘So where is it?’

‘Ryan’s bunk.’ Brendon said.

‘And the ring?’

‘It’s in the pocket in the box.’

‘Alright, I’ll work on it tonight.’

‘You’re amazing.’

‘It’s the least I could do.’ Holly smiled. Brendon got up and walked towards the bunks finding Grace crawling into his bunk instead of hers.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked.

‘I like the smell of your bunk, it smells like you.’ She smiled. Brendon stripped himself of all clothing except his black boxer briefs and crawled in next to her.

‘You looked amazing tonight.’

‘You think so?’

‘Those boots were so sexy.’

‘I knew you would like them.’

‘If you were wearing a pair of hot panties and a sexy bra and just those, I would worship you.’

‘Well don’t throw that idea out yet, we are staying at a hotel next week.’ Grace smiled kissing him gently before laying her head on his chest. Grace lay in bed with Brendon for hours, long after he had fallen asleep. Something was keeping her up.

This had been going on for months and yet no one knew about it. Grace had become a hard core insomniac. Every time she fell asleep, images of her Holly, Alyssa, and Rachel would flood her mind. She would see details of that horrible night. She heard screaming, glass shattering, crying, and police sirens. She would see flashbacks of Brendon and finally wake up in a cold sweat.

Grace had a new routine at night; she would lay in bed with Brendon until she knew he was asleep before crawling out of bed and walking to the back to watch pointless infomercials from satellite while the rest of the bus slept. The only difference about tonight was that she would finally get caught…not by Brendon but by her new best friend Ryan.
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