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First encounter with Aliens

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Brendon and Grace go to a party.

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The show that night had gone off with out a hitch, or so Grace was told. She hadn’t seen the show on the account of she was getting prettied up to go to a party with the boys.

The tour had stopped in LA for the show and was staying over night. So naturally Pete Wentz had decided to throw a big party in celebration of them being there.

After many attempts at bribery and long hours of begging from various and a sundry people Grace had decided to go as Brendon’s date.
She spent the show getting ready, letting hot rollers curl her hair as she picked an outfit out of her freshly bought “going out clothes”

Meanwhile backstage, Brendon was having a very important conversation.

‘So all you want me to do is steal the jacket?’ Brendon asked.

‘That’s all you have to do, I’ll take care of the rest.’

‘She’s going to be pissed.’

‘She won’t be mad when she finds the ring.’

‘It’s her favorite jacket.’

‘Is it the black Betsey Johnson one?’


‘It’ll be easy.’ Holly assured him.

‘Thanks holly. I owe you one, Grace hates cliché things and this is about as cliché as it gets.’

Holly chuckled at him before shoving him out on stage for the rest of the show.

By the time Brendon and the boys walked off stage for the night, Grace was putting the finishing touches of lip gloss on her lips in preparation of meeting a showered Brendon back in the venue.

Grace stepped off the bus ready for the party. She had decided to wear her new dark wash True Religion skinny jeans that had baby blue horseshoes painted on the back pockets. She wore a woven silk halter with a tie around the neck that had a nice, low drape in the back in the same color as the baby blue on her jeans. Her jacket was a Betsey Johnson tulle bustle coat with felted wool. It was gorgeous with plastic and satin buttons as well as a satin bow in the back. And as for her shoes, she picked out a pair of Victoria Secret boots that she knew Brendon would go wild for. They were knee high leather Steve Madden pointed toe boots with a 3 and ¾ inch stiletto heel. Her make up looked flawless as did her curled hair. She was definitely ready for a night off with her main man.

As Grace walked through the venue she saw a couple of lingering fans that kind of gave her the evil eye as she walked past them. She ignored their comments and kept walking flashing the pass as she walked through the stage doors getting various whistles and cat calls from crew members and roadies as she walked passed them.

‘Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.’ Brendon said standing in a towel in a dressing room. Grace turned and shut the door before standing against it.

‘You look pretty hot yourself.’ She joked losing the towel from around his waist.

‘If you ever wanna get out of here looking as great as you do you might not want to do that.’ Brendon whispered as she planted little pink kisses all over his neck.

‘Go get dressed before I change my mind.’ She said pushing him away, ‘I’m going to go talk to Ryan.’

‘Alright, I’ll meet you in ten minutes.’ Brendon watched her as she walked out of the room making a mental note at how great her butt looked in those jeans.

‘Hey Ry are you dressed?’

‘Sorta.’ He said. Grace shrugged walking into the room where Ryan was standing with out a shirt.

‘You look amazing.’ Ryan said kissing her cheek before going back to what he was doing.

‘Thanks. You’re coming with us to the party right?’

‘Yeah, of course, Pete would blow a gasket if I didn’t come. Why, what’s on your mind?’

‘It’s stupid. Every time I go to a party like this with Brendon, I’m scared that he’s going to get way drunk.’

‘Grace, Brendon is done with that part of his life. He has you now. He’d rather spend the time with you sober than with anyone else not sober. I don’t think you have anything worry about.’

‘Thanks Ryan. I’m going to go meet him outside.’ Grace turned on her heels and started out the door.

‘Grace your ass looks amazing in those jeans.’ Grace turned around and playfully glared at Ryan.

‘Don’t let Bden hear you say that. He might beat you up.’

‘Right, I see that happening.’ Ryan joked before Grace walked out the door.

‘Hey baby cakes are you ready?’ Brendon asked.

‘Yeah.’ She smiled letting him kiss her, ‘Let’s blow this popsicle joint.’

‘So who is throwing the party?’ Grace asked as she sat in the van leaned up against Brendon with his arm around her shoulders.

‘Pete Wentz and his girlfriend Ashlee.’ Spencer said.

‘Ashlee as in Ashlee Simpson?’


‘Great.’ Grace mumbled.

‘What you don’t like her?’

‘I’ve never met her but I think that she’s a complete joke in the business.’

‘I mean she’s not a horrible person.’ Ryan mumbled.

‘Right, we’ll see about that.’ Grace said as the pulled up outside Pete’s house. Brendon and Grace were the last people to get out of the car and walk in. It had been apparent on the ride over that Brendon was definitely on one of his sugar highs and there was no chance of him coming down anytime soon.

‘HEY BOYS!’ Pete yelled when they walked in.

Pete greeted all of the boys before coming to Grace. He looked at her like she were fresh meet, ‘Why hello there.’ He said. That’s all it took. There was something slimy about him, something gross, something that made Grace want to vomit. She gave him a half glare half smile before taking Brendon’s hand and walking away.

‘What’s her deal?’ Ashlee asked.

‘What did I say?’ Pete asked looking at Ashlee.

Brendon and Grace walked into the kitchen where there was every kind of alcohol imaginable plus a keg. Brendon looked around in the fridge finally finding some Pepsi. He pulled one out for himself and another one out from Grace. He handed it to her and looked over at the alcohol with a blank expression. ‘Baby if you want some you can have some.’ Grace said.

Brendon looked down at her and pressed his lips to hers, ‘I don’t want any, I just want you.’ He said.

‘Hey Brendon!’ they heard a girl squeal. It was Ashlee. She walked over in her black mini dress and pulled him into a hug. He stepped back quickly, being able to smell the alcohol on her breath, and took Grace’s hand.

‘Hey Ash.’ He smiled.

‘This must be your new flavor of the week?’

‘Actually she’s my girlfriend, Grace.’

‘Since when do you have girlfriends?’ Ashlee laughed.

‘Since I met Grace.’ Brendon said winking at his girl before looking back at Ashlee.

‘Right because I believe that.’ She mumbled stumbling away to find Pete.

‘What the hell is that supposed to mean?’ Grace asked as she started to walk after her. Brendon grabbed her hand pulling her back towards him.

‘Hey hey hey, hang on there.’ Brendon started, ‘There is no need to be mad, she’s drunk and ridiculous.’

‘I don’t like her.’

‘It’s okay, not a lot of people do. Hang out with me, please? I love hanging out with you, especially when you look as sexy as you do.’ Brendon pouted. Grace couldn’t say no to that pout.

‘Alright.’ She smiled standing up tall to kiss him.

‘You look beautiful tonight.’ He said laying his forehead on hers.

‘You look beautiful every night.’ She smiled.

‘Hey! What are you two love birds doing? Now I did not throw a party so you two could make out in the kitchen.’ Pete said stumbling in. He was at the point where he had no inhibitions and couldn’t whisper. ‘By the way Brendon, I don’t think your girl likes me much.’

Brendon shrugged as Pete walked the two of them into the living room where there was various things going on including a game of guitar hero and what looked to be snorting of an illegal substance that was bound to make Grace very uncomfortable.

‘Enjoy yourselves; you’ve got a long tour ahead of you. What are you drinking tonight Bren?’

‘Actually I’m going to stick to non-alcoholics tonight.’ Brendon said.

‘Who are you and what have you done with our Urie?’

‘I just don’t feel like drinking tonight. I’m not in the mood. I have more important things to do with my time tonight.’ He said looking over at Grace.

‘Okay whatever. If you’ll excuse me, there is a cute little blonde drunk over there that is summoning me.’ Pete said walking off towards his girlfriend.

‘All of these people act like you’ve never had a girlfriend before.’ Grace said.

‘Yeah well I wasn’t exactly one for monogamy.’ Brendon said. Grace was beginning to feel uncomfortable. While Brendon was helping she was out of her element.

Hours went by. Brendon began to loosen up and by the time all was said and done he was playing like a five year old. He was cracking Grace up completely but he was the only one.

Though by the end of those hours, Grace was becoming very annoyed with all the jokes being cracked on her, it was obvious that Brendon hadn’t ever been the poster child for monogamy but this was getting out of hand.

‘So Brendon, you have a steady girlfriend and you’re not drinking, what else has this chick changed about you?’ Pete asked as everyone was sitting around later that night. Brendon had his arm around Grace’s shoulders. She was very uncomfortable but was making an effort for Brendon’s sake.

‘Guys it’s really not that big of a deal. So I have a girlfriend. So I’m not drinking anymore. Maybe I grew up. Or maybe I finally found someone that makes me happy enough that I don’t have to do all of that.’

‘I think I liked you better with out the girlfriend.’ Ashlee said.

‘Excuse me; I’m going to get some air.’ Grace said as she got up and walked out of the living room to sit on the front stairs outside.

‘What’s her problem?’ Ashlee asked.

Brendon got up and walked outside to sit with her, ‘Hey.’ He said sitting down next to her wrapping his jacket around her shoulders. She looked over at him and kissed him sweetly.

‘Hi Beary.’ She said.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Nothing.’ She said as she held his hand playing with his fingers.

‘Yeah right, I almost believed that.’ He said causing her to chuckle a little.

‘I love you.’ She said looking up at him.

‘I love you too.’ Brendon kissed her again before she laid her head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of her head holding her hand gently.

‘I really tried to have fun but there is just something that makes me uncomfortable in there. It might be whatever drug someone was snorting, or how creepy Pete really is, or it could just be the fact that I don’t like Ashlee.’

‘I’m sorry baby cakes; I think I threw you into the whole thing a little too fast.’

‘No you didn’t. I want to be a good girlfriend and come with you to stuff like this because I love you.’

‘Gracie you’re a great girlfriend, an amazing girlfriend. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone except me and you’ve already done that.’

‘Oh Brendon.’

‘Are you gonna be okay?’

‘Maybe if I get a kiss.’ She pouted.

‘I think I can manage that.’ Brendon said giving her a series of little pecks before giving her a longer kiss.

‘I love kissing you.’ She smiled.

‘Not as much as I love doing anything and everything with you.’

‘I hate these mushy moments, they are so not us.’

‘It’s okay.’ Brendon chuckled.

‘I think I’m going to head back to the bus.’ Grace said resting her hand on his knee.

‘Alright, I’ll go tell the guys.’

‘No, no Brendon you can stay.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, baby, these are your friends we’re going to be on tour for a while and you won’t see some of them so hang out with them. Have fun, I’ll be fine.’

‘Can I call you a cab?’ he asked.

‘Yes.’ She smiled. Grace and Brendon got up and walked back into the house. Grace sat down next to Ryan while Brendon stepped into the kitchen to make a call.

‘You okay?’ Ryan whispered.

‘Yeah, I’m going to head back to the bus.’ She said.


‘We’ll talk later.’ She said as Brendon walked back in.

‘Ten minutes baby cakes.’ Brendon said sitting down.

‘Are you leaving?’ Pete slurred prying himself off Ashlee.

‘Yeah, it’s been a long day.’ She lied.

‘That’s too bad.’ Ashlee said sarcastically.

‘Whatever.’ Grace said resting her hand on Brendon’s knee.

‘So I won’t be too long.’ Brendon said standing in front of Grace as she was still wearing his jacket.

‘Don’t worry about it baby, have fun. I’ll be there when you get back, who knows I might even hang out with Holly.’

‘Oh feeling nice tonight?’ he joked.

‘I’m always nice.’ She said punching him playfully.

‘I know, I love you baby.’

‘I love you too. See you when you get back.’ Brendon kissed her a few times gently before opening the door to the cab for her before handing the driver money and telling him where the bus was located.

Grace sighed as she sat in the cab. She smiled thinking about her baby as she snuggled into his jacket, ready to get back to the bus.
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