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Ryan's Infidelity

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‘Ryan stop, you’re going to wake someone up.’ Holly laughed as Ryan kissed her stomach late that night, after everyone had gone to sleep, the buses stopped to fill up. Ryan snuck Holly onto the bus for the night.

It had become a nightly thing for Holly to spend the night with Ryan. Ryan would sneak her on the bus after everyone was asleep, usually when the buses pulled over to change drivers or to fill up, and he would sneak her off the bus later that morning before anyone woke up, or when someone wasn’t looking he would help her off the bus or make up a story about her coming early that morning to tailor a jacket.

Either way, the only person who knew what was going on was Phil, their nightly bus driver. Not even Ryan’s girlfriend Kelly knew what was going on.

‘Shhhh…you’re going to wake someone up.’ Ryan said before kissing her lips softly.

The only sound being heard on the bus was the faint sound of foot steps coming from Grace as she walked down to corridor of the bus to the kitchen section. She opened the fridge to get a water bottle.
On her way back to her bunk she heard faint laughing coming from the bunk below hers. It was Ryan’s and it was a girls’ laughter. She quickly walked back to her bunk and crawled in gently shaking Brendon awake.

‘Bden wake up.’ She whispered softly sitting on her knees.

‘Whaaaat.’ He said loudly.

‘Shhhh…’ she hissed.

‘Crazy woman lay back down.’ He said dragging her down to lay next to him.

‘There is a girl in Ryan’s bunk with him.’ She whispered into his ear.

‘No there’s not. Ryan’s girlfriend isn’t here, she’s in Jersey.’

‘Brendon, I heard a girl in Ryan’s bunk.’

‘You’re hearing things, come cuddle me.’ He whispered before hearing a girl’s giggle from below them. He stopped and looked at her.

‘There is a girl in Ryan’s bunk.’ Grace laughed again.

‘Oh man.’ Brendon said dropping his head back to the pillow.

‘I’m assuming that this is bad.’

‘Very bad, Ryan has a girlfriend and they’ve been together for about a year and a half.’

‘Oh.’ Grace said softly laying back down next to him.

‘We can figure it out in the morning. I’m sleepy.’ Brendon said pulling Grace closer to him.

Grace laid in bed for quite some time listening to the faint sounds of Brendon’s snoring next to her.

Finally around four am, there was no hope of her going back to sleep. She looked over at Brendon and kissed his chapped lips softly before crawling out of the bunk, grabbing his lap top and walking into the kitchenette and sitting down at the table.

Hours passed and Grace passed the time checking her facebook as well as her e-mail and various other things before researching forums dealing especially with Brendon.

‘Grace…what are you doing awake?’ Ryan asked. Grace looked up to find Ryan with someone standing behind him.

‘Well I’ve been up since about two thirty because someone in the bunk below me woke me up; the same person who has a girlfriend in New Jersey.’ Grace said shutting the lap top and standing up.

‘Grace, it’s not what you think…’Ryan started.

‘I don’t want to hear it Ryan, I really thought that you were better than that.’ Grace said as she started to walk back towards her bunk with Brendon before realizing that it was holly standing behind Ryan. She shook her head before crawling into Brendon’s bunk while he was across the corridor. There she laid alone for a couple of hours before the curtain was pulled back and Brendon stood looking at her. She wasn’t really able to read his facial expression and tell if he was mad or half asleep.

She moved closer to the wall before Brendon crawled in with back to her curling up and resting his head on the pillow. Grace smiled wrapping her arms around his waist and kissing his bare back a few times before resting her head against his.

‘I love you beary.’ She whispered. Brendon laced his fingers with hers and brought her hand up to kiss gently before setting it under his cheek and falling back into a REM cycle.

‘Hey Grace can I talk to you for a minute?’ Holly asked as Grace sat in a dressing room downloading the pictures she had taken from the night before onto Brendon’s computer.

‘I’m busy.’ She said softly not taking her eyes off the computer.

‘Please? I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me.’ She said walking closer.

‘Oh you mean that idea that you are a home wrecker and a slut?’

‘That would be the one, but it’s not like that at all.’ Holly said.

‘You have about thirty seconds to explain then I don’t want to hear it anymore.’

‘Ryan and Kelly never see each other. She has every opportunity to come visit him on tour and she never does. He tried everything to get her to come out but she just doesn’t want to. She goes to parties and clubs and all of that while Ryan is gone. She tells people that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Ryan loved her and she played him like a baseball. I was there, in the room when he found out. He tried to break up with him but she threatened to go to the tabloids and tell them everything Ryan had ever told her and then kill herself. I was in the room when she said it, Ryan was crushed. ‘

‘That still doesn’t give you two the right to go behind her back like that.’

‘We wouldn’t be if she would just let him break up with her.’

‘I’m done; I don’t want to hear about it any longer.’ Grace said going back to her pictures. Holly sighed before walking out of the room.

‘How’d it go?’ Ryan asked.

‘She listened to me for thirty seconds before telling me to leave. She’s mad.’ Holly said sitting down next to him.

‘She’ll calm down. Brendon will calm her down.’ Ryan said when Brendon walked into the room.

‘Have you guys seen my girlfriend?’ he asked.

‘She’s in the other dressing room downloading pictures.’

‘That would explain who stole my computer.’ Brendon quickly walked out of that room and into the one where Grace was sitting with kind of a blank stare while she sat cross legged on the couch.

‘Earth to baby cakes.’ Brendon said sitting down next to her and kissing up and down her neck.

‘Hey beary.’ She smiled.

‘What’s with you today?’

‘I’m just tired; I didn’t sleep much last night.’

‘I know I had to send out a search party for you at six o clock this morning.’

‘I’m sorry baby.’ She said looking over at him.

‘Not to worry because you’re here now.’

‘Ryan is cheating on his girlfriend with Holly.’

‘The girl that does our clothes?’

‘Yeah, it was her that was in his bunk last night.

‘Oh…that’s awkward.’ Brendon said putting his arm around her shoulders.

‘Yeah and it really bothers me.’

‘Why? It’s not like he’s cheating on you.’

‘Yeah but it’s still not fair to the other girl.’

‘It’s not really fair for you to pass judgment on the situation. Ryan’s girlfriend is not really a nice person. She treats Ryan like shit. He deserves better than that and if Holly is better than that then it shouldn’t matter.’

‘It doesn’t matter what the situation is, it shouldn’t be happening. Cheating isn’t okay.’

‘I don’t want to fight about this with you. It seems like kind of a waste to get into our first big fight over Ryan so can we wait until after we’ve had our first fight to talk about this.’

‘I just don’t think its right.’ Grace said looking back at the computer. Brendon put his arm around Grace and kissed her cheek.

‘I’ll never cheat on you.’ He whispered in her ear before kissing it softly.

Grace looked over at him. He kissed her lips in a quick peck before looking at her as well, ‘I don’t understand you sometimes.’

‘Don’t understand what?’

‘Before I came a long you partied, you drank, you hooked up with random girls, you were the epitome of a pretty boy and now you’re Brendon Urie…I say I love you to my girlfriend.’

‘I fell in love. You saved me Grace; I don’t know if you realize what you did for me.’

‘The same thing you did for me.’ She smiled.

‘I don’t know how I’ve gone my entire life with out you.’

‘Who cares, all that matter is that you’ll never be with out me.’ She smiled. Brendon pressed his lips to hers gently laying her back on the couch as he deepened the kiss letting it get hotter and more passionate.

‘Hey Grace.’ Ryan said as he walked into the room. Grace didn’t answer him, she wasn’t in the state too, she was busy.

‘Grace Can I talk to you a minute?’ he asked. She parted from the kiss and Brendon moved down her neck to her collar bone.

‘I’m a little busy Ryan.’ She said titling her head up so Brendon had better access.

‘It’ll only take a second; you can make out with Brendon anytime.’ He said. Brendon stopped and turned around to look at him.

‘I’ll be on the bus.’ Brendon complained standing up of the couch.

‘I’ll follow you.’ Grace said as he let go of her hand walking out of the room.

‘Thanks Grace.’ Ryan said as he sat down next to her on the couch, ‘I don’t want you to hate me. You are really important to Brendon therefore you’re really important to all of us, you’re really important to me. And I can’t stomach the fact that you’re mad at me.’

‘I don’t hate you Ryan. It would take a lot more than you fooling around on the side for me to hate you but that’s not to say I’m not disappointed in you.’

‘I know and I’m disappointed in myself as well but, Holly is amazing. She’s cute, and she’s sweet, and she likes me for Ryan instead of Ryan Ross guitarist. I’ve tried to break up with Kelly before but she just won’t hear of it. I can’t even remember the last time I talked to her.’

‘Cheating is wrong in any aspect.’

‘I know. I just don’t see any way around this. I want to be with Holly. She makes me happy. She makes me feel like Ryan again. I don’t second guess myself around Holly. I get to be myself and she gets it.’

‘So you’re happy?’

‘When I’m with Holly, I’ve never been happier.’

‘If you’re happy, I can’t be that mad at her. I still think it’s wrong but as long as you’re happy then I guess I’m okay with it.’

‘Grace, you are one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.’ Ryan said pulling her into a hug.

‘Thanks Ry, Now if you’ll excuse you interrupted a very important business meeting of mine.’ Grace said as she started out the door.

‘Right, business meeting that’s what you are calling sex these days.’

‘Hey I do what I can.’ She said before walking out.
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