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His one and only.

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It was at the moment on that warm April night that Brendon realized… He had found his one and only.

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‘So how do I look?’ Brendon asked referring to his dark wash jeans, his black tee shirt layered with a red button down and a tweed jacket with a pair of converse before the show.

‘You look great honey.’ She smiled.

‘Are you going to watch the show?’ he asked.

‘I might.’

‘This will be the first time in a long time that I have a girlfriend watching the show.’ He said as their faces were dangerously close.

‘But not the last.’ She smiled as their lips were touching.

‘Brendon come on we have a meet and greet.’ Jon said interrupting the two just before their kiss.

‘Alright.’ Brendon sighed. He turned to Grace and pouted out his bottom lip, ‘Make it up to you later?’

‘You don’t have to make anything up to me baby.’ She smiled kissing him before starting out of the dressing room.

‘That’s Brendon’s new girlfriend.’ Grace heard a young teenage girl say as she walked down the hall way of the venue by herself.

‘I heard she’s a quarterback’s sister.

‘I heard she was sleeping with a quarterback.’

‘She looks like a slut.’

‘She’s pretty.’

‘Yeah if you’re into that sort of stuff, I bet she’s only after Brendon for the fame.’ Grace stopped and looked at the girl with a look of disbelief.

‘I’m sorry how old are you?’ Grace asked.

’15, I’ll be 16 in a month.’ The girl said with her nose in the air.

‘Right…enjoy the show and learn to whisper.’ Grace said before starting on her way, to the backstage area, again.

The meet and greet was soon over as the boys got ready to start their first show after the release of their second cd. Grace sat in the dressing room as the boys and their techs ran around getting everything together. Grace watched Brendon and Ryan warm up their vocal cords. She watched Jon drink his pre-show cup of Jack Daniels. And she listened to half of the conversation that went on between Spencer and his girlfriend. She sat quietly thinking about what those girls had said about her.

‘What’s the matter with you cutie?’ Brendon asked sitting down next to her with his tie untied.

Grace turned slowly and looked at him as she took the two tails of his tie and pulled him closer to her as she started to tie the black tie he was wearing. ‘I had my first run in with your fans today.’ She whispered.

‘What happened?’ Brendon asked watching her facial expressions while she finished his tie.

‘Oh you know the usual, I heard she slept with so and so, I think she’s just dating him because of the fame, she looks like a slut that sort of stuff.’

‘Hey…’he said putting a finger under her chin tilting it up to look at him, ‘don’t let it get to you, they don’t know what they are talking about and they are jealous.’

‘I know I just haven’t ever heard someone talk about me like that that’s all.’ She smiled.

‘Are you gonna be okay?’ he asked.

‘Maybe if I get a kiss.’ She pouted.

‘Oh gladly.’ He whispered pushing her down on the couch and moving on top of her as he kissed her softly.

‘Five minutes!’ James said walking through the rooms.

‘Are you nervous?’ Grace asked while Brendon lay on top of her just looking at her beautiful face.

‘Are you going to watch?’


‘Then yes I’m nervous.’

‘Why? Just because I’m watching?’

‘When you have people that you love and care about it’s twice as hard to put on a good performance as it is when it’s just fans.’



‘Well then you better do well tonight.’ She smiled.

‘Give me a kiss and wish me luck and I’ll do great.’ He said.

Grace pressed her lips to his slowly and sweetly, ‘Good luck Beary.’

‘I’ll see you after the show.’ He said kissing her once more before getting up and starting towards the stage.

Grace got up and followed the path running into Ryan as she walked into the hall, ‘Hey.’ She smiled.

‘Hey Gracie.’

‘Are ya ready?’

‘Yeah, just another show.’ He said rolling up his cuff.

‘You’ll do great.’

‘Thanks Gracie.’ He smiled taking his guitar from one of the techs.

Grace stood on the side of the stage watching Brendon and her boys. She laughed and sang and danced with some of the roadies as Brendon put his heart into the performance. She loved the show and she loved him. That’s all there was to it. Young love.

After the show was over Brendon, in his adrenaline rush, tackled Grace to the ground back stage. She laughed while he gave her various kisses and joked around with her.

‘You’re sweaty.’ She whined as he sat on her.

‘You love me like this, it reminds you of me after sex.’

Grace laughed, ‘right go take a shower.’ She said pushing her off him and getting up off the ground.

‘Then can I have sex?’ Brendon whined loud enough for people to hear. Grace felt her cheeks go hot as she pointed towards the shower. Grace looked around and saw various people looking at her.

‘He was joking.’ She said before quickly walking into one of the dressing rooms to get her jacket.

‘Oh, I’m sorry, that’s mine.’ She said to a girl that was packing up Brendon’s costume as well as her jacket.

‘Oh, I thought it looked a little different.’ The girl said handing Grace her black North face jacket. Grace chuckled taking the jacket from the girls hands and putting it on.

‘I’m Grace.’ She said holding out a hand.

‘Holly, nice to meet you.’

‘You too! So what do you do around here?’

‘Wardrobe.’ Holy said.

‘Oh.’ Grace nodded.

‘How about you?’

‘I entertain the lead singer.’

‘Oh that must be a fun job.’

‘It has its perks but most of the time it’s just feeding and burping.’ Grace joked. Holly laughed.

‘You’re Grace Brady.’


‘Brendon’s new girlfriend.’

‘Yeah that would be me.’ Grace sighed sitting on the couch waiting for Brendon to get out of the shower.

‘You two are cute together.’

‘Thanks.’ Grace smiled.

‘You’re welcome. Have you met any fans yet?’

‘Not officially but I did have some talking about me today before the show.’

‘Yeah, get used to that. They will assume anything. If there is a girl even around one of those boys they must be sleeping with them.’

‘Has it happened to you before?’

‘I design these costumes. I basically dress them so I’m always around these boys fixing something so it’s happened to me a lot.’

‘How do you get over it?’

‘The trick is to not let it get to you,’ Holly started sitting down next to her while she held Brendon’s tweed jacket.

‘Easier said than done.’

‘Just look at it this way-You and Brendon are dating for a reason, he obviously cares a lot about you, so you two know the truth about your relationship that’s all that matters. And as for people talking about you sleeping together; it’s no secret that Brendon is very attractive, so what if you two are sleeping together you’re 20 year old kids that’s usually allowed. And if all else fails look at it this way, you have him and they don’t and there is nothing they can do about it.’ Holly winked just as Brendon and Ryan walked in.

‘Hey Holly, can you help me with my jacket?’ Ryan asked just making excuses to see her.

‘Yeah sure, it was nice to meet you Grace; I’ll catch up with you soon.’ Holly said as she quickly walked out of the room while Brendon walked in, in a towel.

‘Hey Stud.’ Grace smiled as he sat down next to her giving her a sweet kiss.

‘Are you really that bothered by what those girls said?’

‘I was but I think I’m okay with it now.’ She smiled resting her head on his bare shoulder.

‘Good because Holly’s right. I love you and in this relationship that’s all that matters.’ He said kissing the top of his head.

‘Get dressed I want to go back to the bus but don’t get too comfortable in those clothes.’ Grace winked getting up and walking out of the room shutting the door behind her.

Brendon lay in his bunk that night somewhere between San Francisco and Oregon hearing Grace’s soft snores and the faint voice of Jack Johnson playing through her ipod ear buds.

After the show was over and he had gotten cleaned up-Brendon and Grace came back to the bus, before anyone. Brendon made slow sweet love to Grace finishing just as Spencer and Jon climbed back on the bus.

After reveling in the sex for a bit, Grace got out of the bunk and played some guitar hero before crawling back into the bunk with Brendon. As usual, it wasn’t Brendon’s soft lulling that put her to sleep but her beloved Jack Johnson that did the trick.

Now Brendon lay awake thinking about the past few months.
About how his life had taken a total 180.
He was no longer the alcoholic pretty boy of the band,
But now the happily taken relationship man.

He had gone from focusing all this time on playing the game
To all his time being spent with the beautiful girl he called his girlfriend.

It was at the moment on that warm April night that Brendon realized…
He had found his one and only.
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