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Beach time Pt. 1

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Beach time!

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Grace sat on the plane looking out the window reflecting on the past year while she held her scrap book.

‘Hey Grace.’ Jon said sitting down next to her.

‘Hey Jon.’ She smiled, ‘What’s up?’

‘Not too much. It occurred to me the other day that you and I really haven’t spent any time together.’

‘I guess you’re right.’ She said looking down for a minute.

‘So let’s bond.’ Jon said putting his knees up against the seat in front of him as Grace did the same.

‘Okay.’ She smiled.

‘What’s in your book? You’ve been carrying it around for the past three weeks.’

‘When we went to Boston, I went to visit some of my friend’s parents; they made me a scrap book.’ She said as she handed it to Jon.

‘They are beautiful.’ Jon said.

‘They were beautiful.’ Grace corrected them.

‘What happened?’ he asked. Grace looked over at him for a second, ‘If you don’t want to tell me you don’t have to.’

‘Friday nights were our girl’s nights. We would go out to dinner and then go see a movie or go shopping or go down town; something fun. The night of the accident we went to dinner at the place and then went to sonic to get drinks and then we went to see 27 dresses. We always had so much fun together. The movie started about ten. We laughed so hard and had so much fun. When we got out of the movie it was around mid night. I had driven that night so I was on my way to go take the girls home. We were about five minutes from Holly’s house when I saw a car coming towards us in on coming traffic. It was swerving around the other cars and going really fast. I slowed down a little bit as we watched it go around a car that was really close to us. That’s the last thing I remember happening before hearing some of the worst sounds of my life; metal crunching, screaming, and crying before everything went black. I woke up a few days later in the hospital. They said I was a miracle that I shouldn’t have lived through the accident. I had head trauma, a broken arm, and tear in my lung but I was okay. I was going to be okay. I got to go home two days later and that’s when my mom and dad told me about the girls. The three of them were killed that night. I was the only one that lived. Rachel and Holly were sitting in the back of Tom’s Range Rover. They were both killed on impact both had massive head trauma. They said that Alyssa lived through the night but died the next morning of internal bleeding. I was the only one that lived from that accident and it’s because of Brendon.’ Grace said looking up at Jon as tears rolled down her eyes.

‘Grace…baby I’m so sorry.’ Jon said pulling her into a hug. Grace clung to him as she cried.

‘They were amazing girls. So full of life, they had such a bright future, everyone loved them. They were those girls.’

‘I’m so sorry. I don’t even know what to say to that.’ Jon said.

‘It’s okay; you don’t have to say anything.’ Grace smiled.

‘What happened?’ Brendon asked.

‘We’re just talking.’ Grace said.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah Babe, its fine.’ She smiled. Brendon swept some tears out from under her eyes before kissing her lips softly.

‘So how did you and Brendon meet?’ Jon asked.

‘You’re not going to believe me if I told you.’

‘Try me. This is Brendon we’re talking about he’s pretty much insane.’

‘I’m not actually really sure. It’s kind of hard to describe. It’s almost like it was a dream. He had a dream that night that he was in an accident and killed two people and had to go to rehab. I was in the dream. I guess I saved him. The next morning he flew out to Boston to be with me.’ Grace said.

‘Wow. Not what I was expecting.’ Jon said.

‘I know me either.’ She laughed.

‘Well you two are good together. You’re the first person that has ever been able to tell him what to do and have him listen. Brendon doesn’t drink anymore. He doesn’t womanize anymore. He’s just Brendon.’

‘He’s in love.’ Grace smiled.

‘He’s in love with his dream girl.’ Jon smiled.

‘Hey guys we’re going to be landing soon.’ Ryan said.

‘We’ll talk some more later.’ Jon said.

‘Bye Jon.’ Grace said as Brendon soon sat down next to her.

‘Hi baby.’ He smiled before kissing her gently. Grace smiled as she pulled him back into a kiss that lasted until the plane was on the ground.

‘This is beautiful.’ Grace said as she stood next to Holly in her room.

‘Well Bden does not think so; get out of my way these bags are heavy.’ He said. Grace and Holly jumped out of the way as he dropped the bags on the bed.

‘Bden doesn’t have to be such a jerk.’ Holly said as she walked out of the room going to find Ryan. The door shut behind her before Grace was tackled to the bed and pinned by Brendon

‘You don’t think I’m a jerk right?’

Grace chuckled a little bit, ‘I think you’re perfect.’

‘Good. I don’t know what Holly is talking about.’

‘I wanna go to the beach.’ She said.

‘It’s almost eleven. It’s too late; we’ll go first thing in the morning.’


‘Oh yes my love I promise.’ Brendon said.

‘Good. I’m going to go brush my teeth and everything.’

‘Alright.’ He said standing up. Brendon was wearing one of this buttons up western shirts. He took off his shirt and jeans and walked over to the balcony to look out of the beach. Grace snuck back in and picked up his shirt before walking back into the bathroom and shutting the door.

‘Ready for bed?’ Grace asked as she walked out of the bathroom. Brendon turned around and stopped dead in his tracks. Grace was wearing his button up shirt. She had it buttoned twice pushing her cleavage together in Brendon’s tight shirt. The bottom was open showing off her raspberry and bubble pink cheeky panties. Grace walked over and stood in front of Brendon.

‘Your shirt needed a change.’ She whispered resting her hands against his bare chest as she walked back towards the bed. Brendon soon tumbled down onto the bed looking at her amazing body as she stood in front of him. Grace smiled as she straddled his hips placing the gentlest of kisses on his plump lips. Brendon tried to kiss back before she parted. ‘Calm down.’ She chuckled. Grace kissed his lips again kissing her way down his neck spending a little time nibbling on his ear lobe before kissing down his chest.

The night was spent with Grace tenderly taking care of Brendon. He had never experienced anything like it before. It was most definitely one of the greatest nights of his life.

‘WAKE UP! Time to get up guys, we’re going to the beach.’ Spencer said opening the door to Brendon and Grace’s room. A look of confusion spread across his face as he noticed the bed was empty, ‘guys?’

Spencer walked over to the open doors to see if they were on the beach. He soon turned around to find Brendon and Grace peacefully sleeping on the floor wrapped in a thin layer of sheet. Spencer walked over to them, noticing the four condom wraps spread around them. ‘Guys wake up.’ He said kicking Brendon’s leg slight. Brendon slowly opened his eyes looking up at Spencer. ‘We’re going to go to the beach soon.’

‘Okay. Give us a few.’ He said. Spencer nodded and walked out.

‘Someone got really lucky last night; four condom wrappers and they were asleep on the floor.’ He said as he walked past Jon.

‘Damn!’ Jon said.

‘Morning baby cakes.’ Brendon whispered kissing Grace softly.

‘Hi.’ She smiled kissing his chest.

‘How’d you sleep?’

‘Sleep? We didn’t sleep.’ She joked.

‘We’re going to go to the beach.’ Grace smiled as sitting up against the bed with the sheet scantily covering her chest.

‘I had fun last night.’ She smiled leaning down and kissing him softly.

‘Oh me too.’ He agreed. Brendon reached over for his shorts and put them on before standing up and helping her up. Brendon bent down and picked up the condom wrappers and the condoms from the trash can. He wrapped them up in toilet paper and put them in the trash can while Grace pulled out her swim suits.

‘Beary?’ Grace called.

‘What?’ he asked walking back into the room.

‘Which suit should I wear?’ she asked.

‘The light one.’ He said before walking back into the bathroom.

‘Baby, I’m going to take a shower really fast. I’ll meet you down there.’

‘Wait…Beary will you help me.’

‘Sure with what?’ Grace walked into the bathroom holding her bikini top against her chest with it barely tied in the back.

‘I can’t tie this.’ She said with a soft smirk as she stood in front of him. Brendon ran his hands down her sides. She moved her hands dropping the top to the floor. ‘Ooops.’ She said. Brendon looked down at the top and back at what it would be covering. He kissed her neck while he backed her against the door while she let out a soft moan as he sucked on her neck.

‘How long does it take her to get ready?’ Holly wined as she stood in her swim suit. Holly was sporting a white sweetheart cut bikini top with pink polka dots that had a center ring and tied in the back. Her bottoms were low rise and the same pattern as her top. Her swim suit fit her perfectly and accentuated all the right things on her slender body.

‘They are probably having sex again. I don’t know what it is with them lately.’ Ryan said walking out and stopping when he saw Holly.

‘You look great sunshine.’ Ryan said kissing the side of her head as he let his hand rest on her hips. Holly giggled a little bit.

‘GRACE!’ she yelled. Grace parted from the hugging position Brendon was holding her in. She kissed Brendon softly.

‘Meet me on the beach?’ she asked.

‘Uh huh.’ Brendon mumbled. She kissed him again picking up her bikini bottoms and pulling them back on.

‘Will you help me tie this?’ she asked holding her top.

‘Yeah.’ He said. He quickly tied her top and kissed her shoulder again. Brendon hugged her around the waist as she looked in the mirror. ‘You’re so beautiful.’ He said kissing her cheek.

‘Grace Come on I’m not waiting for you any longer.’ Holly said barging into the bathroom, ‘Whoa! Brendon your butt glows in the dark.’

‘I’ll be right there.’ Grace said. Holly glared before shutting the door again.

‘I feel violated.’ Brendon mumbled.

‘Get in the shower.’ Grace said kissing him softly. She tied her hair back into a knot on the top of her head and kissed him again before walking out of the bathroom.

‘Alright alright let’s go.’ Grace said walking out of the room with her sunglasses, two towels, her KKG flip flops and her black berry.

‘It’s about time.’ Holly said.

‘So how was the sex last night?’ Jon asked. Grace glared and slapped his arm.

‘Ouch!’ he whined.

‘You deserved that one you prick.’ Ellie said on the other side of him.

‘Grace this is Ellie, my girlfriend, Ellie this is Grace, my lover.’

Grace rolled her eyes before smiling at Ellie.
The day was going to be so much fun.
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