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Ch. 3: A Little Magic

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The Black Parade tries out a little magic. What happens when it gets a little out of hand?

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So I sat there wondering what we were going to do. We couldn’t just confront the Black Plague… or could we?
“So how are we supposed to go about this?” I asked, “Do we just go up to the Black Plague and kill it? Or what?”
“Well it would be useful if I actually knew how to use these powers.” Cassidy said.
“True. Very True.” Ray said.
“So how do we find out how to use them?” Gerard asked.
“Mother War again?” I suggested.
“She would have told us if she knew.” Mikey said.
“No… we never asked.” Cassidy said quietly.
“I don’t think we should bug her again.” Gerard said, “We’re smart, we can figure it out.”
“Speak for yourself.” I muttered.
“You may not be the sharpest knife in the draw but you’re creative.” Cassidy said to me, “You can help more than you know, Frank.”
I sighed. On one hand, I was happy to be here. Another part of me wanted the Black Plague to come and get it over with, whether we die or not.
“So let’s think.” Ray said.
“Ray Toro, the man with a plan.” I joked.
I got smiles and a few giggles.
“Okay… Well its because you’re young.” Mikey said still smiling.
“That probably has something to do with activating them.”
“Well what if there is no secret?” Cassidy said.
That drew silence.
“What do you mean?” Gerard asked.
“Like what if it has nothing to do with being young and I just have to think about it? Or feel it? Or whatever.” Cassidy explained.
”You think so?” I asked.
“It’s a possibility.”
“So why don’t you try it?” Mikey asked.
“You can’t seriously expect anything magnificent. This is my first try.”
“Well then try already!”
“Okay, Okay!!”
We stood in silence. Cassidy took a deep breath and shut her eyes. At first her expression was concentrated, tight, almost angry. Then her face softened peacefully. She took one more deep breath and cupped her hands in front of her. A little ball of light formed in her hands. It became more defined with little navy blue swirls in its white composure. We all were in awe and relaxed slightly. This wasn’t all nonsense.
Cassidy opened her eyes. She looked at the white and blue ball in her hands and smiled triumphantly. We all smiled back.
This was great. This was a sign that Mother War wasn’t delusional. Cassidy could defeat the Black Plague. We all knew it now.
Cassidy’s hands trembled slightly. The stripes on the white ball turned red instead of blue. We didn’t know what to make of this. All our smiles including Cassidy’s fell. Cassidy took her hands out from underneath the ball and took a few steps backward. Her eyes were wide in fear.
“Ummm… Cassidy…” Gerard said, “Any clue…?”
“Not one.” Cassidy said, “Though it may be wise to run away.”
“I won’t argue with that!” I said taking a few steps away.
We began to run away. The small sphere twisted and shook. Beams of red light started to shine out of it. We broke into a sprint.
Unfortunately, at the back of the group was Mikey and one of the splinters of jagged light hit his ankle. He fell onto the dark dirt and we all skidded to a halt.
Gerard, Ray, and I started to run to help him.
“Get Cassidy out of here!” Gerard yelled to me, “We can get Mikey.”
I ran back to where Cassidy stood frozen, her eyes wide and afraid. I grabbed her wrist and ran, dragging her behind me.
Running down this hill would prove to be hard. The mountain was steep and we had to climb down some parts. But we made it. We got to the bottom and I looked over at Cassidy.
“You okay?” I asked.
She nodded. Tears ran down her cheeks.
“Hey, it’s going to be okay. Mikey will be fine!” I said trying to reassure her when I had no clue if Mikey was okay.
“But I caused it. I-I hurt him…” She whispered, “I didn’t mean to… I lost control…”
“It’s okay.” I said, “Can you imagine how many people I’d hurt if I had magic?”
“Yeah.” She said with a little smile, “That would put an end to overpopulation. It’d be a freaking disaster.”
“Hey. Let’s not go that far… Though it would be bad.”
“Where are they?” she asked softly.
“I don’t know.” I muttered.
Cassidy slid to the ground.
“If they die its all my fault.”
“They won’t die. God, don’t be so pessimistic!”
I was getting a little worried myself.
Finally we saw three figures sliding down the last stretch of the mountain that we could see from where we were. One of the figures was in another figure’s arms.
Cassidy gasped in relief. I relaxed. They were alive.
Cassidy jumped up from her spot on the ground and ran over to the edge of the mountain to meet them. I followed at a slower pace.
“Thank God!” She cried out, hugging each of them.
“We got worried.” I added.
“Mikey decided to try to run for a little stretch.” Gerard explained, “He failed miserably and we had to support him again.”
“Are you okay?” Cassidy asked turning to Mikey.
“I’m fine.” He said trying to reassure her.
“Is he fine?” I asked Gerard and Ray.
“He kinda injured his foot.” Ray said.
“I’m fine.” Mikey repeated.
“Dude, you can’t walk without falling. Do you call that fine?” Gerard snapped. Mikey pouted.
“So what do you think is wrong with his foot?” Cassidy asked.
“I think it’s a really bad sprain or it‘s twisted.”
“I agree.” Mikey opened his mouth to speak.
“Don’t you dare say, ‘I’m fine,’ or else I will make you not fine.” Gerard said. Mikey closed his mouth to pout again.
“I’m so, so sorry Mikey.” Cassidy whispered.
“It‘s not your fault.” Mikey said, “IT‘S fine.” He put special emphasis on ‘its.’
“Let’s just go find shelter. It looks like a storm’s coming.” Gerard sighed.
“Great. That’s about the best omen ever.” Cassidy muttered.
We walked (Mikey supported between Gerard and I) until we found another abandoned building. We got into it just as the storm got bad. Mikey, the only one who knew how to make it, instructed Ray on how to make a fire. We were quiet as we sat by the fire.
“I’m sorry.” Cassidy whispered, “I’m really sorry.”
“Don’t feel bad.” Gerard hugged her, “It was your first time. And if you can twist Mikey’s ankle on accident, who knows what you can do on purpose.”

a friend read my story and decided to draw Bob running from the Black Plague :)
so yeah...
i had a little bit of trouble with this chapter.
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