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Ch. 4: Disenchanted

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Cassidy and Gerard talk.

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(Gerard POV)
I stirred in my sleep. I just couldn’t sleep when recent events clouded my thoughts and even my dreams. Cassidy could do it. She really could. My thoughts subsided for a moment and I heard a voice. I sat up quickly on the floor and strained to hear. Singing. I quietly walked out to where the singing was. When I walked outside I saw it was a girl about the age of ten. She stopped singing when I came out, though she never looked up from the ground.
There was a short silence.
“We’re all gonna die.” She said.
“What?” I asked taken aback.
“Why don’t we just get it over with?” she stood up still staring at the ground.
I tried to say something but I couldn’t.
It felt as though my tongue was sewed to the roof of my mouth.
The girl finally looked at me.
She turned into the Black Plague.
And Killed me…

I woke up with a start. I gasped for air and felt moisture on my body. It was still dark out, very dark. I felt my thoughts leave again and I heard more singing. But this was different. The voice wasn’t unfamiliar and the song wasn’t the ominous melody of the little girl’s.
I got up again and walked out of the building. Cassidy sat there looking out into the sky, her eyes moist. She sang a song I knew very well.
“It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing.
It was a lie when they smiled and said, ‘You won’t feel a thing.’
And as we ran from the cops, we laughed so hard it would sting…”
She smiled as she sang the cops line. I did too. It was a little joke in the Black Parade. We were running from cops before we died. Not always your literal term of cops but like… er… “the thought police.” They didn’t like what we thought. I joined her on the next line.
“If I’m so wrong, How can you listen all night long?
Now will it matter after I'm gone?
Because you never learn a goddamned thing.”
Cassidy stopped singing after that line. She looked down at the floor like the girl in my dream.
“You okay?” I asked.
“Just dandy.” She replied sourly. I sat next to her.
“Doesn’t sound like it.”
“Can you blame me? I hurt Mikey like that-“
“He’ll be fine.”
“Do you expect me to be fine?”
“You should be.”
“Yet I’m not.”
“It was an accident. You said yourself it wasn’t going to be anything magnificent.”
“Ha.” She laughed humorlessly, “It was kinda the opposite of magnificent.”
“I found it pretty fantastic. Except for Mikey getting hurt of course.”
“Yeah that made things pretty bad.” She smiled slightly.
“Yeah.” I smiled too, “So do you forgive yourself?”
“I don’t know.” She sighed.
“Oh come on!” I groaned, “It was an accident! Mikey will recover.”
“I guess you’re right.” She sighed again.
“Of course I am.”
“Thanks for making me feel better…well somewhat better.” Cassidy laughed quietly.
“No problem.” I laughed too; glad this was taking a somewhat happier turn.
We sat in silence for a while, me looking up at the stars, Cassidy staring at the ground.
“So why did you come out here?” she asked quietly.
“Nightmares.” I admitted, “What about you?”
She looked up at me.
“I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t expect to.” She muttered, “But I think I’m fine now.”
“Do you want to go back in?” I asked.
She shook her head, “It’s too beautiful out tonight.”
“Yeah.” I breathed. More silence.
“How did… how did you guys… get over the loss of Bob?” she asked.
“I don’t know. I’m still not over it.” I whispered, “I mean, why him? It could have been any of us.”
“But it was him. And we can’t change that.” She whispered.
“I just wonder, ‘what did he do to make the Plague come for him?’ I don’t think he did anything different than us.” I said.
“I don’t know… maybe it couldn’t be helped. Maybe it was meant to be this way.” She said.
“’Maybe,’” I grumbled, “I want for sures.”
“Look it happened. We can’t change that. I know I already said that. But we can’t worry about what could’ve happened or why it happened.” She said, “We have to do the best under the circumstances.”
That ended the topic. More silence.
“Have you tried any magic since Mikey’s accident?” I asked.
“I did a little bit when I first came out here.” She admitted.
“How did it go?” I asked.
“Okay. I was really nervous so I didn’t try anything big.”
“What did you do?”
“Made a ball the size of a marble.” She giggled.
“Well hey that’s something.” I laughed.
“Yeah, pretty small something though.” She smiled.
“Can you show me?”
She didn’t close her eyes like the first time. She put her pointer fingers together and after a moment pulled them apart. Connecting them still was a blue electrical current. She twisted her fingers so the current turned with it. After a few twists a blue ball started forming connected to the current. After it was a little bigger than a marble she twisted her fingers to disconnect the current, making it disappear. The small blue ball of light floated in her palm.
She grinned.
“Any clue about what went wrong with the last dose of magic?”
Her smile fell a little.
“Not a clue. I don’t think I’ll ever know.”
“We should probably get some sleep.”
“Fine by me. I’ll sleep out here.”
“Sounds good to me.”
She let go of the ball and it floated up into the night sky. And when it finally disappeared from view, I could swear I saw a new star brighter than all the others. And in the light of the stars and moonlight, we fell asleep comforted by the soft glow of that new star.

I promise this is not the end!
They still have to defeat the Black Plague.
So yeah, have fun. ;-)
This isn't going to be some retarded story where Cassidy and Gerard have sex or fall in love.
They're just really good friends.
(Just wanted to clear that up.)
happy MCR day,
they really are an amazing band with a fantastic motive, excellent songs, and mind-boggling lyrics.
In a good way, they scare me at times.
anyway, rate and review?
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