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Ch. 5: So Help Me...

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Frank and Cassidy go to get Mikey some medical stuff.

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Cassidy POV

So I felt really bad about the whole Mikey incident. It was even worse seeing him try to hobble on his bad leg the next day.
“I’m fine.” He kept insisting.
“I swear to God Mikey. If you say you’re fine one more fucking time I will hurt you so bad…” Gerard said, “Just let us fucking help you.”
“How do we do that?” Frank asked.
“Umm… shit,” Gerard said, “I don’t know.”
“Well isn’t there an abandoned hospital around here?” I asked. “We could get him a splint, bandages, and crutches.”
“Good plan.” Ray nodded.
“Frank, you and Cassidy go get the shit from the hospital and bring it back here.” Gerard said.
“How far is the hospital?” Frank asked.
“Like a mile or two away.” I said.
“Lovely.” Frank grumbled.
“We’ve got all the time in the world.” Mikey added. “I’m not in any rush.”
“Do you like being in pain?” I snapped.
“Didn’t think so. So just shut up and let us get you some shit to heal you or whatever.”
Mikey pouted.
Frank and I walked off (more like stalked off in Frank’s case) in the direction I perceived the hospital to be. We talked and joked around for a while until we got there.
“So this is it?” Frank asked, looking up at a large building in front of us.
I nodded, “Don’t you remember when I broke my arm and you guys took me here?”
“Oh yeah…” Frank said, “That was a long time ago…”
“So are we going to go in?”
“You first.”
“You aren’t?”
“What are you afraid of?”
“It’s a hospital.”
“A dead hospital.”
“So let me get this straight,” I said, “You’re scared of an abandoned hospital?”
“No…” He said, “Just slightly… terrified…”
“Nice. We’re just here to get bandages, a splint, and crutches. And if any ghosties come, I’ve got my magic. Let’s go.”
I pushed him forward but sped up to take the lead. When we entered we both slowed. This place was like one of those haunted places in that Scooby Doo cartoon. It was dark with a few dim and flickering lights, spider and cob webs everywhere, papers were scattered on the floor.
“Holy shit.” Frank said, tripping a little on the door in.
“What did you expect? It to be light and filled with doctors and nurses ready to take our order?”
“Now that you mention it…” he muttered.
I shook my head in exasperation and started walking. We came across an old room filled with file cabinets.
“Hmm… Death Day certificates.” I muttered walking past it, “I may have to check that out on the way out.”
“What’s so special about them?” Frank asked.
I shrugged, “It’d just be neat to have them. Maybe we could find Bob’s.”
Frank didn’t say anything but I could tell that he liked that prospect. It’d be like having a piece of Bob with us.
We finally got to the end of the never-ending hall. There was a pair of doors and we opened them easily. It was a room full of medical supplies.
“Finally.” Frank said, “You know, it feels weird that something hasn’t gone wrong yet.”
“Yeah…” I said. Were we so pathetic that when things didn’t mess up it was unusual?
We grabbed the crutches, bandages, and a splint. This really was suspicious. Why was this going so well? It was almost boring.
“Oh, death certificates.” I motioned to the room we had passed earlier.
We opened the door and froze in our tracks.
A nurse was there. Her back was turned to us but her brown bun and typical nurse’s uniform was visible.
She turned around.
She had the face of the Black Plague.
I fought the urge to drop the stuff I had in my arms for Mikey. I turned to Frank for a moment and we met each other’s gaze. Run.
We ran.
The nurse ran after us. But she lost the medical garments and traded them for the smoky cloud of the Black Plague. We managed to get out of the hospital without dropping the stuff.
“So much for nothing going wrong!” I said to Frank.
“Yeah doesn’t it just figure?” he responded.
“Oh shit.” I said.
“We can’t go back to the building.”
“Why not??”
“We can’t lead the Plague to them!!”
“Oh fuck… good point. How do we get rid of it?”
“Magic.” I said.
I skidded to a halt. I dropped Mikey’s crutches and pressed my index fingers together. I concentrated hard for a moment and opened my eyes, glaring at the stampeding Plague. I held my hands out at it and a beam of white silvery magic flew out. I knew it wasn’t enough to kill the damn thing, but it would be enough for us to escape. I didn’t even look at what it was doing to the Plague. I just grabbed the crutches and started running with Frank again.
When we got to the building Gerard, Mikey, and Ray were outside. We didn’t slow our running down.
“Get inside the fricking building!” I yelled speeding toward the door.
“Why? What happened?” Gerard asked alarmed.
“When you get in we’ll explain!” Frank said.
Once we were all inside Frank and I explained it all.
“Close call.” Gerard said.
“It’s not as though we can do anything without trouble.” Frank sighed.
“True.” Ray said.
“Man, and that was all cause of me…” Mikey mumbled.
“Not really.” I said, “Number 1: It was cause I wanted the stupid Death Certificates. Number 2: I feel equally bad about screwing your ankle up. So shut up and we’ll call it even. And Number 3: If tomorrow you fucking claim you are fine and won’t use this shit we risked our hides to get, so help me, I will fucking kill you. Any questions?”
Mikey shook his head.
I sighed and fell onto a chair. I had had enough crap for today. Now all that mattered was tomorrow and getting Mikey better.

I havent written in soooo long!! That felt amazing!!! I'm sooo sorry if it took me a while. I'm trying to avoid the final showdown. I think that even after I have the big fight-y-ness (I won't say what happens. I'm still deciding that.) I'll continue it. I'll say what happens after and venture into it.
Now I must go Update Assisted Revenge! Phew!
(btw isnt it mikeys bday soon?)
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