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Welcome To This Institution

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Time for the guides and the guided to meet xD

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Mikey's POV

I waited in the office with Frank for our "guides." Supposedly, two people were going to come to show us around the school. "Mikey, when do you have lunch?" Frank asked as he leaned over to glance at the schedule I held on my lap, "Awesome! We have lunch together!"

He smiled that toothy grin of his. He seemed so innocent with that smile. You'd never guess that he just had the worst month of his life. At least things were beginning to look up since he moved in with me and Gerard.

Just then, two girls entered the office. I swear my jaw dropped when the secretary told us they were our guides. "Hey," one of the girls said to me, "I'm Meghan and I'll be showing you around."

She smiled an adorable shy smile. She was so pretty! She had short brown hair, highlighted with a red-orange, hazel brown eyes, glasses, and a lip ring on her lower lip. "Hey," I smiled back. I think I blushed a little, "I'm Mikey. Uhm...well, I guess you should see my schedule."

I handed my schedule over to Meghan who looked over it quickly and handed it back to me, "Cool. You have all the same classes as me," she smiled again, "Well, let's get going."

Frank's POV
YES! I gotta hot guide! I gotta hot guide! She had long brown, almost black, hair with bangs, brown eyes and a small gem nose ring. "Hi," I tried to say, "I-I'm Frank."

"Yeah...uhm I'm Caroline." she replied a bit edgy. Did I do something wrong? "What's your schedule dude? If you're gonna be following me like a puppy, I need to know where I have to take you to."

" you go." I said handing her my schedule.

"You have all my classes..." she answered while throwing the schedule back at me, "That makes my job a hell of alot easier."

She began to walk out of the office. I just stood there, astonished. What did I do wrong? "Are you coming or what?" Caroline snapped, turning around. I quickly nodded and scurried to catch up with her.

"Let's get to class!" I told her and flashed a friendly smile.

"Yeah...whatever." she sighed, not returning my smile.

What was eating her up? I really like her. And I will get her to like me too.
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