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This Is How I Disappear

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Mikey's POV

The morning went by smooth enough. Meghan was really nice and was interested in tons of the same things as me. Now we were on our way to lunch to meet up with Frank and his guide, who turned out to be Meghan's little sister. "MUFFIN!!" we heard someone yell from down the hall.

Meghan stopped and turned around and was met by a giant hug from some girl who looked alot like her. Maybe another one of her sisters? "COOKIE!" she said hugging her back, then she turned to me, "Mikey, this is my twin sister, Katie, this is Mikey."

"Ohhh," Katie laughed, looking over at Meghan.

"I know, right?" Meghan laughed.

"Ok.." I was so confused, "I have no idea what's going on..."

"Oh," Meghan blushed, she was so cute when she did that, "Sorry. Me and Katie can kinda read each others minds so we like have weird conversations. Oh! Guys, we're gonna be late for lunch!"

We walked the rest of the way to the cafeteria, making small talk and every once in a while Meghan and Katie would do that weird twin thingy. Finally, we entered the cafeteria and headed over to the table where Frank was sitting with who I assumed to be Caroline, Meghan and Katie's little sister.

Frank's POV

"So, Caroline...what kinda music do you like?" I asked.

She had pretty much been ignoring me all morning or just giving me rude answers, so I was determined to get her to talk to me about SOMETHING. Her eyes lit up as I said this. YES! FINALLY! I guess I showed too much satisfaction because her face quickly fell again. "Why should you care?" she finally replied.

DAMN IT! SO CLOSE!!! I sighed, "Cause I wanna know more about you..."

"What the fuck are you?! A STALKER?!" she snapped, then she turned her head and her eyes lit up again, this time with relief, "MEGGIE! KATIE!"

She ran over to two girls, I'm guessing "Meggie and Katie" and hugged them tightly. "I MISSED YOU GUYS! I WAS SO BORED WITHOUT YOU!"

"Whoa...C-line.." the one with glasses said, "Me and Katie missed you too, but don't overreact...Oh! so who's your..uhm...person?"

Caroline rolled her eyes, "Meg, Katie, this is Frank..."

"Nice to meet you Frank!" Meghan said stretching out her hand which I shook, "And C-line, this is Mikey!"

"Mhm..." Caroline rolled her eyes, why was she being rude about Mikey too?! "Can I talk to you two in the bathroom....NOW?!"

All three girls headed towards the bathroom, leaving Mikey and me at the table. "So," I asked Mikey as I poked around at my salad, "You like Meghan?"

"No!" he answered defensively, that meant he did.

"Sureeee...." I laughed.

"Whatever! I DONT!" He shouted, then he calmed down, "So how was your morning?"


Meghan's POV
"What's up C?" I asked as soon as we knew we were alone.

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