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Chapter 34

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I parked in my driveway and ran into the house. I had to do this quickly, before Frank or Marcia showed up. I rushed up the porch steps and into the house then straight up to my room. I grabbed my duffel bag and started to throw random clothes in. I didn’t care what I put in there, what ever went into the bag would be more than enough and if it wasn’t I could still wear some of Pete’s clothes. I automatically thought of the lyrics he’d written and left behind the bed.

“Come on where are you?” I said reaching under my bed. I was searching for the one thing I knew I wouldn’t be able to live without for the next 7 days my CD collection. I know everyone already has ipods, but I was still stuck in the past and I knew I couldn’t leave my 200-count CD case here. You would think since it had 200 CDs that it would be easy to find. Well you’d be wrong my room was a pigsty. It was only getting worst with me searching for the CD case. I heard a car out front and quickly got up to look out the window. I saw Frank get out, his gaze went straight to my window. I knew he saw me. I started searching frantically for my CDs I really wanted to be on my way out when he got in here. I kept searching and it was no where to be found. “Where are you damn it?” I could hear him running up the steps.

“Non,” he said finally coming to stand in my door way out of breath. I didn’t answer I just kept searching my room or my old room cause in that moment it suddenly dawned on me that I once again didn’t have the money to save my house. “Non stop ignoring me.” I pushed past him and headed down into the living room. He followed close behind me. “Non I said I was sorry, it shouldn’t have ever happened.”

“Where are you?” I said out loud hoping he would get that I wasn’t talking to him.

“What are you looking for? Non!” I could hear his frustration, but my anger out weighed it.

“Come on, I just want to get out of here.” I said looking under the couch cushion. He grabbed my shoulders and made me look at him. I struggled against his tight grasp, but that just made him hold on tighter.

“Non…nothing happened between me and Marcia.” I stopped and looked into his eyes. After all the years I’d known him I always thought I knew when he was lying, or hiding something. Now I looked at him and felt like I barely knew him.

“Frank, you thought Pete was low. Why not look in the mirror? You used my rape and my sister to get to me when I was already down. Not to mention what you did to Marcia, blackmailing her.”

“Non nothing happened between the two of us I swear. I just needed her help…with you and I thought up this lie. I knew it was wrong…”

“Frank you kissed her…”

“I needed her to believe something happened.”

“Frank you should have stuck with your first story that you only slept with her cause we look alike.” I gave up on my CDs; it was impossible to find them. “I thought I knew you Frank. I thought I could trust you around her. Frank…” I was about to go into how hard I’ve worked to protect Marcia from things like that. “Know what? Forget it. Oh and I gave him the money back, I’m going to lose my house. Happy?” I ran upstairs and grabbed the bag I had just packed and then out to my car. I threw it in the trunk the whole way he kept asking me to forgive him, to let him make it up to me. As I got into the driver’s seat I saw in the passenger’s side floor sat my CD case. “There is a god,” I thought as I drove off.


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