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Chapter 35

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I drove straight back to the hotel. I wasn’t surprised that Pete wasn’t back, I knew I had to make up for how I’d ruined our arrangement in the first place. I think I knew exactly how to do it to. I ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Then crawled into the bed naked. What more could a man ask for than a naked woman waiting in his bed?

I don’t know how long a lay there waiting for him to come back, but I must have fallen asleep, cause the next thing I knew I was being pulled against another body. I opened my eyes and looked straight into Pete’s.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” he said. “Go back to sleep.” his voice had that old commanding, abrasive tone that he used with me more often than not.

“No,” I said simply. I pushed him back against the pillows and moved so that I was lying on top of him. “I’m not tired any more,” I started kissing down his neck. “And in a minute,” I kept making my way lower. “You won’t be either.”


I snuggled closer to him, and rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heart racing, and I could hear his breathing, both were starting to slow down back to normal.

“What bought this on?” He asked.

“I wanted to thank you for earlier. I was falling apart.”

“I saw your bags, does that mean you are still staying here?” I just nodded.

“And you can still keep your money. I’ll figure out some way to save my house.” I just wished I could actually think of one, just one idea of how I could make enough money to save my house.

“I could still give you the money you know,” he said.

“Look, I am not nor have I ever…”

“Okay, but I meant more as a loan.”

“No cause I wouldn’t be able to pay you back anyway.”

“Show it to me,” he said.

“Show what?”

“The house, show me what you are fighting so hard to save.”

“I think its more of the stability of owning a house, than the actual house. I mean it’s really run down…”

“Don’t tell me that, just show it to me Nonnie.” I took a deep breath. He’s not going to understand why I want to keep my house. I mean most of what Frank had said was right, from the heating to the neighborhood. The only problem is that I don’t have the money to make that house into what it is really supposed to be. I mean it was a huge house and it was beautiful. Its just when I look at it I see what it could be not what it is. “Please,”

“Okay lets go,” I said getting up out of bed.

“Wait now?” he asked amazed that I was getting out of bed. We had been at it all afternoon and now it was just about 11:30 pm.

“Its now or never. Come on while I still got that after glow thing going and don’t have my sanity back.” he reluctantly got out of bed and we both got dressed. I hoped that he wouldn’t just write the place off the way everyone else did. That would be a crushing blow to my already wavering faith.
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