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geez banana shut your friggen gob

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The door opened it was Bam, “Ali Erin Gerard you up for manic pool,” Chelsea was sleeping.

“Yeah lets go,” I grabbed Gerard's hand I ran.

Erin ran behind us. “No nut shots Ali,” Bam yelled at me.

“No Rules Bam,” I yelled back.

“I break,” Erin yelled she knocked a solid in and made her next shot, “Ah fuck,” Bam cut her bra straps and she messed up, “Bam you fucker.”

He laughed, “No rules.”

“Fine then,” she yelled Bam went for the shot, “ALI PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON,” Erin yelled and Bam and Gerard looked up at me. Bam messed up his shot.

“My shot,” I said.

“Ali you make this I will take off my shirt,” Bam told me. Of course I made it and missed the next one. Bam revealed my favorite tattoo I licked my lips and I think Gerard saw.

Gerard shot was next. I hoped on the table and wrapped my legs around Gerard's waist and moved up and down slowly he still tried to make a shot but missed.

“My shot,” Bam said.

“NUT SHOT,” I came behind him right when he began to hit the cue ball and he hit it an messed up.

“Erin you make this I will strip for Gerard,” I said dammit she made it. I did my strip and I think Bam was jerking off to it. Gerard was all sweaty so he took off his shirt.

Several but shots later Bam was naked and Gerard was in boxers. It was down to the eight ball and I was up for the shot. Gerard had got the hang of the game and he wrapped his arms around my waist and and I tuned to kiss him. He leaned me over the pool table I made the shot in from behind his back. I reached down the front of his pants and he reached down the back of mine.

“I love you,” escaped his lips.

“God I love you too,” I finally got out.

“lets go bye Bam,” Erin said me and Gerard walked out kissing still.

Weeks past, “baby you want to go out tonight,” Gerard said waking me up.

“No I feel sick,” I jumped up and ran to the bathroom, and threw up.

“I am calling a doctor,” he said.

“I don’t care,” I didn’t think he was serious.

I tested Erin:
:Erin get me a pregnancy test:
:I think I am and I feel really sick and moody:
“God you probably are:
:just please:
:okay give me five:

She came five minutes later, “here,” she threw the box at me I ran to the bathroom and waited a minute like the box said.

“AHHHHH fuck,” I yelled.

“What,” Chelsea asked when I walked out. I showed he the stupid pee-stick, “OH MY GOD,” was all she said.

Erin walked over, “Your eggo is preggo.” Just the Gerard walked in.

“Don’t tell him please,” I whispered.

“Hey baby,” the name made me sick.

“Hold on,” I turned around and threw up.
“What’s wrong,” he asked.

“I have to talk to you,” I walked with him to the back room, “Gerard I don’t know how to saw this.”

He stopped me, “You’re leavin me oh my god what the fuck Ali you promised,” I got mad.

“No not that,” I paused, “not that at all. I’m.”

He cut me off, “You’re cheating on me,” I started to cry.

I couldn’t help it I yelled at him, “I am fucking pregnant you asshole.” I ran out of the bus and collapsed in Bam’s arms.

“Ali, cutie, what’s wrong,” he asked me.

“I am pregnant,” I cried even harder. He just held me then Gerard came out.

“Ali I am sorry I was scared I thought,” I cut him off.

“What I was cheating on you leaving you what you don’t trust me,” I tried to run off but he stopped me I started punching him in the chest.

“I am sorry,” he told me.

“I love you Gerard,” I stepped back from him.

“I love you Ali,” he looked at me and brushed the hair out of my face and put his arm around my waist, “What names do you have in mind.

“I like Alexander or Alexandria,” I told him, “you?”

“I like those.”

“Okay those are the names unless we think of something better,” I told him.

“I already told Ali,” Erin said when I walked on the bus.

“Thanks,” I told her.

“So does this mean that you are going to be really moody,” Mikey asked me.

“Yeah,” all I could think about was me HUGE.

“Oh Ali doctors appointment tomorrow,” Gerard told me.

“Urgh I am going to bed,” Gerard followed me, “Gerard you don’t have….”

He cut me off, “I want to Ali,” I laid in his arms and fell asleep like always.
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