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Talk to Me

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The journalists at back to work on Monday. Rose, Greg, and Duncan talk about their weekends to the staff. Please review me, please!!!

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Talk to Me:

Monday morning was a buzz as usual. The journalists had much to talk about with their weekends. Rose and Robyn had full details about their Sunday nights. But first, let's go over the general before we go into the details, shall we?

Duncan sat at his cubicle while many distractions in his head. He could barely focus on his Lily Allen article. There was just so much on his mind. He was caught in the middle at the moment. Duncan was in love with Katherine, but he made a promise to Judy. The older daughter in confided in him about her girlfriend and her sexuality. Now, Judy was expecting to keep his word. But here was the thing, Katherine was expecting some word on Meredith Gomez soon. So, Duncan was seriously caught in a trap.

"Hey!" he heard a voice call out to him. Duncan looked up in great shock. Rose was standing over him smiling. The man calmed down right away.

"Oh," he said calming down. "Rose! You surprised me there for a moment!" The woman just smiled at him brightly.

"Big brother," she said. "You look upset. What's wrong?" Duncan looked away nervously. He was a little hesitant at first. But then, he remembered that this was Rose he was talking to. "I can trust her with anything!" Duncan turned back to her easily. He looked around nervously. The man leaned in close to her.

"I have moral dilemma," Duncan replied in stress. Rose looked at him with a serious look on his face.

"What do you mean?" she asked. Her friend broke down and told her the whole Saturday story. Rose listened the whole entire time. Duncan took in a deep breath when he was finished.

"So," he said. "What should I do?" Rose looked at him blankly.

"Well," she said. "It's hard to say." Both thought about it for a long moment. Rose looked at her best good friend again.

"All I can say is," she replied at long last. "Is do what you think is right." Duncan looked up at Rose again.

"What if I think is right turns out to be wrong?" he asked her. Rose just shrugged at him.

"I don't know," she said. "Just go with your instinct!" Duncan lightly smiled at her.

"Thanks, Rosie!" he said. The woman smiled back at him.

"That's what I'm here for!" she said. They smiled at each other warmly. Then, they both went back to work. Rose smiled to herself as she was starting on her Amy Winehouse article. "Happy to do a good deed today!" she thought herself.

One can tell if Robyn had a hot night last night through Greg. He usually looked pretty tired at his desk. This was certainly the case today. The man was having a hard time staying awake at his computer. His manner caught Adam's attention too well. He was really concerned about the man. He wheeled his way over to Greg. Adam lightly tapped him on the arm.

"Hey!" he whispered to his friend. "You awake? Hey! Hey!" Greg quickly snapped awake. His eyes widened quickly.

"Ahhhh!!!" he screamed out. Adam screamed as well. They seemed to scream like that for a few minutes. When Greg finally calmed down, he noticed that everyone was staring right at them. He and Adam looked around nervously. Katherine was staring right at the boys.

"Is there... a problem, boys?" she asked. Adam and Greg stared at her in heavy silence. The boys were looking to each other for a way out of this little situation.

"No!" they both said quickly. Another heavy pause ran through everything quickly. Katherine just looked at them as if she didn't believe them for a moment and then walked off. Greg breathed out easily. Adam still had that concerned look on his face as he did before.

"You okay?" he asked his friend. Greg just glared at him coldly.

"What the hell did you do that for?!?" he snapped. Adam looked even more worried. He shrugged at his pal.

"Hey!" he said. "You looked like you would pass out on your keyboard!" Greg just groaned and rolled his eyes. Adam quickly figured it out.

"Oh!" he said aloud. "One of those nights, huh?"

"Yeah," Greg answered flatly.

"Who was she which this time?" the other nerd asked him. Greg looked around quickly before answering. Then, he leaned in close to Adam. His pal listened in close to him.

"Patrick Stump!" Greg whispered quickly. Adam looked at him surprised.

"You're joking, right?" he asked. Greg shook his head with big eyes. Adam just couldn't believe it.

"Robyn slept with Patrick Stump last night?" he asked trying to see if it was a joke.

"Yeah," Greg said once more with embarrassment. "Do I have to spell it out for you?!?" Adam sat back in surprise.

"Patrick Stump, huh?" he replied. "Wow! Robyn usually goes for the more wild men!" The nerd looked up at Greg.

"Tell me," Adam said to him. "How was it last night?" Greg went pale at that question.

"What?!?" he asked aloud.

"Oh come on!" Adam encouraged. "You have my interest on this one! So spill it! How did Robyn treat Patrick last night?" The other nerd swallowed hard.

"Just the usual," he replied.

"Oh!" Adam said. "BTF?"

"Yeah!" Greg replied. Everyone was well aware of Robyn's crazy nights. BTF was her specialty. B was for bind, T was for torture, and F was for f**k. It was just that simple. Both nerds shuttered at those three elements.

"Poor Trick!" Adam said aloud.

"I know!" Greg replied. "That's what I kept thinking all night!"

"Mmm," Adam said in discomfort. Both were silent for a few moments more.

"You think it will last?" Adam asked Greg at last.

"No!" the other nerd said quickly. Adam looked at him surprised. He didn't think they would last either, but Greg's answer was quicker than usual.

"You answered that very fast!" Adam said. "Why is that?" Greg just shrugged.

"Just habit, I guess," he replied.

"Hm," Adam said.

Rose was wrapping up with her Amy Winehouse article when she paused completely. She just smirked to herself slightly annoyed.

"What now, Vanessa?" she asked. Rose slowly turned up to see both Vanessa and Sakura looking down at her over the cubicle wall. Rose's eyes grew big in shock. "Okay," she thought. "I wasn't expecting this today!" Both women were giggling at her.

"Come on," Rose said with a sigh. "Spill it! What do you two want?" Sakura turned to Vanessa smiling.

"Go on, Nessie!" she said to the blonde. Vanessa smiled down to her friend.

"So," she said. "How was your weekend?" Rose just smiled to herself. "Oh," she thought. "So that's what this is about! Well, might as well give them some information just to shut them up and make them go away. Anything to not have them following me around all day to get the scoop on Pete and me." The journalist just shrugged at her friends.

"Fine," she replied. Vanessa and Sakura looked pretty excited.

"Anyone come to visit you over the weekend?" Sakura asked happily. Rose pretended to think about that for a moment.

"As a matter of fact," she replied. "Yeah."

"Oooo!!!" her friends called out in a chorus.

"Who?" Sakura asked.

"Petey," Rose answered reluctantly.

"Ooooo!!!" her friends called again. Rose just looked up at the ceiling in silence. "Oh my god!" she thought to herself. "These two sound like fangirls!"

"So," Vanessa spoke up. "What did you two do over the weekend?" Rose shrugged again.

"You know..." she replied innocently. Vanessa and Sakura got really excited now.

"Do you two..." Sakura asked. "You know... do it?"

"Do what?" Rose asked sweetly. Her friends were now pouting.

"Oh come on!" Vanessa encouraged. "Did you and Panda sleep together over the weekend?" Rose smiled at them sweetly.

"Oh," she said. "You mean did Petey and I do the deed?"

"Yes!" both of her friends said quickly. Rose smiled at them richly and mischievously. Right then, the girls had their answer.

"Ohhhh!" they called aloud. "She did do it with him!" Rose just smiled and shook her head to herself. "Fangirls, indeed!" she thought quietly to herself.

"So go on!" Vanessa pressed a little more. "Tell us all about it! Was it good? Or was it really good?" Rose sighed softly to herself. "Here comes the main course!" she thought. The journalist unloaded upon her friends all of the juicy details about Saturday and Sunday night. Sakura and Vanessa just stood there amazed. Rose was lightly panted when she was finished.

"Wow!" Sakura said aloud. "That's a man!" Rose just smiled and nodded. She was staying as modest the best way she could in this case. Vanessa had a grin up to her ears.

"Rosie!" she said aloud. Her friend looked up at her again.

"Yes, Vanessa?" she asked.

"If a man makes you orgasm like you did over the weekend," the blonde concluded. "You have to keep him around as your man!" Rose just smiled at her brightly.

"I know," she replied. "But I don't want a relationship based on sex."

"Of course you don't!" Sakura agreed. "That's why you don't let the guy go and get to know him very well!" Rose nodded innocently.

"I plan to," she replied. "With or without Ashlee or Tony around!"

"Good Vanessa said. "That's good to know!" "And it'll be without when I get through with everything!" the blonde thought mischievously. The mission was all going according to plan. Now it was time to plan out step two of Operation: Prose. Yep. Just another day in Beach Radio Magazine.

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