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Life is Like a Box of Chocolate...

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Adam reflects on why he is still single and thinks about what attracts him to Sakura so much. Reviews are good, yes?

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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates...:

I feel so alone now. Rose have got a new man. Duncan is lusting after Katherine. And now Robyn is casing after Patrick! Damn! I must not be doing something right! That's the only thing I can think of why I can't get a date. I think about this now as I write my the Sweet article. I was really wondering why. I mean, come on! I'm a good catch! I'm funny, charming, friendly, reliable, good listener, great with my hands and tech stuff, and just a good guy! Okay, so I'm a little weird, but I'm a good guy. Sigh I don't know. I kept on typing the next paragraph.

There is one girl that I do like. Sort of... It is the crazy Sakura Ono. She was here before I was. When I first saw her, I was intrigued. First, there were her clothes. She had on black baggy jeans with a long silver chain with a skull and crossbones on the end of it, a Bull basketball jersey, mismatched grey and pink socks, electric green ribbons in her long black ponytails, and navy and pink neko sneakers. My first thought of her was high school loony. I was wondering who hires the people here. However, Katherine stuck us together so that I could learn the ropes here. Within days, we became good friends. It is like this: Rose and Duncan are tight. Greg and Robyn are tight in a sense. Sakura and I are tight. It just how it works. Most of us at BRM have someone that they are tight with. It keeps us all from going crackers.

Anyway, back to Sakura. As I said before, I find her intriguing. She is unbelievably energetic. This woman could give the Energizer Bunny a run for its money. There is no way to turn her off ever. She just keeps going and going and going. The best thing to do is to ride along with the hyper train and wait until it comes close to the next station. And believe me, that almost never happens with her.

Next, Sakura loves tech junk as much as I do. She constantly sends me articles about the latest thing in technology. And sometimes, she gets me the latest things as well for Christmas or my birthday. I have a whole drawer of things that she gave me. It's unbelievable. Some of them make sense. And others... well... she gave them to me! So, I have to be nice and so that I like it. But most of the time, she gets it right and all is good.

With the tech love, comes a powerful love for music. She loves Indie, emo, tech, Japanese, and classic rock. Sakura is a sucker for Asian music. Her IPod, CDs, and computer are loaded with it. Don't tell anybody this, but... looks around innocently I sometimes steal music from her laptop and load it onto my IPod. It's alright. Most of the time, it's not my taste. But only rarely do I like the Asian stuff. I mostly go for Indie and Emo stuff. Sometimes, I even swipe some of the electronic music. Modest Mouse, Moby, Basement Jaxx, Fall Out Boy, Fatboy Slim, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, Beastie Boys, Panic at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes, the Offspring, Justice, and Daft Punk rule the lists. Needless to say, the girl is a music freak.

A relationship could work between us, but not really. It would be too weird. Besides, she has a boyfriend back in Japan. So, I have nothing! What to do? What to do? I sat back thinking about my options. That's pretty short to think about. There is no one else I'm vaguely attracted to. So, I'm stuck with waiting until the right woman comes along and sweeps me away into a love hurricane. Sighs hard Aw man, this is going to suck!

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