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Day 1

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day one of a week with fall out boy.

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So here I am, sitting in a hotel room, waiting for the first band member to pick me up in about… half an hour
I’m so excited to be in LA, but even more excited because as soon as this week is over I am moving to New York. My best friend flew over with me and has gone to settle in our apartment with our friend who has lived there for a while. So basically this is a surreal week before I start my new live, thousands of miles away from where I live, or well lived.
Holy crap they’re here
I stumble over to the door, my small bag containing the clothes I will need for a week clutched in my hand
I open the door to see none other than Pete Wentz
Holy fuck doesn’t come close to how I’m feeling right now. I knew I was going to spend a day with him, but I wasn’t expecting it to be the first day
“Hey, Megan is it?”
“Yeh hi!” I say smacking out of my dazed state
“You ready to go?”
“Uhh yep, let’s go”
After a relatively quiet walk out of the hotel and down into Pete’s car (it's so shinny)
We pull away and star driving down the LA highways that all seem the same to me
“So you’re stuck following me around today, it’s probably gonna be kinda boring but yeh that’s my life sometimes.”
“I’m sure your idea of boring and my idea of boring are rather different.”
“well I have to do so interview with a radio station I’ve never heard of, then go into fuelled by ramen offices to sign a couple things, then we are going back to my place with absolutely nothing planned”
“Sounds like a rather entertaining day in my book”
“Yeh but you’re not the one that has to answer questions you’ve answered 60 million times before”
“True, but I have to listen to you answer those questions for the 60 millionth time”
“Touché. Hey are you hungry? I could really go some breakfast… and coffee”
“Yeh I could go some breakfast, its ungodly early”
“Yeh you could say that again. McDonalds breakfast cool with you?”
Ten minutes of random chatter about nothing in particular and we pulled up to a random McDonalds, went inside ordered our deliciously un healthy breakfast and sat at a table to the rear of the restaurant
“So you’re from Australia yeh?”
“Yeh, but as of next week, I reside in New York”
“New York eh? Why?”
“Well a) Australia can be kinda boring, and b), I want to get into acting, oh and c) when I visited New York when I was like 17 I fell in love with the city. It felt like home”
“Ahh fair enough. That city is pretty amazing”
“Umm excuse me? Sorry to interrupt but can I get a photo with you Pete?” a small girl no older than 14 asks nervously
“Sure!” he smiles that trademark Wentz grin
“Here to you want me to take it?” I offer
“That’d be great!” the girl smiles handing me her camera
I snap a photo for her and she leaves smiling like a fool
“We should probably leave; I have to do that stupid interview”
“Okay. Let’s go then”
30 minutes later and we pulled up out the front of the radio station, and headed inside.
Pete explained I was a contest winner spending the day with him, so they led me to a little booth where I could watch and listen to the interview, while they lead Pete into the main studio
Interviewer: well guys and dolls have we got a treat for you, Pete Wentz of fall out boy is here in the studio how you are Pete?
Pete: I’m fantastic
I: you guys go back on tour in a few days what are you doing with your last days off?
P: well I’m pretty much just organizing everything for when I’m out of town, and hanging out with friends
I: this tour you’re performing with panic at the disco and the academy is, one band you signed yourself, and one you are great friends with. Does touring with people you know so well make things easier?
P: definitely. Knowing the guys so well means there’s none of the weird getting to know each other period at the start of the tour where you don’t really know how to act, and who can handle what kind of behaviour, touring with people you know, you know you can be yourself straight away without offending anyone.
I: well thanks Pete for stopping by…

Pete walked out shaking hands with the interviewer and smiling 2 minutes later we were back you in the car
“See that wasn’t so bad”
“I was kinda irrelevant but whatever. Next stop fbr offices for paper work, and to pick up the clan stuff they dropped there instead of my house”

Twenty minutes of random conversation (that centred on the Britney spears song that was playing on the radio at one stage) later we arrives at a building that Pete assured me housed fuelled by ramens LA offices. We went inside and the place was buzzing with happiness and fun. Pete leads me past all the desks arranged in the main area to an office in the back the sign on the door reads “decaydance office” Pete gestures me inside
“I’ve just got to sign this, and then we get to take these boxes with us”
“Okie dokie”
“Oh and feel free to take anything you like out of them, its new clan stuff, and there’s like three copies of each, so you welcome to them”
“Serious?! Thanks!”
“You’re welcome, seriously. I always give some away to friends”

Another 20 minutes of chit chat about the new season clan designs and we were pulling up into Pete’s driveway. My eyes just about popped out of my head. It was huge and so nice. It was a place that if you the money, you would want this house
When we got inside we sat down Pete excused himself to make a phone call, and I grabbed m phone to ring my best friend who would be settled in our new apartment by now
Paige: hello?
Me: hey Paigey!
P: hey Megan! How’s it going?
M: pretty awesome. I spent today with Pete, and he’s given me free clan stuff. And he’s so freaking fun to hang out with. How’s New York? How’s the apartment? How’s Jared?
P: oh wow awesome, New York is awesome, the apartment, it’s just wow. It’s brilliant. Jared is good, he says to say hi, and if you don’t hook in with anyone famous he will be bitterly disappointed in you
M: ha-ha okay, I shall do my best. Look I’ve got to go, I don’t know if I will call again, but I shall see you next week.
P; okay Megan, have fun

As I hung up the phone I realized Pete was back in the room
“Sorry Patrick says he’s coming to pick you up at like 7am. I told him he I doubt I’ll be awake, and he assured me he was prepared to just come inside and wake us both up”
“Well as long as he’s prepared to deal with me not being a morning person”
“Oh he deals with me in the morning often, he can handle anything”
“Okay, I shall take your word for it”
“So who were you on the phone too?”
“Oh I was talking to my best friend slash roommate”
“Oh cool”
“So what are we doing now?”
“Now we are going to sit on our asses and do nothing. Surf the web, watch DVDs.”
“Sounds great to me”
About 5 minutes later both of us are sitting crossed legged on the couch laptops on our laps, typing away into the blinding glow of the screen
“So what are you doing?” I ask looking up form my own screen to the look of concentration on Pete face as his fingers move a mile a minute
“Updating blogs and. Err nothing”
“No come on, what else”
“This is going to sound dorky, but on the message boards under a fake name and stuff”
“Serious? What’s the board name you go by? Because I’m on there too”
“Okay well. I’m wideeyeblues who are you?”
“I am Flashdancer. Holy shit I can’t believe it’s been you all this time”
“Yeh I’m a dork okay”
“I’m just as bigger dork”
I smirk, I'm going to talk to Pete on the boards and see what he says
Hey wideyeblues
You're such a dork; geese find something more entertaining to-do: P

I hit post and wait, watching Pete over the top of my laptop he smiles, and then goes back to frantic typing, I look back at the screen and see he’s replied
Shut up bitch, and go get me a coke
I snort and throw the cushion I’ve been leaning on across the room hitting Pete in the face
“Get you own coke” I laugh out
“Fine. I’ll call for pizza too what do you want?”
“Oo cheese pizza please”
“How boring of you”
“Hey, it’s impossible to buy good cheese pizza in Australia; I’ve been craving this for a couple years”
“Okay. I believe you, but it’s still boring”

The rest of the night was spent eating junk food, talking shit, and watching DVDs that made us laugh. Me and Pete got along so well, it was such a comfortable night. When we finally crawled into bed (me into the guest room obviously) I was dead tired and looking forward to the 4 hours of sleep id be able to get before Patrick came

AN: i just want to say thanks for the reviews on the last chapter, they completely made my day
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