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Day 2

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day two of a week with fall out boy

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“Oi get up. Megan. Get your lazy ass out of bed now and we can stop at Starbucks. Sleep another ten minutes and I promise you there will be no caffeine all day” a voice comes from somewhere near the door
“I’m awake!” I say, sitting bolt upright, looking to the door seeing Patrick standing at the door
“Be downstairs in 10 minutes ready to go”
I nod and roll out of bed stumbling over to my bag pulling out whatever clothing my hands landed on, and a nice warm hoodie (I don’t care if it’s warm in LA I am ALWAYS cold in the mornings)
I stumbled down the stairs with my bag to find Patrick and Pete sitting in the kitchen, Pete staring at his cup of coffee, and Patrick muttering something to him I couldn’t here
“Ahh here she is, sorry to wake you up so harshly, but we have places to go people to see”
“Nah I don’t mind.”
“Well let’s get going then, later Pete”
“Bye Pete”
“Later trick, see you soon Megan”
We made our way out the front and into Patrick’s car
“So what’s the plan for today?”
“Well, this morning Starbucks, then we have to go shopping as lame as that is, then we are going into the studio to work with cobra Starship on their new album”
“Oh wow awesome! What are we shopping for?”
“Stuff I need for tour, toiletries and pyjamas”
“Ha-ha cool”

10 minutes later and we were walking out of Starbucks, me with a steaming cup of hot chocolate
“Mmmmmmmmm I’m good for the rest of the day now.”
“It doesn’t take much to make you happy does it?”
“I’m a hot chocolate addict. It’s my only vice. The way to my heart is a good hot chocolate”
“Ha-ha well, that’s original”
“Oh shush, let’s go shopping” I say with a smile.
“Okay, now I just want to warn you, I am the most indecisive person alive, it takes me a while to pick anything out while shopping”
“It's okay I’m like that too”

Two hour of shopping later we headed into the small studio. To say I was excited was an understatement. I am a huge cobra fan
“Okay so the others aren’t due here for half an hour, but there are a few things I want to fiddle with first” Patrick says walking into the small room we’d be spending the rest of the day in
“Okay cool” I say sitting on the squishy couch against one of the walls
“The only good thing about cobra is, they are always perfectly on time, because Vicky would kick their asses if they were so much as 5 minutes late without a good reason”
“Ha-ha awesome”
Patrick and I chatted as he worked till we were interrupted by the door opening
“Hey trickmister, I am here”
“Hey Gabe, oh Gabe this is Megan, Megan Gabe”
“Hi” I say smiling up at the madlycrazilyhot man in front of me
“Nice to meet you Megan. I don’t mean to be true, but why are you here?”
“No it’s okay; I won a dorky competition to fallow fall out boy around for a week. Today I get to tag along with Patrick”
“Ahh makes sense”
“I told you about this yesterday anyway Gabe. I told all of you she’d be here”
“You did?” Gabe asked looking very surprised by the news
The door opened against his time the rest of the band poured in the door
“Hello sir Patrick” Ryland greets.
“Hey everyone, this is Megan, Megan this is everyone”
“Uhh hi” I say awkwardly as four pairs of eyes turn to me
A chorus of hellos broke out making me feel at ease as Gabe sat on the couch next to me and the others took seats around the room
“Okay guys, today I really want to get this song done.”
The rest of the day and night was spent watching as individual members got up to record their parts, sitting around joking and laughing with the others and playing Uno to pass some time
“So Megan where are you from?”
“Well until this week I lived in Australia, and as of next week I live in New York”
“Oh cool. We live in New York, we can totally hang out. Where abouts are you living there”
“Honestly I have no clue, two of my friends are already there and I’m moving in with them, I should probably find out where we are living”
“Yeh that could be handy”
As if on cue my phone starts ringing
“Speak of the devil
Hey yeh it’s cool,
Weird question, what’s our address.
Mm thanks, yeh I shall call back alter ay dude?
I shall try
“Apparently I live on the 17th floor at 24 THE Street”
“Whoa no shit! I live there too. We’re totally neighbours!”
“Awesome! I know now where to go when I need tomorrow a cup of sugar”
“See that’s you presuming I actually have food in my apartment.”
“Ha-ha okay, I’ll come to you if I need help throwing a party”
“Now that’s my expertise”

Before long the day was over and we were heading back to Patrick’s place (which was just as impressive as Pete’s).
“I hope today wasn’t too boring for you.”
“No it was fun! I mean how many people can say they got to hang out not only with you, but all of cobra while you were working on their new album; it was seriously an awesome day”
“You sure?”
“Yeh relax Patrick I had great day”
“Oh good. I didn’t want to be the one who you spent the day being bored with”
“Relax Patrick, it was all good”
“Okay, so I was thinking toasted sandwiches for dinner. Sound good?”
“Brilliant. I’m just going to go call my friend, I promised Id ring her tonight”
“Sure, I shall get started on diner”

M: hey Paigey
P: hey Megan! How was your day today? And why did you want our address?”
M: well you see today I spent with Patrick, mainly in the studio with cobra Starship, and I was talking to Gabe and he wanted to know where abouts we are living, turns out, he lives in the same building on the same floor
P: no way, Gabe Saporta is our neighbour?!
M: yep. Anyways I better go, Patrick’s making dinner and I’m getting hungry
P: okay bye bye

I walk back into the kitchen to see Patrick placing two sandwiches on plates
“Mm smells good”
“Hopefully it tastes good too”

After dinner we ended up sitting on the couch watching TV. There were only repeats on, but neither of us cared until law and order came on
“Oh crap not this episode, let’s change the channel” Patrick aid fumbling for ht remote
“No I love this episode!”
“But I suck in it”
“No you’re adorable. Seriously, you’re really good in it”
“Fine you can watch it. I’m going to bed. Oh and be prepared to be up early, because I’m dropping you at Joe’s place at 7am”
“Uhh I might hit the hay too then”
We got up turning off the TV and I fell into Patrick’s guest room and into an instant slumber
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