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If ya wanna know what it's about then... READ IT AND REVIEW IT!! WOO!! THANKS GUYS AND GALS!! ps. this story is completely fiction...I'm 13 years old for gods sake!!

Category: Mystery - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2008-07-18 - Updated: 2008-08-07 - 204 words

I sat there, waiting. Though I held a mug of steaming coffee, it was not enough to thaw my chilled heart. And I sat there, waiting. Waiting for the man that I knew would never come. My jumbled thoughts drifted back to my childhood. To when my life was carefree, and all life seemed was but a game. And when I was happy. I could never recognize 'happy' again, it seemed. And I sat there, waiting. I thought of when we first met. I was a waitress in that bar. It was love at first sight. And he had said so too. I thought of when we bought our first house, together. A house of our very own. Together. A weird word, I thought. It should be spelt 'twogether'. Two together. Him and me. Me and him. It would last forever, us being together. Or so I thought. Together. Forever. And now it seems like someone has scribbled over those words. And I sat there, waiting. Alone. Forever. A wan smile formed on my lips. And still I sat there, waiting. I glanced at the ring on my finger. I hoped. But hope is not enough to bring a man back from the dead.
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