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I woke up and Erin was jumping on the bed.

“Chelsea gave me caffeinated mints those things make you hyper,” she said really fast, “Oh can I hold the baby.”

“NO,” I and Gerard yelled at once.

“Can I,” Mikey said softly walking into the room slowly.

“Yes,” Ali said. She handed Mikey the baby and she started playing with his hair.

“Aw,” Alicia said walking into the room.

“Hey Alicia,” Ali said, “Mikey you are going to be the best uncle ever I can tell.”

Just then Bob, Ray and Frank walked in and said, “what bout us?”

“You guys will be okay,” Erin said walking in the room.

I did what Ali hated I got a stupid look on my face and went rambling in my head. I think Mikey would be best not because he is my brother but because he understood more it seemed. Bob was with Chelsea which kind of changed him it seemed. Frank well he was Frank. Ray he was going to be an okay uncle I mean I think the hair might be scary to start out with but when Alex gets use to it I think I will be good. I wished I could get out of my head I thought I should try with Ali when we are alone. I think I should tell her she’s beautiful. I shook my head. No that I love her and she is gorgeous, “yeah that works,” I thought out loud.

“What works babe,” Ali looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes.

“I love you and you look gorgeous right now,” I told her.

“I love how you always tell me that,” I said.

“Here we go again,” Bob yelled throwing his arms in the air.

“Yeah I know I hate this stuff,” Frank said.

“So what you hate it when we do that,” Erin yelled at Frank.

“No it’s different,” Frank dropped his head.

“HAHA, Frank isn’t getting any tonight,” Ray said laughing.

“Damn Skippy he isn’t,” Erin said walking out the door a few seconds later the door slammed and the car engine started.

“Ah fuck,” Frank said running down stairs.

“They are my ride got to go,” Ray said.

“Same here,” Bob said.

“Yep yep yep,” Chelsea said following Bob.

“I hate that,” Mikey said hopping on the bed with the baby in his arms. Alicia walked around and sat beside him. I put my arm around Ali and sat real close to her. She snuggled up to me and put her head near my shoulder. I felt weird around Ali not WEIRD but a good weird. I still was upset about the whole Bam thing. He texted her and she threw me her phone it read:
Hey Ali I love you barf
Congrats on the baby I wish it was mine we would make beautiful babies together they would be better then you and that ugly Gerard well hopefully the baby gets you good looks and none of his that would be wonderful well if you still want to leave him I am here.
I love you forever,
Bam aka cutie

“Blah. Blah. Blah, I hate him,” I said.

“What did he say now,” she said taking the baby from Mikey she needed to be fed.

“He is still trying to talk you into leaving me,” I hated it.

“Don’t worry I wont I promise,” she told me kissing me on the lips after, “Alicia do you wan tot go with me to get some stuff for the car and the pool?”

“Sure what do you need for the car,” she asked her.

“Oh I just need to change the oil,” I looked at her funny I didn’t know she could.

“Okay let’s go,” they ran out the door leaving the baby with me and Mikey.

“Mikey have you ever had the problem of getting out of you head I cant around Ali it seems different,” I seemed he was the only one who understood me.

“Yeah at first I did but now I am fine with it just it will be easier on you since she is random. Just whatever she says go with it,” I was confused he could tell, “You well understand when you need to trust me I got used to her randomness to don’t worry.”

“Eh I kind of get what you are saying,” I got off the bed, “I am going to get a bottle for the baby,” I handed the baby to Mikey and walked down stairs.

I found the formula stuff heated up the bottle and ran back upstairs with Mikey I heard him giggle. Yeah giggle I looked and he was playing with Alex tickling her and she was kicking he legs and everything. I wondered what Mikey was thinking. I heard the car door slam I knew Ali was home I ran and jumped on the bed. “Here Mikey you have the honors. This baby stuff scares me a bit, but with Ali I feel normal about it. It’s weird.” Ali and Alicia walked into the room. They were carrying a bunch of bags, “what you got there,” I asked Ali.

“Uhm chlorine, diving sticks, beach balls, a basket ball goal, a new bathing suit, and a floating thing for Alex so I, I mean we, don’t have to hold her,” she told me.

“Cool lets go swimming,” I told her.

“Uhm I got to change the oil but so this will go faster you and Mikey can do the pool stuff and call the guys. Then, we can go swimming,” I felt like I was the chick in the relationship.

“Sure,” was all I said?

They walked out of the room Alex was still with us, “Why do you let her do that? I mean it’s the same with me and Alicia but I know when she’s gone to far.”

“It’s just I don’t want her to feel weak, I love her and it doesn’t bother me,” I lied on that last one.

“Liar,” he said grabbing the bags and Alex and started to walk down stairs.

“Okay it does bother me I just don’t want to hurt her especially since the whole Bam trying to break us up it kind of hurts to tell her she has gone too far. I just don’t want to end up loosing her,” we dumped the chlorine and everything and when we got done I called everyone and invited them over for tomorrow I didn’t want to see them today.

“Alicia and Mikey you guys can take the guest room the baby might wake you up and I am sorry if she does,” Ali told them.

We went to bed right when the baby did I woke up in the middle of the night and Mikey was watching LOTMS with Alex making fun of me, “Your dad got all excited over a remote control bat mobile,” he laughed, “Frank got and Xbox,” I laughed he was talking to her like it was me. I loved my goofy brother I went back to bed. For once Ali wasn’t asleep in my arms. It felt weird so I wrapped my arms around her any way. I woke up in the morning when I wanted to and went to the bathroom and everything. When I looked down stairs Alex was sucking on her thumb and Mikey had one arm making sure she didn’t fall. He had his glasses on, I ran and got Ali’s camera and snapped a picture when the plash went off Mikey started to wake up.

“What the fuck Gerard,” I was sleeping I showed him the picture, “I like it can you saw Myspace,” he started laughing.

“Even the MCR website,” I said with excitement.

“That’s even better!”

Alex started to wake up. Ali and Alicia walked down stairs at the same time and waked down stairs together.

“Morning,” Ali said.

“Morning,” I said turning to face her. She kissed me, “so the guys are coming over and they are bringing food and sodas.”

“Cool so we are hanging out all day,” Alicia asked with excitement.

“Yeah I guess I don’t care,” I told her.

“Hey is it alright if I invite Rabb and not Bam,” Ali asked I was a little nervous.

“Sure as long as Bam doesn’t come I am fine with it,” and that was true.

“Okay I will call him know,” she said grabbing her phone.

“Well me and Mikey are going ahead,” I yelled to Ali.

“Okay,” she yelled back.

“Come on Alex lets go swimming,” Mikey said picking her up.

“Here Mikey,” I threw him a pair of trunks, took Alex and put her in her bathing suit, then got on my trunks.

“Ali we are going,” I yelled while walking out the door with Alex.

“Okay I am going to wait for everyone,” she and Alicia yelled.

I didn’t answer. I got in the shallow end with Alex and carried her around. Just then Rabb came, “hey is Bam coming?”

“No why,” I asked. Mikey was floating on a raft asleep.

“Well he is mad at me because I was talking to Ali and telling her not and never to leave you when Bam wanted me to talk bad about you so she would,” he said with relief.
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