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its four O'clock in F******g morning

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I was worried i wasnt good enough for her that i was becoming weak.

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“CHELSEA LEE,” Mikey came running all green I busted out laughing, “awww Ali wants a hug,” he ran to me an hugged me I didn’t try to pull away until Gerard dumped the rest of the blue paint on me and Mikey.

“Uhm Mikey I think Gerard want a hug too,” just then Chelsea ran in all orange.

“I CALL GROUP HUG,” Chelsea yelled just then we all gathered around and hugged Gerard.

“FRANK I HATE YOU,” Erin came running in and jumped on top of the group hug and we all fell. Frank was close behind her and jumped with us to just then me and Gerard noticed something we didn’t before.

“YOU GUYS HAVE A FUCKING POOL,” Mikey yelled he ran and jumped of the balcony in our room to the pool. (it was underground)

“SWEET action,” everyone just jump when Erin said that. I didn’t I walked down stairs and sat at the side till Gerard pulled me in. The water turned all orangish-blueish-greenish color.

I laughed, “Ali the furniture is here,” Chelsea yelled. We got out all wet and told the people were everything was supposed to go and continued to swim. When we got out we didn’t have any towels so we went on a Wal-Mart trip.
“Just pick random towels and house stuff we will need GIRLS,” he knew the guys would throw in stuff they wanted.

“This,” I picked up a dolphin shower curtain and bathroom stuff.

“And these towels,” Erin said.

“AW Ali you will love this conforter,”it was brown and blue it matched the room.

“Please Gerard,” I asked him.

“Whatever you want,” he said with is thumbs in his pockets.

“Thank you,” I kissed him. Me Erin and Chelsea ran off to get some more stuff.

“Gerard can I get a camera,” I yelled to him.

“Yes baby you can,” I loved him so much.

Gerard's POV

She left her phone with me I picked it up she got a text message. Of course it was from Bam I decided to read it:
Ali I love you why do you put up with Gerard he treats you like shit and makes you cry please come back to me I miss sleeping with you in my arms and how you would kiss me I hate to see you cry and if you stay with him that’s all I will see please just leave him and meet me tonight at the bar I love your sexy body and you nice ass and boobs just please take me back I know you still love me I just know it I love you love Bam.

“that dirty fucker,” I said out loud.

“What,” Frank and Mikey said at the same time. I should them the text.

“I agree he is,” Mikey said, “why would he not want Ali to be happy she is happy with you he only sees when she isn’t.”

“I don’t like him and I never did he needs to get over it,” frnak said.

Just then Ali walked up, “hey what are you doing with my phone,” she asked really nicely.

“Uhm….” I couldn’t think.

“He was,” Mikey started.

“Going to take a picture of his dick for you,” Frank finished.

“No I wasn’t I was going to get a picture of my face to put as you background,” I said snapping a picture with Mikey and Frank.

“AW that’s sweet,” Erin said, “why don’t you do that for me Frank,” she said punching him in the arm.

“I am sorry,” he said funny.

“Oh Ali Bam texted you when we tried to take the picture I didn’t read it,” I lied.

“Oh just delete it he is trying to convince me to leave you I don’t want to talk to him,” she said we paid for everything and left our clothes were still soaked.

“I am going to decorate the bathroom,” Ali declared.

“I WANT TO HELP,” I think Chelsea likes caffeinated mints way to much.

“Yeah me two,” Erin said pulling away from franks lips. I swear they have like magnets or something in their lips. Well then again me and Ali probably do too. I couldn’t stop thinking about the text I was kind of worried I mean I knew Ali wouldn’t leave me for him but there was still that doubt because it happened last time. I went off in my own world for a long while I guess cause next I know my pregnant wife flopped down I my lap like always.

“I love that face,” she said kissing me.

“What face I am so lost,” I looked at her.

“That stupid bunnish face you get I love it,” she kissed me again.

“Oh okay,” I finally got out.

Then she scared me, “I am not going to leave you I swear.”

“WHAT THE FUCK,” I was a little creped out.

“Babe don’t yell. It’s you always get a certain face when you worry bout things and with the whole Bam thing I figured that’s what it is,” I was still in shock she knew so much about me I mean I usually kept a low profile about my fears around her so she knew she was safe around me. I mean what happened did I all of a sudden let me guard down around her. I was worried about myself. I was worried i wasnt good enough for her that i was becoming weak.

as you can tell Gerard keeps alot in his mind he doesn't tell ali much and she can tell when he is worried and that scares him he doesnt think he is good enough for her anymore.
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