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the taste of ink is getting old

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hahaha what she going to have lol

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“Ali we are here,” Gerard said yelling at me to get up.

“BLAH,” was all I said

We got up to the room thingy and I had to sign stupid papers. I hate signing papers. I think I fell asleep cuz next I remember they were calling my name. I walked back there and they put the warm gel stuff on my stomach I got the ultra sound thingy and I was like 11 weeks I about threw up when I heard that and I was going to have a girl. I didn’t want Gerard to know yet so I was going to tell him when I wanted to. It sucks cause we had to call off the tour Frank Mikey and Gerard's idea I didn’t want to but I was out numbered I was mad at them for it. We went back to New Jersey that day.

“Pick five,” Gerard said throwing the paper at me.

“What,” I asked him.

“Pick five houses we will get one,” he said kissing me on the forehead.

“Fine,” I slowly got up, “I hate this,” he looked at me funny.

“At least there is a plus,” he said smiling at me.

“And that is?”

“Your boobs are huge,” he said grabbing them.

“But what sucks is the getting huge, the kicking and the crazy emotions,” I got a little aggravated.

“But, I still love you.”

“yeah and I will love you when you old and fat,” I said walking away.

“I am not going to be fat,” he paused, “am I,” he got a little worried, “ALI AM I.”

“Got three,” I came back with the paper.
“I like this one,” he pointed to one with two stories a basement, three bedrooms, and three bathrooms and wrap around porch.

“lets look then duh,” I told him.

We ran to the lambo well I attempted. And Gerard dove I didn’t want to. We got to the house and right when we stepped in we decided we wanted the house. “we’ll take it,” we told the one lady she was really annoying I didn’t like her. Gerard took care of all the stupid papers. I decided to call and tell Erin and Chelsea.

“Hey Erin Chelsea.”

“Yo what’s up,” the said together.

“Gerard and I got a house,” I was so excited.

“Can we help pick out furniture,” they said.

“Well Gerard is going to do that but you can go with him,” just then Gerard walked over,
“Okay got to go bye,” I hung up.

“Hey Ali I am going furniture shopping do you want to go,” he asked me.

“Ehhhhh no to sleep I am going to take a nap,” I said looking at a couch that was here, “but take Erin and Chelsea with you. Oh and when you get back can we paint?”

“Yeah what did you have in mind?”

“Light orange for the living room Caribbean blue for our room and a pale green for the baby’s room.”

“I like okay be back soon I love you,” he said kissing my forehead.

“I love you too,” I yelled as he ran away.

I woke up to Gerard rubbing my stomach and Erin and Chelsea yelling at me I think they stopped at Starbucks, “I want to fucking paint Ali get up or we are painting you,” Mikey and Frank said running in the house.

“EHHHHHH,” I screamed, “what if I don’t want to.”

“Ali come on please for me,” Gerard said giving me puppy dog eyes, kissing my huge stomach, and talking real sweet like.

“Fine just for my Gee not for you losers,” I said attempting to run upstairs. They all laughed at me I just flipped them off and Gerard came and carried me up the stairs.

Mikey came running with all the paint and said, “the furniture will be here tonight.” He said like he won something.

We painted for ever me and Gerard were painting our room, Mikey and Chelsea were painting the baby’s room, and Erin and Frank were in the living room. With the blue paint I wrote, “I love Gerard Way,” Gerard coppied me and wrote, “I LOVE ALI WAY.”

“Copy cat,” was all I said.

“nuh uh you wrote I love Gerard Way I wrote I LOVE ALI WAY there is a diffence,” he laughed painting over it. We finished then we heard Mikey scream
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