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My brown eyed black haired girl

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But then it hit me I am good enough for her or she would have left me, she wouldn’t have told me what she has been threw, she wouldn’t be here with me all the time, and most important she wouldn’t be having the baby.

“Gerard you think to much,” god I loved her, “I don’t know what’s going on behind that beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, face but always remember, you are the BEST for me, I love you and only you, I will NEVER leave you, and I love everything about you from your bunny faces to the stupid reasons we fight,” she kissed me, “I am going to bed care to join.”

“Okay,” I told her I still wasn’t for sure but I knew we will make it, “hey Mikey you can take the guest room and the rest can take the living room night.”

I fell asleep with Ali in my arms I love how no matter what happened that day she would sleep in my arms. I loved the way her hair smelt. She was tossing and turning in her sleep I woke her, “Ali are you okay,” I asked her.

She looked at me, “yeah why?”

“You looked like you were having a nightmare.”

“Well I was.”

“What happened baby,” oh crap I knew that made her sick.

“I had I nightmare that you left me,” she started to cry, “because of Bam. He was sending you pictures of me naked at his house and you didn’t tell me you just left,” she was crying badly.

I wrapped my arms around her and she buried her face in my chest when she fell asleep I went into the bathroom and just sat and cried. I mean I am afraid she will leave me and she is afraid I would leave her. I ran down stairs and grabbed the car keys and drove off. I got all the way to the bar next to the Starbucks. I pulled into the bars parking lot and Bam was there I walked in and found him he was with everyone. I just punched him, left and got coffee at Starbucks for everyone at home. I crept back upstairs and crawled back in bed with Ali. I fell asleep. Not but what seemed five minutes later Ali woke me up with a camera in my face, “smile goofy,” I gave my goofy bunny face as she calls it. She laughed, “I love you,” she kissed me.

“I love you more,” I told her. Just then there was a knock at the door. I raced her down there. And opened the door she screamed.

“Holy fuck Bam what happened,” I got scared. He was all bruised had a fat lip and limping. I didn’t do all that did I?

“Well I was in the bar with the guys and Gerard over here attacked me,” he said. All that was going through my head is ah fuck. fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. She stared at me I just smiled. She shook her head and Bam left.

“What the fuck Gerard,” she was mad I still kept repeating fuck in my head.

“I can explain okay I read a text in your phone,” crap I shouldn’t have started out with that.

“Oh so you where snooping,” she had her hands on her hips.

“No well yes it was from Bam and he was telling you to leave me and how I only treat you bad and I got really mad,” I said then mumbled, “and drunk.”

“What,” she asked ahhh man was she pissed.

“I got mad?”

“No after that.”

“I GOT FUCKING DRUNK,” she busted into tears, “Ali I am sorry I am I just, I just didn’t want to loose you and he was causing it all.” She didn’t speak. “I am really sorry. I brought Starbucks,” she looked up at me, “starshmucks?”

“It makes everything better,” we laughed and everyone started waking up.

“I am going to the bathroom,” Frank yelled and ran upstairs. He came sliding down the banister, “ZANY,” he yelled.

“Frank you are a loser,” I told him.

“But I am your brother so that makes you a loser too,” he laughed.

Mikey cane running downstairs and tripped over Chelsea. Who had fallin asleep on the floor in front of the stairs. I realized Ali was going to be due in two weeks and was afraid she was going to go into early labor. That fear came true. Ali was doubled over and Chelsea just got done with her coffee and like ten caffeinated mints she started yelling, “ALI IS GOING INTO LABOR.”

We ran to the car and took her to the hospital and we went to the delivery room she got and epidural and everyone was in the Ray, Bob, Frank, Mikey, Alicia, Chelsea, Erin, and of course me Ali was holding my hand and everything I was a little scared she squeezed my hand I thought I was going to die. After the baby was born I laid on the bed with Ali she fell asleep when she woke up we had to name the baby.

“Alexandria Marie Way,” we said she looked at me, “we can call her Alex for short.” I just shook my head, “go ahead home I will call you when I can leave okay I think it would be good for me to get away from everyone for awhile.”

“Okay I will call you,” I told her I kissed her forehead and walked out the door.
Two days passed and Ali and Alex where aloud to leave I was so happy when I picked them up.

She kissed me, “I missed you very much and I love. Love. Love you.” She put the baby in the back and we went home. Everyone was there to see the baby. Ali went to check her email and the magazines where calling like crazy to get a picture. She only excepted one which was Spin magazine.

“Ali why Spin,” I asked her.

“Because they will talk about you and not me and I hate the stupid people magazine and all those. I just don’t want to put up with those kinds of people you know,” she told me.

I knew exactly what she meant I hated to put up with then to I just shook my head at her and put the baby in her crib and laid with Ali and fell asleep with her in my arms as always.
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