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I'm too old for this...

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The generals of Wu are enjoying life in Ancient China. Follow them in their crazy (and not so crazy) adventures of their everyday lives!

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Firstly, for any lawyers wanting to knock on my door, I do not own Dynasty Warriors or Koei. If I did, I'd be the happiest girl alive, trust me!
Secondly, this is the introductory chapter, so it's quite descriptive (the humour will come later!). If you notice any weird spellings, it's because I'm British and I don't do the American spellings. Anyway, enjoy!


Chapter 1- I'm too old for this...

The sun was shining over the Wu horizon and the birds were tweeting. Not a cloud was in the brilliantly blue sky and any normal person would think that it would be a wonderful, peaceful, normal day. However, Sun Jian knew better...

He stirred from his surprisingly peaceful sleep and moved about underneath the luxurious silk sheets before opening his eyes. He adjusted them to the light filtering in through the curtain and looked around. His room was elaborate and well decorated, full of fine art, weapons and gold. Yes, he had worked hard to get where he was. Endless years spent on the battlefield, constant discussions, and never-ending chaos. But there had been that empty spot in his heart ever since his wife had died ten years ago. He had felt a bit lonely, but the children made sure that he really never was. He was never lonely here. It was impossible.

The bedroom door opened and Jian looked at the person whose head popped through. It was just a maid, thank the gods. He just couldn't deal with any trouble this early in the morning.

"Lord Sun Jian? Breakfast is served."

"Thank you, I'll be down soon."

The maid then left hurriedly allowing Sun Jian to get ready. Jian sighed and got up out of his oh-so-comfortable bed. Breakfast was of course the most important meal of the day, but the one that Sun Jian looked forward to the least. Morning meant that the generals had hangovers, were grouchy, and still half asleep, making sure that breakfast was served up with a side order of trouble.

It was mainly trouble from Sun Ce, Jian's eldest son, who was a bit of a troublemaker. He would always play pranks on everyone and generally cause bother. The only place he really applied himself was on the battlefield, where he really showed everyone what he was made of. Give the boy a pair of tonfas and he could rule the world!

In contrast, Jian's other son, Sun Quan, was much more reserved, serious, and always with his head in a book. Visitors would always say he had great things coming to him, and Jian believed them. He would have rather had Quan be first to the throne rather than Ce- China was in enough chaos without having Ce rule!

Jian's sons would argue for his affections, but Jian learned to ignore the ongoing debate and concentrate on his youngest and only daughter, Sun Shang Xiang. She was rebellious in her own right and did not take crap from anyone. Sun Jian knew she was different when she was little and she chose to play with swords rather than dolls, but he didn't mind. At least she wasn't chasing guys like some of the other girls her age!

Of course, that meant competition between the three Sun children, but not about who was Sun Jian's favourite- it was more a fight for power! The Suns were definitely known for their fieriness and sheer determination, and nothing stopped them.

Sun Jian, once he got changed and ready, opened his velvet curtains and looked out onto the castle grounds. It was suspiciously quiet- everyone lived in the castle together so noise was expected. He scanned the courtyard below for a sign of life. Normally when it was this quiet, something was up, or mischief was around the corner. It was not that he was a strict man, but that sometimes he really felt his age. He was in his forties and wanted to make sure that his children and the other generals knew what to do after he had gone. Jian walked away from the window and headed for the door, picking up his favourite sword on the way.

He opened the door and stepped out of his room, only to find himself nearly knocked over by a running Gan Ning who was carrying Lu Xun's hat and waving it in the air. Ning then disappeared round a corner, and Jian moved away from the wall that he was now backed onto. He regained his composure, and started on his way to the dining room. Once again someone nearly ran into him, except this time it was Lu Xun, trying to look for the mischievous pirate.

"I'm so sorry Lord Sun Jian! I was looking for Gan Ning- I think he's stolen my hat!"

Jian sighed, and pointed in the direction he had just walked from. Lu Xun bowed politely, and carried on in his chase. Yep, it was a normal day in Wu...
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