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The Feminine Touch

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Da gets her own back on Sun Ce for being lazy...

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Humor, Romance - Characters: Da Qiao, Gan Ning, Huang Gai, Lu Meng, Lu Xun, Sun Ce, Sun Jian, Sun Quan, Sun Shang Xiang, Taishi Ci, Xiao Qiao, Zhou Tai, Zhou Yu - Published: 2005-05-12 - Updated: 2005-05-12 - 1324 words

Chapter 2- The Feminine Touch

"Why do you have to be so damn lazy?"

Da Qiao used a fluffed up pillow to smack her husband around his head. This was a usual morning routine- they would both be awoken by a maid (or the castle gong for guaranteed success!), but Sun Ce would always go back to sleep. It somewhat annoyed Da. She never liked going to breakfast alone, or with a half asleep husband for that matter! She prided herself on her appearance, and that, to her, also meant Ce's. She wanted to show that she was a good wife, and wanted her reputation to be as good as possible. Ce grunted as the pillow hit his head, and turned onto his side, burying his head underneath the duvet.

"We're going to be late for breakfast!" Da exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips as she stood next to the bed. She was already dressed and up, and was now waiting impatiently on Ce.


"You like breakfast! And I'm hungry..."


"Is that all you're going to say?"


Da pouted, and then suddenly thought of something. She walked over to her dresser table, and pulled out of a draw a flowery hair clip. It was a large bright red one, with a jewel in the middle. She grinned, and went back to the bed- Ce was dozing again. Slowly, carefully, and quietly, she undid the hairclip, moving in on her target...

A now cautious Sun Jian entered the large Wu dining hall reserved for the generals and the Sun family. In the middle of the room was the large familiar dining table where they all sat together each breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and around it, everyone's chairs.

"Good morning Dad- nice sleep?"

Jian looked at Sun Quan, who was already sat in his seat at one end of the table. "Yes Quan, it's just I was nearly trampled this morning..."

"Right... are you going to sit down?"

Sun Jian nodded, and walked over to his large chair at the head of the table. The other generals on the table, Huang Gai, Zhou Tai, Lu Meng, Gan Ning, Lu Xun (plus hat!), Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu (with a very smiley Xiao Qiao) said their 'good mornings', but Jian, as usual, noticed the absence of Sun Ce and Da Qiao, as well as his daughter Sun Shang Xiang. He guessed that, since Ce and Shang Xiang both had a thing for lateness, they were still asleep. He did think about dragging them out of bed, but they were both pretty good with their weapons, and didn't want to risk it!

"I see you got your hat back Lu Xun," Jian started as he began to eat his breakfast.

"Yes- someone thought it was funny to stick it on a flagpole so I can't reach it!"

Gan Ning chuckled in his seat. "It's not my fault you're so easy to wind up!"

"But I'm always the victim of your pranks," Xun moaned. "And everyone else's. Remember when Taishi Ci painted love hearts on my cheeks, and they stained my skin for a week?"

Ci laughed. "One, you were fast asleep, and two, it was too tempting!"

"But I had to use Xiao's foundation to cover it up! How embarrassing do you think that was?"

"I thought you looked very nice!" Xiao said cheerily. "The foundation really brought out the natural glow of your skin..."

Lu Xun glanced at Xiao Qiao, who beamed a smile at him. She wasn't rubbing it in; he knew that Xiao was just giving her opinion.

"Thank you Xiao- at least you have good intentions." Lu Xun then went back to eating. He'd occasionally look up and give Gan Ning and Taishi Ci 'evil' glares, but being the cute and innocent Lu Xun, he wasn't very good at it. He still looked young, despite being 20 years old. It was a shame he was still treated like he was young, especially by the more 'playful' generals, namely Sun Ce, Ning and Ci. But he could always kick their asses in sparring sessions!

Sun Jian was just beginning to think about where his other children and daughter-in-law were, until the generals' conversations were interrupted by loud laughter coming from outside. It was female laughter, and it sounded like whatever had caused it had to be funny.

Suddenly, a red faced Sun Shang Xiang entered the hall, in her usual battle garb, laughing her head off!

"No need to worry about me not being female enough Dad!" she tried say to him through laughs. She walked over to her seat between Sun Quan and Huang Gai and sat down.

Jian looked confused. "What do you mean Shang Xiang?"

"Let's just say someone's finally coming out!" She then calmly put some food on the plate, just as the remaining two entered the hall.

Everyone on the table (save for Shang Xiang who was now happily eating and trying to suppress laughter!) stared at Sun Ce as he and his wife took their seats opposite Quan and Shang Xiang. Ce noticed that it was quiet, but just ignored it and took his food.

"So everyone, what's up?" he asked.

Nobody said anything. Instead, their jaws were now dropped, and their eyes still staring at him. Da and Shang Xiang were just smiling at each other.

"What's going on guys?" he asked again. "Listen, I've already had my sister stare at me like that and burst into a fit of giggles. Now, either it's my drop dead gorgeous looks, which it probably is, or you guys have some serious problem! Zhou Yu, I trust you, what's wrong?"

Zhou Yu looked nervously at his friend. How could he have not noticed that he had a flowery hair clip on the side of his head? Was Ce that blind and stupid? If he was, Wu was in serious trouble!

"Sun Ce," he said cautiously, "did you not look in the mirror this morning?"

"I know I look good already...why?"

"Well," Yu continued, "something's different about you today." He then snickered to himself.

Xiao looked at Ce in awe. "Hey, that's Da's!"

"What's Da's?" Ce asked, taking a sip of juice.

"Your hairclip! It's Da's, and may I say it suits you very much."

"I honestly have no idea what you're on about Xiao," Sun Ce said as he began to feel the side of his head, "I'm all man, why the hell would I be wearing a-". Just then, he felt the flower in his hair. He looked at his wife, then at Sun Shang Xiang, and the two women burst into giggles once again.

"Nice flower Ce!" Taishi Ci called from the end of the table.

"Yeah, maybe you can do a dance for us!" Gan Ning added.

Ce immediately unfastened the flower from his hair and took it out. "Was it you who did this?" he said to Shang Xiang.

"What? Why is it that whenever something happens you think it's me? Why don't you ask Da?" She smiled. "It is her clip after all..."


"Yes Ce?"

"Did you put the clip in my hair?"


"You? My sweet little wife, playing a trick on me?"

Da giggled. "You brought it on yourself! You shouldn't have gone back to sleep! Besides, you looked cute...Qiao Ce!"

Sun Ce's face changed to a lovely shade of red as the other generals smirked at him. Even Sun Jian couldn't help but smile! Quan and Shang Xiang were now, to Ce's slight annoyance, doing girly impressions of him, joking that Ce was more of a girl than Shang! Ce knew he wasn't going to hear the end of this.
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