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Zhou Yu's Problem

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Xiao Qiao tries to persuade her husband to have fun!

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Chapter 3- Zhou Yu's Problem

After breakfast, Zhou Yu found himself alone in the library, just reading a book and enjoying the calm. Normally Sun Ce would join him, but Ce was now hiding in embarrassment in his room after the 'flower' incident! The other generals were outside sparring, and Yu could hear the sword clashes from where he sat by the window. He could also hear them joking about Sun Ce, but he knew Ce well, and suspected by lunch time he'd be back out of his room and laughing at himself with the others.

Zhou Yu tore himself from his book and looked out of the window. The sun was still shining, and he didn't really want to waste the day sitting indoors. He wasn't in the mood for sparring...well that was what he had told everyone else! That morning, Xiao has spent some time fixing his hair and making it look nice. She loved fussing over him like a pet, and of course Yu didn't mind. But he didn't want to mess his hair up. No, it wasn't because he was vain, but that he didn't want Xiao to moan at him for messing it up! Once, Xiao had made him dinner especially, but he had returned late from a meeting with Sun Jian, and when he returned he found her sobbing her little heart out, crying that he stood her up, and that Yu would rather spend the evening with the other generals than her! From then on, he double checked everything with his wife first- seeing her upset was the last thing he wanted. And he certainly didn't want the dreaded silent treatment.


Zhou Yu cringed when he heard his 'name' being called out. It was Xiao, using her nickname for him. He was lucky that the other generals weren't around to hear that- surely they'd be teasing him too! Yu turned to the door, and in entered Xiao Qiao, followed by her older sister Da.

"Why aren't you sparring with the others Zhouie?" asked Xiao as she went to sit by the window next to him. She gave a brief glance at his book, before looking at his face. She didn't care much for books or war for that matter, just Zhou Yu's beautiful face!

"I wasn't up for it. Ce's usually my sparring partner, and he's still hiding isn't he?"

Da giggled. "Yes, but I suspect he'll be out soon. That man can't go without food for more than a few hours!"

"So what's my lovely husband up to?"

Zhou Yu looked back out of the window. "Just reading, watching the others..."

"Well," Xiao said affirmatively, "you need to loosen up. All you seem to do is spend all your time training, or reading, or in meetings. Why don't you have some fun?"

"What do you mean, fun?"

"I don't think he knows what fun is!" Da whispered in Xiao's ear. She was probably right though- Zhou Yu wasn't the most 'fun' guy in Wu. He wasn't completely dead inside though. He enjoyed the occasional laugh with the generals, and had been known to crack a joke once so often. But Xiao wanted to see him have fun more often.

"How about we take our horses out?" Xiao suggested. "Or we could have a little picnic in the courtyard? Something to get you out of here!"

"I don't know..."

"We can go for a walk?"

"I'm not sure."

Xiao felt ready to hit him. Honestly, there was no reasoning with that man! Da could get Sun Ce to do anything for her (except get up in the mornings, which had already been proved!), but Ce lacked the brains of Zhou Yu. Yu had great powers of persuasion, which helped greatly in his role as Wu strategist, but didn't Xiao when she wanted him to do something differently, like go out and take a break from work. He'd always compromise, and it would always be in his favour. There must be a way she thought to herself.

Xiao whispered something in her sister's ear, and on hearing it, Da nodded and giggled a bit. To Zhou Yu, they were speaking some foreign language, the language of 'girly gossip', which being male, he didn't understand!


"Yes Xiao?"

"Are you free later?"

"Erm, yes, I think I am...why?"

"Da and I are going to hold a little party this evening! Just a small one and we can all get together and talk, drink, have fun..."

Zhou Yu looked at his wife, who smiled sweetly at him, giving him her puppy dog eyes look. He then looked at Da, who did exactly the same. He sighed.

"And I suppose you want me to come along?"

"Of course! You're the guest of honour! What would the party be without you?"

Now Zhou Yu was suspicious. Why would they throw a party for him? He hadn't done anything particularly special to deserve one; unless they counted the time last week when he got rid of a spider out of their dance room, but that wasn't the point. A party, just for him?

"Alright I'll go."

"YAY!" The Qiaos squealed in unison. "PARTY!" They then ran out of the room to make preparations, leaving Zhou Yu sat on the window. He reopened his book and carried on reading, shutting out all of his thoughts about the 'party'. He didn't enjoy them as much as everyone else. This was mainly because he was the one dragging the drunken ones, namely Sun Ce, Gan Ning and Taishi Ci, back to their rooms to recover. He agreed to go to this one because Xiao was organising it, and he didn't want to disappoint her. The doghouse was the last place he wanted to be...
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