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You Could Miss It

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Izabel and Brendon are very much in love, but what happens when the man of Izzy's dreams leaves to LA to pursue his? A tiny little one shot. Please R&R.

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*"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a
while, you could miss it."*
-Ferris Bueller

"Izzy, you need to get up now." Brendon said with some emphasis as he rocked my body out of its serene sleep. I yawn and a groan escaped my lips, as I was not looking forward to today. In fact, I have been dreading this atrocious day for a month now. I hope that if I don't acknowledge the day, then maybe it will never come. And then maybe Bren could stay with me. A girl can dream… unless she has been woken up by her boyfriend. The sunlight glistened lightly through the
window, but I just wanted to plaster over its happy. Today is not a day for 'happy' or 'joy.' Today, my love Brendon Urie, is going to LA to pursue his love of music. "I have to leave in five minutes. The cab is already downstairs to get to the airport. Wake up." He says. I groan and rollover in my bed with the blankets in a cocoon around me, and see a fully dressed Brendon lying in bed next to me. I look into his brown, puppydog eyes and I melt, the constant thought in my mind that these may be the last time I see them in a month. 30 days. I can barely live without him for three.

He reaches to my cheek, and lightly caresses it with his fingers, leaving shivers wherever he touched. "If I don't get out of bed, will you stay? Because you won't leave without a goodbye, and maybe I shouldn't give you one. Then you will be here, I will be happy, and everything will be back to normal." I ask wishing, although I know the answer. He sighs as a tear forms in my eye, threatening more from my arsenal of sadness that built up inside me as we said our parting words. "Izabel Reeves, you know it doesn't work like that. LA? It is Panics only chance, it is my only chance. I have to take it." He gently plants a tender kiss on my forehead as he gets out of bed. "What if…?" I protest, "What if our only chance is me going with you to LA? What if you forget about me and sleep with some blond fan who thinks your songs are amazing and hangs over you like the drunken monkey that she is?" I say, hot tears streaming down my face, looking at the sympathetic look on Brendon's face as I sat on my knees, silk sheets all around me. He leans against a wall and stares deep into my eyes. "You really think I would do that to you Iz?" I sigh, knowing I
was being unrealistic and pessimistic. "Well, that is sorta what rockstars do unsupervised."

I get out of the bed unwillingly and hold his waist tight, as his lips easily collide with mine. Once we both draw back, I cried into his shoulder. I felt the sudden urge to superglue his hand to mine, so he would have no choice but to take me along, and yet I know I have to let him go. I give him one final kiss goodbye and he whispers in my ear, "I love you Izabel Reeves." I nod, and respond, "I love you too Brenny." Tears stream down both of our cheeks like steadfast waterfalls, like rain dripping down a window pane. "I will call you when I land." He promises, hand delicately intertwined with mine. "You better!" I say, against all odds cracking a smile on his face. The pure radiance of his smile is contagious, and he wipes the tears off my face. His arms squeeze my waist and he says, "Goodbye." Then picks up his bag and walks through the door, and out of my life for a month. Thirty days until he flies back up for a visit. I calmly shut the door behind him, no use in slamming it. I wasn't irate at him, oh god no. I was just so depressed by this entire situation that I could slam every door in NYC, and it wouldn't change anything. Brendon Urie will still be on the plane. And my heart will still be in Los Angeles.

"IZZY!" Brendon yelled as he met me outside of the movie theater, an hour late. "Iz, you are never going to believe this." I looked up at him while leaning against the brick outside of the theater and guessed mockingly, "You were late because Ryan won the lottery!?" He shook his head 'no' in confusion. "You saw a unicorn?" No. "Met Oprah?" No again . I sighed, "Brendon, all of these would have been acceptable reasons for being late AGAIN. I know it takes a while for you to recover after
a gig but… "IZZY!" he interrupted. "PANIC GOT SIGNED!" My eyes widened in shock. Panic? Signed? They have been waiting to get signed since dinosaurs roamed the Earth!"Oh my god! Brendon, t-that's amazing! I am so happy for you!" I exclaimed, and then gave my rockstar a great bear hug. "Yeah, this Pete Wentz guy thought he saw potential in us. Signed Panic on the spot." I was near tears. This was his dream, "Oh, Brendon! This is amazing!" I say, then plant a firm kiss on his lips.
He pulls back and says, "Yeah, but there is a problem." My heartbeat was on the peak of the rollercoaster a second ago and just went down the huge plunge into my stomach. "P-p-problem?" I stutter out. He put a stray piece of hair behind my ear and said, "I have to be in LA in a month. And Ryan is rooming with me and…" I nodded, as my salty tears started a decent down my face. "And I can't come. I-I get it. Well, lets just," I paused, wiping away a tear. "I am going to forget it
until I absolutely have to deal with you leaving. In the meantime, this is going to be the best month. This will be the best June of your life. E-ever. I am not going to think about July. I-I can't think about July." He nodded and planted an gentle kiss on my tremblin glips. "Well, the only reason Ry is even my roommate is because he
doesn't have enough money to get his own apartment. To be honest, neither do I. But as soon as we hit it big, Izzy, you are gonna move in with me. Promise." I look down at my converse and mumble, "But what if you don't become famous?" His hand guides my gaze up into his brown eyes. "Izabel, people are gonna like us. We are Panic at the god damn Disco!"


I lean all my weight against the flimsy, forest green apartment door and just slide down and find myself sitting on the cold floor, my knees pressed against my chin. The tears fell like a faucet no one cared enough about to turn off fully, who just kept dripping until there were no tears left inside of me to fall. The best thing that ever happened to me had just walked out my apartment door to go to Hollywood and achieve his aspirations of music. And as the cab he is taking to the airport pulls away, I realize that my dream just left to follow his. I put my face in my icy, clammy hands and continue the cries. The poor box of Kleenex next to me must feel so neglected,
because helping in these wretched moments are what it lives for. But it is no use, so why waste the tissues? The only one that can stop my cries is Brendon. I try to stand up on noodle legs, and hobble over to my dresser and pick out a pair of ugly, tattered flannel pajama pants and an old, stained, oversized shirt. I threw the silky nightgown in my hamper, missing but not caring.

I exit the bedroom and find, to my surprise, a dozen roses laying beautifully on the coffee table left by Brendon. The tears came back into my eyes, not even bothering to knock, they had been there so many times today, why not once more? I get closer to examine the delicate buds and notice that they are laying on something. I move them aside to find the DVD of, "Ferris Buellers Day Off," and a note that says "Watch this! Oh, and treat yourself to some ice cream." In Brendon's handwriting. While trying to forget that your boyfriend just left for Hollywood, a good tip would be to not watch the movie you saw on the first date. After always flirting in a Starbucks and discovering that we both loved that movie, Brendon boldly asked me if I wanted to go over to his place and watch it. Usually, I wasn't that kind of girl, and yet the gleam in his eyes compelled me to say yes.

I smile at the memory, and put it in the DVD player so as the boring previews are playing, I walk over to the kitchen, suddenly reminded of the dinner Brendon cooked me last night by the familiar scent of Italian food still dimly wafting through the air. I grab hold of the handle to the freezer, wondering why Brendon mentioned the ice cream, because if it didn't matter, he just wouldn't of added it on. I pull it open and am welcomed by the cold sensation. Then I see something I didn't expect to, an amazing amount of ice cream. Ben & Jerry's, no less. My absolute favorite, and the freezer was stocked to the brim with many many flavors. I was looking at all of them, ranging from the Stephen Colbert kind and Half-Baked, when I saw an omnious yellow square attached to the Cookie Dough pint. I reached in and pulled of the sticky note, and on it was a sharpie drawn heart. I let out a sigh, as more tears stream down my face. Afraid they would freeze, I pull out a pint at random and shut the door. I find a spoon and hop down on the couch as the movie just begins.

I get immersed in one of my most beloved movies, and time flies away faster than my cares. All the while I was thinking of how much Brendon would have loved to be here with me. And how the first time we watched it together we danced to the part when Ferris got on the float in a parade and sang, "Twist & Shout." Ever since, that has been the highlight of the movie. I hear a loud knock on my door as Ferris begins the song by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, you are such a wonderful
crowd, we'd like to play a little tune for you. It's one of my personal favorites and I'd like to dedicate it to a young man who doesn't think he's seen anything good today - Cameron Frye, this one's for you." I don't bother to pause it, particularly because I did not feel keen on excavating the sofa to find the remote, so I let it run
as Ferris started to sing.

I opened the door and saw Brendon. My jaw dropped to the floor as the gave me a little grin. My eyes opened wide in search for an explanation, so he began, "Iz. I couldn't get on the plane. I knew I loved you these two years we have been dating, but I might have been taking you for granted. Today, as I was about to board, I realized that you wouldn't be with me if I left. Which was really obvious, and sort of stupid of me to have that epiphany so late. Anyway, that is why I am taking you with me to LA. It isn't like you will take up too much space, and if he bothers you, I can throw Ryan out and then he would become a hobo or something and I wouldn't care because I would have you there and that is all that matters," he stops to take a breath, and I still couldn't believe that he was back in my doorstep. "And right now I am ranting just because I have so much to say and so little words and -" I interrupted him with a seemingly long awaited kiss, when in truth it had only been a few hours. "I was starting to think you were actually going to leave without me." I said, looking up into his brown eyes. "Without you?" he replied. "Never." Then he initianted a passionate kiss, while Twist & Shout continued to play in the background.

Authors Note:
This happens to be my first fic in a while, and I am anxious to know what everyone thinks. I know it isn't a spectacular one-shot but I don't think it is too bad.
This coming from a girl who hates 75% of her work.
For instance: I hated the ending. Did you? TELL ME!
-pokes the buttons at the bottom of the page-
I need feedback to improve. :D

Thanks go out to Little Miss Paige, for her awesome beta-tising skills.
And this story is dedicated to Helen. Because she is superfaboo.
I love you both.

Anyway, rate & review.

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