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Saying Goodbye

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Elisabeth says her goodbyes.

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The show was great everyone loved all the boas that were thrown on the stage and everyone except Bob had one. Frank was excited to wear his BOSTON sweatshirt he got the day before at the waterfront. Natasha’s parents showed up earlier and they all caught Taking Back Sunday.

That night at the TBS bus there was a huge party. All the bands were there to say their goodbyes to Elisabeth, Derek and Natasha. They all also wanted to give support to Madison for what she went through.

Adam took her in his arms and just held her for a while. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

“Thanks Adam.”

“Bob been treating you good?”

“He’s really the best.”

“Yeah. You guys looks so good together, really happy.”

“I love him so much, I never thought I would have that in my life. Honestly I thought I’d end up marrying Mark just because we’re so alike and probably be the closest thing I would ever come to love.”

“And now you have Bob,” smiled Adam.

“Yeah,” she looked over to where he was talking to Chester of Linkin Park, she couldn’t help but smile. Adam couldn’t help but notice the gleam in her eye. He also noticed Bob looking back at her and having the same gleam. He knew then that there was an unbreakable connection between the two.

“If you ever need a friend, I’m there for you.”

“Thanks Adam,” she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Do you have one for me,” smiled Bob as he walked up to them.

“That and more,” smiled Madison.

“Lets sneak out for a quickie,” Bob whispered.

“You’re insatiable, Mr. Bryar.”

“Only with you.”

“I need to talk to you anyway.”

“Sounds serious.”

“Let’s go for a walk.”

Bob followed as they walked around the closed venue.

“I’m staying in Boston tonight and I won’t be joining you in Camden. There are a group of reporters hanging out in front of my place in Connecticut. I need to address the situation.”

“Well then I’m going with you.”

“No stay with the band.”

“I need to be there with you.”

“Bob are you really ready to go through this, to be in the newspaper or on the news for every little thing you do? Having your whole life exposed? They will dig up every little thing on you. Be honest with yourself do you want that?”

Bob gave a deep sigh “No. But I’d do it to be by your side.”

Madison stopped in her tracks and turned to look in his blue eyes, “I love you and you don’t have to be physically by my side for me to know you are there. Please just do a good show in Camden and I’ll meet you in Connecticut.”

“This is going against my better judgment, you know. But I’ll stay with the tour.” He placed his hand on the back of the neck and brought her in for a kiss, before long they were back on an empty bus naked in Bob’s bunk while he had a cigarette.

“You’re unbelievable Mr. Bryar.”


“You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

“It can’t compare to how you make me feel.”

“I almost don’t want to go to Boston tonight.”

“Then my plan is working.”


“I’m going to miss you so much while you’re gone.”

“Me too. We better get dressed and join the party.”

“I guess.”

When they got there Natasha was saying her good-byes to everyone.

“Well princess I think it’s our turn to go too,” said William to Elisabeth.

Elisabeth made her way to everyone she met on the tour and all the people she barely knew ending with Matt and James.

“Thanks guys for always being there for me. Cheering me up when I needed it.”

“You won’t forget us now that you’re back to your fancy life will you?” asked James.


Matt just gave her a big hug, “We’ll miss you. I programmed all our numbers into your cell.”

“Thanks Matt.”

She finally made it to Bob. She threw her arms around him and held him tight. “Thank you for every thing. Because of you I have a real family for the first time in my life and friends that really care. I don’t how I could ever thank you enough. But don’t think if you hurt my sister I won’t kick your butt all over town.”

“I won’t do anything to hurt her don’t worry.”

She then whispered in his ear, “I’m so sorry about that kiss.”

“Water under the bridge.”

She turned to Frank and gave him a hug.

“I guess I’ll see you guys in Chicago,” she said as she looked back at everyone.

Derek said his good-byes to everyone and got in the limo.

Bob put his arms around Madison

“I’m going to miss you so fucking much.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

“Good luck tomorrow I wish I was going to be there with you.”

“You will be, in my heart.”

Bob smiled weakly as she got in the car and waived as it drove by hoping that she really would be okay at the conference.

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