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The Red Door

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Madison holds a press conference.

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The limo was making it’s way down Rte. 95 as Madison thought what she was going to say. The whole thing disgusted her. The only reason any one cared was because of who she was. Outside of Chicago no one really heard of Bradley Johnson so even him being who he was would be probably just make the local news. It was unfair that a woman gets raped every two and a half minutes and no one was out there doing stories on them. Stories that were far worse than hers, stories that needed attention and woman that needed help. She was lucky.

Despite everything Mark was there for her, helping her pick up the pieces. He was there when she tried to kill herself, he was there when she wouldn’t leave her room or eat, he was there when she was going to be thrown out of school and he talked them into just taking the semester off. A big fat check from Daddy didn’t hurt either. While her father thought she was upset about the affair being over Mark knew and he was there. So in a way it was easy to forgive him, they were both drunk that night and he didn’t understand what he did. He apologized for the other stuff and will be apologizing to Bob in Chicago. She looked over at him and was glad he would be there for this too.

When they got to the house in Connecticut they were surrounded by the press. Her phone rang and it was Bob.

“Hey, are you okay?” he said over the phone.

“Yeah, better now that you called.”

“You know I want to be there.”

“You have a show tonight and it’s in Jersey you can’t let the home folks down.”

“I know Mike and I decided to get together again for Teenagers so that should be fun and Mikey’s here. I talked to him earlier he asked how you were doing. How are you doing? Do you know what you’re going to say?”

“I think so. No matter what happens know that I love you.”

“I love you too babe. Gotta go we’re doing our sound check. Tell Lizzie & Derek everyone says hi.”

“I will.”

After she hung up she started sobbing she wished he was there. Mark put his arms around her. “I know you wish he was here, but I think you two made the right decision knowing how camera shy Bob is.”

“The cameras wouldn’t bother him it’s what would happen afterwards is why he’s not here. Don’t ever think it was because of the cameras.”

“I’m sorry Madison I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.”

At three o’clock sharp Madison took to the microphone that was standing outside of her house.

“If you think I’m going to thank you for coming here, you’re wrong. I was forced to come here because you couldn’t let my roommate live her life. Let’s face it none of you would be here if my name wasn’t Madison Trenton. Since this story broke a little over twenty-four hours ago two hundred and seventy women were raped where are their press conferences, and those are the ones that are reported. What happened to me was heinous and unforgivable and if it weren’t for my friends and family I wouldn’t have gotten through it.”

Everyone from TBS and My Chem were on the My Chem bus watching the conference. Bob hated the fact that Mark was still there but he almost lost it when she said that last line and looked straight at Mark. The rest of the bus glimpsed at Bob before redirecting their attention to the television.

“But there are other stories out there with not so happy endings and they need to be told just as much. We need to put a not so famous face with the crime, one’s whose life it totally changed. I will never forget what happened to me an only recently I have gotten over my fear of intimacy, with the help of the most amazing person I know, you know who you are and what you mean to me. But some women never get over that fear, women who need help but either can’t afford it or are afraid to speak out. My father has set up the Jane Doe foundation to help such women. Monies will be distributed throughout college campuses to help woman and also in large cities. If you fall into neither category we’re still here to help, either contact the Jane Doe Foundation at 1-888-Jane Doe or 1-888-Vic Reed. This is all I have to say on the subject.”

“How ‘bout another subject?” shouted a man from the crowd, “Can you confirm the rumor that you are dating controversial emo band My Chemical Romance drummer Bob Bryar.”

Madison swallowed hard she didn’t expect the question, “Where in the world did you hear a rumor like that?”

“Then you’re not denying it? Is he the one you were talking about earlier?”


“No you aren’t denying it or no he wasn’t the one you were talking about.”

Mark stepped in, “Miss Trenton’s personal life is her own, no matter whom she is seeing.”

“Why waiting so long before going to the police. The rape happened last October?” asked another reporter.

“Some new evidence recently came to light that will undoubtedly put Mr. Johnson behind bars for a very long time,” said Mark smoothly. “Mr. Trenton asks as a personal favor that you leave his daughters, their friends and particularly Madison’s roommate alone. Thank you.”

Madison, Elisabeth and William made their way back into the house. Mark lingered until the reporter who asked the question regarding her and Bob came up to him.

“What the fuck, you set me up with that question just so you could blow me off?”

“Calm down, go to The Red Door tonight. You won’t be disappointed. Bring a video camera you might see something that could get you on the morning news, maybe even the Today Show.”

Mark came in the house and Madison approached him, “What did he want?”

“He wanted to know shit about you and Bob.”

“What did you tell him?”

“That if you were dating he would be here.”


“Then the asshole asked me if we were dating.”

“You told him no right.”

“Of course I did I know you love Bob. I’m going to New York with your father tonight we have some business to take care of. If anyone bothers you, call okay.”

“Thanks Mark for being there, again. It must hurt you to see me with Bob.” Madison lowered her head, “I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us.”

He lifter her chin with a bent forefinger, “We’re friends right? If Bob makes you happy then I’m happy for you. But remember I love you and if you ever change your mind I’m here.”


She kissed her father, sister and Derek good bye, just leaving her and Kelsey at the house.

“How you feeling after all that?”

“Like a good stiff drink.”

“Let’s get it all out our system, let’s go to The Red Door.”

She didn’t want to tell her Mark gave her two thousand dollars for a night on the town, his treat.

“I don’t know, I hate the thought of going out without Bob.”

“Call him tell him the game plan.”

“Which is?”

“You need to unwind and I’m taking you out dancing. I’m ditching Dave for the night, and it’s our special date night I’ll have you know.”

Madison jumped when her phone rang she picked up, “Hello,” and the voice on the other end spoke, “Hey babe I saw the press conference I think you did a great job and I got your message.”

“I was about to call you.”

“Great minds think alike. I wanted to talk to you about something you said about family and friends getting you through it, was there something you’re not telling me.”

“When we’re alone okay.”

“Someone there I take it. Mark maybe?”

“No he left with Daddy, Lizzie and Derek.”


“I’ve had a really stressful day is it okay if I go with Kelsey to The Red Door it’s just a few towns over? We’re just going for a couple of drinks and listen to the music.”

“You don’t have to ask my permission. Go, have some fun. You deserve it.”

“Thanks hun, I miss you and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

“I can’t wait to get you alone tomorrow.”

“Me either. I love you.”

“I love you too. Have fun.”

“Tell Mikey I said hi.”

“I will.”

“You two are like a couple of teenagers,” smiled Kelsey. “So have you done it yet?”


“Well? Details?”

“We made love the other night in Boston, then during breakfast, in the shower, after the shower and while waiting for my dad. Oh my god I sound like a slut!!”

“No you guys just let it build up so long, but hell you must have been sore unless he’s well you know,” Kelsey scrunched up her nose as she said it.

“Believe me I was plenty sore. We almost didn’t do it again last night.”

“Now you’re a slut. Is he a wham, bam thank you ma’m?”

“Oh no.”

“Send him my way when you’re done with him.”

“I’m never going to be done with him.”

“C’mon let’s get a bite to eat then get ready.”

The girls arrived at the club around ten thirty. At one end of the bar sat a well toned man with dark brown wavy hair and dark eyes every girl in the club was looking at him. But he was only looking at his the picture of his mark. He looked at the two girls that just walked in the door and there she was just as he told her she would be.
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