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“Gee, gee, gee, gee,” she yelled running after me.

“Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex,” I picked he up.

“I wuv you.”

“I love you too.”

“You pretty,” she said playing with my hair.

“No you pretty,” I told her.

“Gee down please,” she said.
“Okay,” I sat her sown and she ran to the microphone.

“Frank I hate you,” Ali came running back.

“What,” he asked.

“You cut my fucking guitar strap I hate you,” she yelled.

“Oh my god you guys are always fighting,” Ray said.

“Shut Up,” the both yelled at him.

“I didn’t do anything. Why do you blame me,” Frank yelled.

“Fine then I wont blame you,” she said. She walked off.

“I did it,” he said. He was a little to loud.

“I knew it you fucker,” she came running.

“Yeah I cut you guitar strap hahahaha,” Oh my god he was going to die. I knew it she was going to punch him and kill him. We wont be able to perform and we will have a hospital trip.

“Fine I am not going to hit you,” we all looked at her shocked, “but this means war, And I mean no rules. Until you buy me a new guitar strap you are dead to me.”

“Ali don’t be that way,” she walked off, “ALI,” he yelled, “ALI,” he ran after her.

“Wow he is going to go insane,” Bob said.

“What do you mean,” I asked him.

“He tells her everything stuff he doesn’t even tell us. They are really close without her he will probably die. You remember how depressed he was before she came back,” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said, “I forgot.”

“I hope he will survive,” Ray said.

“Dude I am already worried,” I ran to the bus.

“Ali talk to me,” she was walking around the bus. He sat down on the couch and I sat by him, “Not even a hour she usually breaks by now.”

I started to talk but Ali came over and started kissing me. Next thing I knew we were laying on top of Frank’s lap, “Ali stop you cant so this to Frankie.”

“Who's Frankie?”

“Ali, don’t play dumb,” I got out during our kiss.

She pulled away, “So now I am dumb, Screw you.” She stormed out. She had fimally found her clothes.

“She is making mountains out of mole hills like crazy,” Frankie said.

“Yeah I know it is pissing me off,” I paused, “And it is all your fault.”

“Whoa wait a second what happened here.”

“You cut her favorite guitar strap, and you wouldn’t share your cranberry juice. Just buy her a god damn guitar strap.”

“NO,” he yelled and ran out the bus.

Just then Ray and Bob came in, “hey we bought a guitar strap I will put it on her guitar,” Ray said. They left again. After I got a drink and ran out to the stadium. Ali was hugging Frank.

“Thank you. Thank you,” she was saying over and over again.

“For what that’s my question,” she unwrapped her arms and backed away.

“You didn’t get me a new guitar strap,” she said getting the hair out of her face.

“Uhm, No,” she looked at him.

“Well fine then the war is till on and now you cant call it off,” she turned around and started walking away, “All you had to do was buy me a new guitar strap and we would be fine but no,” she said throwing her arms in the air.
“All you had to do was go with it and everything would be back to normal but now she will end it on her own terms,” Ray said.

Chelsea and Erin walked up, “What’s wrong with Ali. When we passed she was cussing like crazy about Frank the last time she did that was. Frank what the hell did you do,” Chelsea said.

“I cut her guitar strap,” he whispered.

“what the hell the last time she was cussing your name like that it was when you caught her brand new comic book on fire,” Erin said.

“Oh which one,” I asked.

“Oh the batman first edition,” Chelsea said.

“What the hell Frank it was a batman comic,” I stomped my foot.

“Oh god, remember what she did last time to get him back,” Erin laughed.

“What happened last time,” I was anxious.

“Oh fuck,” Frankie ran off.

“What happened,” I ran off after them. I finally caught up.

“Ali, don’t do this,” Frank yelled. I wanted to know what was going on. Next thing I heard was Frankie’s rental car start, “Ah Fuck.” She was driving backwards down a hill in to the trees. She braked right before she hit it. Frankie ran down there she started going backwards and did doughnuts around him he was caught in the middle, “Ali I am sorry please forgive me.”

“Why the fuck should I,” she fired.

“Because I was an ass and I am sorry,” she stopped, “listen to me I am sorry for being and ass I shouldn’t have done that I didn’t know that was you favorite guitar strap.”

“Yeah it was Leroy got it for me,” she got out ran back into the stadium. I freaked when I heard who it was from and ran after her.

“Have you seen Ali,” I asked one the security guys.
“She is in the lounge room,” he told me I ran off. I found her but she didn’t see me she was sitting with Alex looking at a photo album.

“Alex that’s Frank when he was little and that’s me, that’s Gee when I first met him, there’s Bob and Ray, and that’s me and Leroy before he died,” she said while beginning to cry.

“I love you,” Alex said hugging her.

“I love you too,” Ali told her.

“Gee.” She said pointing to me.

“I don’t know where Gee is he probably thinks I am crazy, insane, loosing it, but its just I am scared I don’t want to loose him and I feel really weak and I don’t like that feeling, Not at all. I hate it,” she hugged Alex.

“I don’t think you are crazy,” she tuned around and looked at me.

“You probably think I am insane or loosing it,” she turned back around.

“Nope neither one,” I sat by her, “I think you are a very strong woman and I love you for that. Your only problem is that you make mountains out of mole hills.”

“I know but he broke my strap that Leroy gave me and you know what happened to him. It was the last thing he gave to me. I am worried I hurt Frank and I know I probably did and I feel bad I mean I just, I just,” she busted into tears, “Now,” she said hitting my leg, “I have a war to finish.”

“What? Why do you even continue with this,” I asked her.

“Because I just need to its important to me,” she walked out the door I followed I took Alex and gave her to Bob and Ray. I ran and I found Ali dancing on stage in a miniskirt in shoes that came up to her knees but they were like converse flats and a band tee.

“What are you going to do now Frank,” she said teaseing him I hadn’t seen him yet but I heard laughter.

“Shut up Ali,” he walked and I saw him. He shirt was cut like a sports bra and his jeans were like booty shorts but they were attached at the seams, “what do I have to do to end this.”
“I want five new hoodies and you can’t complain on what I get,” she said.

“Fine, but you have like a million.”

“Fifty to be exact.”

“Sweater slut,” I heard him whisper.

“Fine then now you have to by me some shirts too.”

“No, war is still on new rule anything over ten dollars is off limits,”


“Good I am taking a shower,” he ran off.

“This will be good,” she said when I walked over to her.

“What will be good,” I asked her.

“Well I replaced his cheap shampoo and conditioner with gel that turns your hair blue,” she looked at me smiling.

“Ali that’s his hair,” I told her.

“Yeah it cost him nine dollars for a cut since my friend does it and the shampoo and conditioner is two dollars each. All three things separate are under ten dollars. Hahaha I win,” she smiled.

“Okay if you say so,” I told her.

Frankie came running, “ALI, can you explain the blue hair?”

“No what happened,” she laughed.

“I knew it was you,” he said glaring at her.
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