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“It’s the bass’s name,” I yelled, “you wouldn’t dare,” I stared at Frank.

“How much you want to bet,” he fired back.

“You wouldn’t,” I stared at him.

He pushed me and ran and got Gerard and I grabbed Pansy at the same time, “Don’t you dare,” he stared at me.

“I will and you know I will,” I reached and grabbed my bass Gerard.

“Who has the upper hand now,” I said laughing. Gerard came in there and kissed me. Frank grabbed pansy and my bass, “you fucker,” I yelled at Frank I ran into the main area and opened the fridge and grabbed the only gallon of cranberry juice and opened it.

“You wouldn’t,” he stared at me.

“We will get you your own when we stop Ali just drop it,” Ray yelled.

“No he drank all mine this is payback,” I yelled at Ray I felt bad because it wasn’t his fault. I drank it all.

“You bitch,” Frank tackled me.

“I am not a bitch,” I screamed.

“Frank why did you have to call her that now this will never end till you loose,” Bob said shaking his head.

“I am not going to loose,” he fired back.

“Okay time to make money, who bets Ali,” everyone threw down money when Chelsea said that. Even Alex threw down her sippy cup. I had Frank in a head lock.

“Come on Franklin, what you going to do,” I asked him.

“This,” he elbowed me in the gut.

“You cocksucker,” was all I said he ran after me I punched in the face and he fell backwards. When he finally came to I helped him up.

“I am sorry,” he said.

“You should be I just asked for a drink and you got all pissed,” god I was still mad.

“Thanks for not breaking pansy though,” was all he said.

“Do you guys always fight,” Gerard asked.

“Uh yeah,” we both said.

“That was the best so far you didn’t get bruised as bad as last time,” Ray said.

“I didn’t know you guys even fought,” Gerard said.

“Yeah you know when Frank came over to your house with a broken nose to school,” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he looked at me funny.

“That was me,” I said raising my head and drinking a bottle of water.

“Why don’t you drink cranberry juice Ali,” Frank said teasing me.

“Because dip shit my throat still burns,” I glared at him.

“Cocktail cranberry juice,” Gerard asked.

“Yeah,” I told him and grabbed his hand and Alex grabbed his other hand.

“Just wondering, what was the reason he came to school with a broken nose,” he asked Frank looked at me.

“Do you want the real story or the one Frank made up,” I asked him.

“Both,” he said.

“He said he was skate boarding and a car came by and he rammed into a telephone pole,” I paused, “that is half true. He stole my skateboard because his went threw the wood chipper in a dare, and stole mine I found out and punched him.”

“Yeah that’s the truth,” he said hanging his head and grabbing Alex’s hand.

“He learned his lesson,” I looked at Frank.

“Eh shut up,” he laughed.
“Ali there is someone here for you,” Bob yelled. Joel McHale stepped out with his wife.

“Joel, Sarah how you been,” I asked.

“pretty good came to watch the show tonight,” he looked at me and smiled.

Sarah didn’t stay long, “that’s good hey sorry but I am kind of busy I got to take care of Alex and get ready.”

“Ah well uhm the producers want you to come on The Soup one time if you don’t mind.”

“Sure call me when you need me,” I picked up Alex and gave him a hug.

“Uhm Frank what happened to you,” Joel asked him. I just laughed.

“Me and Ali got in a fight over cranberry juice and she drank a gallon of it and now she cant have anything but water and she punched me and I got knocked out,” he stared and laughed.

“Well later I am going to use you on the show too,” he said while walking away. Gerard and I just stood there laughing. Frank left and went in the bus.

“ALI,” Chelsea yelled jumping on my back, “guesses what?”

“What, Chelsea,” I answered

“WE HAVE A SHOW TONIGHT GET READY,” she yelled. I ran to the bus and got in holding Chelsea on my back, Alex in my arms, and Gerard's hand. The show went fast when we got back everyone crashed where ever they laid down first.

“AH FUCK COLD,” Frank had drugged me out side and dumped water on me I was in bra and panties so it was even better.

“Frank I hate you,” he ran off and I tackled him, “dirty fucker,” I yelled, “what was that for?”

“For shits and giggles, and to piss you off,” he laughed.

“Well it worked.”

“Oh yeah and Gerard hid you clothes.”
“Fine then I will walk around like this all day,” I walked in to the stadium and found Gerard. Everyone kept whistling at me I hated it. I walked up to him and starting kissing him, he pulled away.

“What was that for,” he asked.

“I had to distract you,” I said.

“Distract me from WHA…………….”

Frank came up and tackled him, “sorry, I love you,” I said sitting on top of him. We where in the middle of the stage. I leaned forward and kissed him.

“I love you too,” he rolled over so he was sitting on top of me and kissed me.

“Well I am going back to bed give me my clothes soon or this is going to be me on stage tonight, all over you if I am dressed like this,” I slid out from under him and walked off. I heard the guts mumble stuff but I didn’t pay attention.

Gerard's POV

“She looked hot,” Mikey, Ray, and Bob said all at once.

“But Chelsea is hotter to me,” Bob continued. Just then she walked up.

“Hey Bob, I love you,” she kissed him. Oh my god they were becoming like Frank and Erin EWY. Alex came running up to me.

“Gee, gee, gee, gee,” she yelled running after me.

“Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex,” I picked he up.

“I wuv you.”

“I love you too.”
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