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I woke up in the middle of the night, walked in to the main room, and turned on the TV. The Soup was on. Joel McHale was making fun of Bam. He was found drunk with a picture of me and Gerard with him cut out.

“Honestly I’ve met this Ali Way. She’s nice and her daughter scares me,” he laughed I picked up my phone and called him. Ah shit it was live. “She’s calling now no joke. Hello?”

“Hey Joel how are you,” I asked him.

“Pretty good. I take it you are watching the show.”

“Yeah I am you look good.”

“Really thank you. So, how are you and Gerard?”

“We are good and on tour you should come to the tour.”

“I actually bought tickets. Hey can you do me a favor?”

“Yeah sure what do I have to say?”

“So meaty.”

“Fine just for you.”

“YES I feel loved.”

“So meaty.”

“Can you say chicks man too?”
“Chicks man. You happy now? I got to take care of Alex. Call me sometime.”

“Okay later.”

I hung up and went back to bed. “Ma, Ma, Gee, Gee,” Alex was yelling I didn’t get up, “Bob, Ray.”

“Alex shh. They are trying to sleep,’ Gerard said. I didn’t notice Bam was standing there till he grabbed my arm.

“GERARD FRANK BOB MIKEY RAY GET UP NOW,” Gerard grabbed me, “Bam what the hell.”

“I love you come with me please,” he was slurring his words.

“Bam no I am with Gerard and I am happy now stop this.”


“No I have to stay here for Alex.”


“NO SECRUITY.” Rabb who was with us for the day came running in and took care of Bam. God I hated him he kept doing this I just wish he would stop. I gave up on him I texted him: Bam stay away from me or I will get a restraining order and everything.

I woke up with Chelsea shaking me, “Ali, Ronnie is on the phone he wants to talk to you,” she told me.

“uhm hello.”

“hey Ali its Ronnie from Escape the Fate. Can we meet up today.”

“yeah sure what time?”

“Now,” he came walking in the bunk area.

“Ronnie,” I ran up and hugged him, “well me and the guys got some stuff to do today but you can stay her with Chelsea for a bit.”

“Alright will do,” he said. I ran out with the guys.

Chelsea came up to me, “Me and Bob had sex last night it was amazing.”

“Cool, will I will see you soon, bye.”

We went to the zoo with Alex. That was fun we saw all the animals. When we got to the cheetah that was priceless, “I have sex like a cheetah,” Gerard whispered in my ear and I spit out my brink and cracked up. We went back to the bus and I heard something disturbing. I busted threw the door and Chelsea was fucking Ronnie.

“CHELSEA WHAT THE HELL,” I yelled at her.

Just then Bob ran in, “Chelsea how could you?” He ran off Chelsea ran after him. Chelsea called me that night saying she won’t be back for three days. I figured the wedding was off and they got into a big fight and she didn’t want to put up with the guys yet.

Three days later they came back making out I figured they had worked it out till, “We got married and I am pregnant,” Chelsea said.

“Uhm Chelsea who's the dad,” I asked her.

“Uhm we don’t know but Bob will take care of the baby,” she told me.

“Uhm okay, Wow.”

I walked over to Gerard and sat by him Ronnie had left two days ago. I was still in shock. “Where’s Pansy (yes I know no more pansy but in my story there is.),” Frank was freaking out,” He came up and shook me, “Have you seen Pansy?”

“No Frank come down did you check the guitar rack,” I asked him.

“Uh no. I will do that now,” he said walking away.

We had a concert we went a performed everything went good until Cancer. We were getting ready to start when Alex ran on stage. Gerard picked her up like nothing and continued to sing. When he did the last “you” Alex screamed in the microphone, “Gee and Ma make Ewy.” I started laughing so did the crowd. Then Gerard kissed me and Alex and the band screamed, “EWY.”

That night I fell asleep with my bass, Frank fell asleep with Pansy, and Mikey fell asleep with his bass too. I checked my Myspace when I got up that was the display picture, all of us sleeping with our basses and guitars. I thought it was funny, Frank was a little mad and Mikey put it as his display picture too. “Aw Gerard we need to get pictures of us for my Myspace and your’s,” I told him.

“Fine we can take pictures now,” he questioned.

We got a pictures kissing, with bunny faces, a couple with Alex and some with the crew. I kissed Gerard lightly on the lips, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he did the same. I snuggled up next to him.

“You smell good,” I told him.

“I am not wearing anything. Just sweat.”

“Now I feel stupid,” I hung my head.

“But, you aren’t and you smell and look wonderful.”

“Aw, kiss ass,” he looked at me funny.

“What is that suppose to me,” he asked I got up and walked a way, “Ali, tell me,” he paused, “ALI!”

I walked back and closed the curtain and we he yelled me name I stuck my head out, “yes?”

“Why,” he asked putting his arms around my waist.

“The question is more why not,” I said kissing him on the lips and getting away from him. I hoped into out bunk and he fallowed.

“No I think it is why,” he said while laying on top of me, and kissing me lightly after every couple words.

“Because,” I began while rolling over now I was on top of him, “I love you.”

“Well that makes no sense to me,” he was no on top.

“Well I am a very complex woman,” I was on top.

“I can see behind you big brown eyes,” he was on top staring at me. He let in to kiss me.

“Fine you win,” I yelled pulling him in to kiss me. I held his shirt tight and held him close to me. I thought we got a little to in to it one of his hands were down the back of my pants another running threw my hair. I was holding him close to me with one hand and another running threw his hair. Until somebody ruined it.

They pulled open the curtain, “nice show,” Erin yelled.

“Quite the performance,” Bob and Chelsea said.

“Ewy,” Mikey, Frank, Ray and Alex yelled.

“Now lets hit the road,” Chelsea said.

“Fine,” we yelled. Alex hopped in the bunk with us.

I walked out and sat by Frank and Mikey, “ I want cranberry juice,” I said.

“Uhm no that’s mine,” Frank yelled.

“Oh no here we go,” Mikey said.

“Where we going,” Gerard said coming out of the bunk area.

“Well I don’t care,” I yelled at Frank.

“I do I bought it,” Frank yelled back.

I stood up, “let me have cranberry juice or I will take pansy.”

He stood up, “You take Pansy Gerard will have a broken neck.”

“Wow uhm leave me out of this,” Gerard said.
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