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dying is your latest fashion

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“Oh,” I couldn’t believe she wanted to leave me, “what happened?”

“Well the day after Ali found out she was pregnant, by the way I didn’t go to the wedding because I thought you didn’t like me, anyway she called me crying and she was thinking of just leaving. I told her not to because she was really sad with Bam I mean cutting treating suicide everything and she seems much happier with you.”

“Well thanks dude majorly I mean I don’t know what I would do without her.”

“Can I hold Alex,” I handed him Alex, “I mean i am in love with Ali,” he paused, “but she is more like a sister to me, all I ever want for her is us to be friends and her to be happy. And she is with you.”

I felt better knowing someone other then Ali thought I was good enough for her. Just then Ali walked outside with all the girls she was in a bikini. Granted I had seen her in one but it has been a while. My jaw dropped when she walked behind me, “you look beautiful,” was all I could get out. She stood in front of me in the pool she was resting on my knees. Me being a guy you can tell what happened.

Erin and running and she slipped on the concrete. When she got up she took a deep breath, “Can I hold Alex?”

“No I got her,” Rabb said.

“I want to hold Alex,” she said stomping her feet.

“Fine then ruin my fun meanie,” he said crossing his arms.

“I will,” she took Alex and got in the pool Frank sat down beside me Erin came over and did what Ali was doing.

“I am going to play basketball,” they said. And Erin handed Alex back to Rabb.

It got dark fast Chelsea was wanting to stay the night but she was to hyper, “can I stay PLEASE,” she asked

“No Chelsea,” I said.

“Ali talk some since into your husband please let me stay,” she kept jumping up and down I swear those caffeinated mints.

“No because Bob has a surprise for you at home,” she said.

“I do,” he asked, “oh yeah I do lets go Chelsea.”

Everyone lift Mikey and Alicia where taking Alex for the night. After everyone left me and Ali were eating ice cream, “Rabb said you thought about leaving me?”

“Yeah why,” she quickly responded.

“I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t lying that’s all,” I lied.

“Oh okay,” Ali’s phone rang she picked it up, “Yo yo yiggity yo…..oh hey….well just eating ice cream with Gerard…….no……NO…….no I didn’t……yes I know what side I am on……..well kiss my ass……yeah I know you would love to bye,” she slammed her phone and collapsed in my arms. Months past after that me and Ali never fought after that. We were going to finish our tour and Alex was now eighteen months old.

“I call middle bunk,” Chelsea yelled.

“I want to sleep with Bob,” Frank said grabbing his arm.

“Uhm let me think about that NO,” Bob pulled his arm away.

“Chelsea gave us caffeinated mints WHOOOO HOOO,” Erin and Ray yelled.

Ali’s POV

Alex had learned to walk and talk at ten months and she loved to climb, “Ma, Gee,” Alex yelled.

“Alex,” Gerard said picking her up.

“Gee,” she yelled again.


“Gee down, please,” she said in a baby voice. He put her down and she climbed onto the bus with a slippy cup in her hand. Gerard turned around a kissed me. I kissed him back and we started making out.

“EWY,” I looked and Alex and Ray were pointing at us.

“Hair,” she said playing with rays bouncy locks.

“Yeah I love my hair I love yours to it is like your mommy’s and daddy’s,” he said petting her jet black hair.

We got on to the bus and Alex run up and hugged my leg, “MA!” I laughed and picked her up.

“Alex,” she laughed then Chelsea took her and gave her a caffeinated mint.

“That’s for never letting me stay the night,” she laughed and sat down.

“Yucky,” Alex said spitting it out.

“Well that backfired,” she said disappointingly.

Alex climbed up in my lap, I was sitting next to Gerard and she wrapped her little arms around mine and his neck, “I wuv you.”

“GROUP HUG,” Bob yelled.

“Squish,” Alex yelled, “squish!”

“I sorry,” Ray said taking her from me.

“I wuv you,” she told him squishing his face like a fishy face.

“I love you more.”


“I love you mostest,” Mikey said grabbing her and tickling her like crazy.

“Stop Mikey,” she was to busy giggling, “stop please.”

“Fine,” he said.

“I sleepy,” she said. I looked outside.

“Fine night night time,” I told her.

“I call middle bunk,” Alex tried to say.

“That munchkin,” Chelsea yelled.

I slapped her, “be nice.”

Gerard was laughing, “What’s so funny,” Chelsea asked.

“Your and one year’s olds bitch. That’s what’s funny,” Bob said.

“Haha funny,” Chelsea said.

“You aren’t getting any tonight are you Bob,” Ray said when Chelsea walked out.

“It was so worth it though,” he said. Everyone was cracking up but Chelsea.

“Night you guys,” Erin said walking to the bunk area.

“Same,” Frank said fallowing her.

“Me too,” Ray and Bob got up along with Gerard.
“Ditto,” I and Mikey said.

Right when I was getting to sleep someone farted, “sorry,” Bob yelled.

“Oh my god nasty,” Chelsea said who was laying with him.

“EWY,” Alex yelled.

“Agreed,” we all said wan went to sleep.
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