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Capulet Cafe

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Ali is a new girl in town who runs into a group of the local band Escape the Fate and My Chemical Romance

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“Ali get up, NOW,” my mom yelled.

“I don’t want to go to school,” I said covering my head with my blanket and beating my head against my pillow.

“Just go. Are you walking or am I taking you,” she asked still bugging me.

“I will walk,” I said slipping in to a pair of jeans and a shirt.

I was walking down the road when I ran into to guys I didn’t really talk to them I just walked past and went straight to stupid school I just wanted to hurry up and end the day. I walked into the office right when the late bell rang. The chick handed me a piece of paper with my schedule

I ran down the hall and right when I rounded a corner I ran into this guy. As I was on the floor I looked into his eyes they were beautiful his hair has shoulder length and straight black. I was speechless. I just got up and ran off. I realized it was one of the guys from the morning. When I finally got to class there were three open seats and I chose the one in the middle. The door opened and two boys walked in I dropped my head it was the guys from this morning. Each one sat beside me. I was writing notes when three notes popped up on my desk, one from the chick behind me, and one from each of the guys. I read the guys to the left of me his name was Ronnie Radke:

Hey my names Ronnie you want to hang out after school and can I have your cell phone number.

I wrote back: sure (I wrote down my number) what are you doing after school?

I read the note from the guy to the right. His name was Max the ripper Green, So he says: You seem pretty cool we should hang out.

I wrote back: I am going to be hanging with Ronnie after school maybe another day.
I threw the note back at him and read the one from Chelsea: Hey they both like you. Have fun with that one and hang with us after school, us meaning Ronnie Max, Me and my boyfriend.

I wrote her back: k will do.

After that I got a text from my mom saying I could hang out with whomever after school as long as I was home before dark. I yelled, “Sweet action,” everyone looked at me, “I understand this,” I finished. Max, Ronnie and Chelsea were cracking up. Just then the bell rang and I walked out Max was in my next class science so we walked down there talking. I felt kind of retarded because I was in jeans and a fabric mini skirt with a Green Day shirt. Max was wearing a Motley Crue shirt and tight pants.

“SO any good local bands,” I asked him.
“There is a few,” he told me.

“Okay who?”

“My Chemical Romance and Escape the Fate.”

“They sound okay,” he looked at me funny I laughed.

“So you play and instrument?”

“Yeah, you?”

“Yeah what do you play?”

“On three, One, Two, Three,”

“Bass,” we both said.

“No fucking way,” I said.

“Wow not many girls cuss here, well Chelsea does,” he said laughing.

“Well I am not from around her now am I,” I grabbed his hand and we ran down the hall to science.

All the classes went by fast then it was time for lunch, “You can sit with us,” Max told me his voice was beautiful.

“Okay,” was all I got out.

“Okay just to warn you I am kind of in the outcast group.” I looked at him funny.

“Well me and Chelsea like the same stuff so I will fit in perfectly,” I said skipping away. I found Chelsea and randomly said, “I play bass,” they all looked at me, “and I am a random person,” max sat by me.

“Ahhh,” they all said.

“So Max you wanting to get lucky or something,” Mikey said.

“No, that’s not it at all,” he fired back.

“Hey Ali, he wants you to play his bass. If you get what I am saying,” Chelsea said elbowing me.

“Well you know he might, just might get lucky one day,” I said putting my hand on his leg.

“Wow new girl gives it up fast. My name is Frankie, and I want to get laid,” he said putting out his hand.

“I didn’t say when I said might and you assuming that I would give it up to you. Well, you just lost you chance,” I said taking a drink.

“Oh well I didn’t fuck up my chance,” max said putting his arm around me.

“Hey language,” Ray said.

“Ehh shut the fuck up,” I said.

“Damn she really ain’t from anywhere around her,” I laughed when Mikey said that.

“Back off Mikey I want her,” max said wrapping his arms around me.

“Man she is out of you league,” Ronnie said.

“I’d say I am right in his league,” I said and kissed him on the lips.

“Hell yeah,” Max yelled and the bell rang. That day went by fast. We went to Max’s house to go swimming.

“I don’t have a swim suit can we drop by my house,” I asked Gerard as he started his car.

“Yeah sure tell me were,” he said I gave him directions and ran into my house and came out five minutes later. I am ready I took off my shirt revealing my bathing suit top. It was a black bikini with white skull and crossbones with guitars all in the background.

“I like it,” Max and Ronnie said.

“Sorry Ronnie. I think I am with Max for the time being,” I looked at him and he put me in his lap.

“And Chelsea well we know you like me and I believe I am with Ali for the time being,” he said looking at her.

“Lay off my sister,” Gerard and Mikey said. See Mikey and Chelsea are twins and Bob is her boyfriend.

“I don’t like you,” she said folding her arms.

“Hey Chelsea you want to make out,” he asked her.

“Hell yeah,” she leaned over to kiss him. Right when she got goes I just stuck to Max like no other.

“HEY NO MAKING OUT IN MY CAR,” Gerard yelled.

“Now let’s swim,” Max said getting out of the car. He grabbed my hand and stripped to his boxers and jumped in the pool pulling me with him. He held me tight kissing me in the pool.
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