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To the Ones that Fall in Love

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More Escape the Fate bus fun.

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“Okay guys, I didn’t get a chance to say this yesterday, but yesterday was incredible. Let’s make today just as good. Hey, where’s Chelsea?” Ali asked them as she looked around.
“On Escape the Fate’s bus,” Jackie replied bluntly.
“Why?” Ali asked.
“She and Ronnie had drunk sex last night,” Emilee replied.
“Yeah,” Megan and Callie echoed.
“Wow. Well, I’m going to call her and make sure she’s alive or at least awake,” Ali said before she grabbed her phone and called Chelsea.


Chelsea was sitting alone waiting for the bus to get to the venue when her phone rang. She grabbed it, opened it, and asked, “Hello?”
“Vanilla Bear, did you get laid last night?” Ali asked.
“Yeah,” she replied shyly.
“How was it?”
“I don’t remember it. I was drunk as hell, remember?”
“Ah. I remember. Well, I guess we’ll see you at the next venue. Tell everyone I said hey.”
“Okay Caramel Bear. Bye.”
Chelsea hung up her phone when Omar walked into where she was and said, “Come out here. We’re playing Guitar Hero 3 and Max and Ronnie are having a Guitar-Off.”
She nodded before following him to the living room type thing.
“Chelsea! Who would win in a Guitar-off?” Ronnie asked before he and Max started playing, “Me or Max?”
“Robert,” she replied sitting next to Bryan.
The whole band looked at her and asked, “What?”
“Yeah. Us drummers can rock at Guitar Hero too! Just because be bang the shit out of a set of drums doesn’t mean we can’t play Guitar Hero,” she replied.
“I like her! Can we keep her? Please?” Robert asked throwing an arm around Chelsea.
“I guess,” they replied.
“Yes. Now go, play your silly game and we shall see who is better,” Robert said.
Max and Ronnie looked at each other before starting “Through the Fire and Flames”. After the gruesome game, Max won. And was happy, too.
“HA! In your FACE Radke!” Max said before doing some silly dance.
“Ha ha very funny,” Ronnie said. He looked at Robert and said, “Yo Robert, play with me and maybe Max will shut up.”
He shrugged and said, “Okay.” He got up and Max took his place on the couch as Ronnie and Robert started “Suck My Kiss”.
“What?! I got beat by a drummer?! No fair!” Ronnie said after loosing again.
“Okay, my turn,” Bryan said taking the guitar from Robert. Robert took Bryan’s place on the couch as Bryan and Ronnie started “Same Old Song and Dance”.
“Gosh motherfucking DAMMIT! Why do I keep loosing?!” Ronnie asked after loosing to Bryan.
Chelsea sighed and said, “I’ll play ya. I haven’t played in a long time though.”
She got up and took the guitar from Bryan before they started “Mississippi Queen.”
“Go Chelsea!” the rest of the band said as she and Ronnie started playing.
“Shut up!” Ronnie said.
When the song ended, well, you can guess who won.
“FINALLY! It’s about damn time I won!” Ronnie said before he started dancing around like an idiot.
Chelsea and the rest of Escape the Fate shook their head at Ronnie as he danced around.
“Okay Ronnie we get it! Stop!” Robert said before throwing a bottle of water at him.
He stopped and said, “Say ‘Ronnie is the Guitar Hero God’ and I will.”
“Ronnie is the Guitar Hero God,” they all said reluctantly.
He grinned like an idiot and asked, “Now, was that so hard?”
They all nodded and he said, “Eh, shut up.”
They all joked around when the driver said, “Guys, we’re here.”
They all sighed and Chelsea said, “Well, I guess this is my stop. I’ve got to get my band and let them know I’m alive.”
“Yeah. Hey, we’ll see you around,” Omar said before giving her a hug,
The rest of the band gave her a hug when Max said, “See ya later.”
“See ya guys. You were fun,” she said before getting off of the bus.
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