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Meet The Grand-Parents

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I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay.

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During the next few weeks, Mikey spent most of the time at my new house whereas Gerard was always either with Heidi or Alexis. He had been round at Alexis’s for about two weeks now, turning up every day to help fix the new nursery they were fixing for their well-anticipated new arrival.
It’s not like I minded, I wanted to stay away from Gerard as much as I possible could. As the weeks went by I ended up feeling more and more guilty of what I did to Mikey-and with his brother of all people.
Tonight, though, Gerard and Mikeys grandma was coming round-specially to meet me.
I sat in front of my mirror, staring at my reflection, a dull and hopeless expression worn on my face.

“What’s the matter pumpkin?” Mikey asked, laying his hand on my shoulder.

“Look at me…” I stood up, twirling around. “I’m hideous!”

“Aw sweetie. Is it that time of month again?” Mikey asked, trying to cuddle up to me.

“No!” I pushed him away. “It’s not that time of month. I just..feel ugly.”

“Would it help if you had a shower? Maybe I could wash you?” Mikey cuddled up to me again, squeezing my butt. I shrieked in surprise.

“Ooh Mikey Way. I hope your not suggesting what I think you suggesting. Are you?”

“I certainly am.” He pulled my t-shirt over my head and kissed my collar bone tenderly. He pilled me through to the bathroom as I pulled his t-shirt off and he switched the shower on.

“You always look beautiful. No matter what.”

I pulled away from his kiss and smiled, rubbing our noses together. We both got in the shower side ways and I began to rub Mikey down, rubbing him in all the sensitive area’s as he massaged my breasts. Then it was his turn-he got my favourite soap and, after rubbing it all over my body, rubbed up against me to get clean. We pulled the shower head on top of us and kissed whilst the water dripped down our backs, rubbing all the soap off.

“I think we should get out now.” Mikey pulled away. “My grandma is a sucker for punctuality.”

I switched the shower off and climbed out of the it, wrapping a fluffy towel around my body and going over to my closet. “Whatever should I wear?” I thought out loud.

“How about this?” Mikey came into the room with a curved neck, black velvet dress with a ribbon hanging down at the back, over a hole in the material that went almost down to the butt-crack.

“It’s beautiful.” I approached the dress, not daring to touch it in case I burnt a hole in it’s precious fabric. “How did you afford it?”

“Oh I just saved up a couple of months allowance. It was well worth it to see that smile on your face.”

My smile grew even wider. “It’s gorgeous. Thank you.” I took the dress off him and gave him a kiss. I put the dress on and Mikey did it up for me.

“It looks great on you.” Mikey beamed.

“It does look quite nice doesn’t it?” I agreed with him. It hugged my skinny frame in all the right places and even made my small boobs look bigger-they looked at least a B cup in this dress.
I went over to my dresser and put on a pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings that I’d gotten from my mom. I laced my lips with some old red lipstick. (Not mine of course.) And I tied my hair back into a bun. Finishing off the outfit with a pear of black heels that I’d never worn before in my life. I guess I’d just gotten carried away with the whole ‘looking nice’ thing. I’d always thought that dressing up was for Barbie girls but I was actually starting to feel good about myself.

“You look so beautiful.” Mikey looked as though he was almost about to cry. I went up to him and gave him another hug and a kiss.

“I love you babes.”

“I love you too.”

We arrived on time, as promised and was greeted by the gorgeous Heidi, wearing a blue apron over her slutty black dress. Next to her I just felt ugly again.

“Hey Mikey. Hey Crys.” She kissed me on the cheek. Heidi liked to pretend we were friends-I guess in a way we kind of were. She was always there for me when I needed to talk about Mikey or anything-she’d always listen and offer good advice. The only problem was that she was a little bit too nice-she creeped me out a little bit. I mean come on, this is New Jersey, nobody did things out of the kindness of their own heart.

“Grandma isn’t here yet.” Gerard came to the door. His eyes immediately fell on me.

“Oh Crystal. You look amazing.”

“Thanks.” I blushed-there was no way he was playing these games on me again.

Mikey and I made our way inside and Gerard offered us both a glass of wine which we accepted gracefully. I had just managed to relax a bit when the doorbell rang.

“That’ll be Grandma.” Gerard said. “I’ll go get her.”

“Oh shit.” I said, rubbing my hands together nervously. “I can’t do this.” I sighed as if I was giving birth or something.

“Relax.” Mikey held me on the spot. “Just be nice to her. She’ll love you.”

I almost stopped breathing when I heard an old lady’s voice.

“Oh are you Mikeys girlfriend? Well aren’t you a stunner.”

I know what you may be thinking-’she like me’ and ‘she thinks I’m pretty’ but honest to God it wasn’t me she was talking to-it was Heidi.

“Oh no no no. Me and Mikey are just friends, I live here.” Heidi explained. I swear her English was getting better every day. “Mikeys girlfriend is in there.” I assumed she was pointing to the kitchen.

“Shit.” I swore under my breath. It’s going to be a long night.

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