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The Test

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“Oh.” Elena sounded dismayed. “Well where is Michael’s real girlfriend?”
I heard Gerard take Elena’s coat off her and hang it up on the small coat-hanger.

“Right through here.” Heidi showed Elena through to the kitchen where I was standing next to Mikey, my hands hanging awkwardly by my sides.

“I’m Crystal.” I squeaked, holding my hand out for her shake. She hesitated but took my hand and shook it weakly.

“Not exactly a stunner, is she Michael?” Elena turned to Mikey and raised on eyebrow, making her look like the spitting image of her youngest grandson. I felt my cheeks burn up as my eyes followed the wall paper onto the floor.

“Well I think Crystal’s very pretty.” Heidi stepped in, her smile lighting up the room.

I rolled my eyes, honestly, Heidi really should mind her own business.

“She’s…sweet looking.” Elena tried to compliment me, adding further to my flush. “Michael when will dinner-I’m simply famished.” Elena took off her fur scarf and tossed it on a chair carelessly.

“In a minute grandma, Heidi’s just finishing off the final touched.” He gave Heidi a funny look as she hurried around the kitchen getting stuff out of the oven and plating it up.

“Please, sit down.” Mikey pulled a chair out for her to sit on and she sat down carefully-as if there were a book on her head that was in danger of falling off if she leaned slightly to the side. Heidi placed a huge pan in the middle of the table.

“Oh beef. How did you know that was my favourite meat?” Elena smiled, helping herself to a generous portion of Heidi’s delicious looking meal.

“Yeah well done Heidi.” I sighed, tucking into this ‘delicious’ looking meal.

“So Crystal,” Elena interrupted the blissful silence. “Are you in any sports teams at school? A cheerleader perhaps?”

“Um.. No way.” I scoffed. “I couldn’t run to save my life-literally.”

“Well I can’t say I’m surprised at all, you didn’t strike me as the cheerleading type.”
I was about to ask her exactly what a ‘cheerleading type’ was when Heidi interrupted me, therefore saving my neck.

“I used to be a cheerleader back in Switzerland, and I was prom queen in senior year.” Heidi smiled proudly. I rolled my eyes for the 14589th time that night.

“If only Michael could find someone more suitable than this drone.” Elena giggled, poking Heidi on the shoulder.

I could feel the tears stinging my eyes, threatening to pour out. How could she say that about me? I only wanted to impress her and this is how she repays me. My top teeth crashed down into my bottom teeth, gritting together as I pressed my thumbnails into my fingers, leaving a red mark. I stood up, outraged.

“All I wanted to do was make Mikey happy! Mikey okay, not Michael, your precious grandson-Mikey Way-my boyfriend and the boy I love more than anyone else in the world. All I want to do is make him happy and love him and you are not getting in the way of that, no matter how many nasty comments you make, got it?!”

Elena immediately stopped giggling after my first word, her face remaining blank throughout my little speech. It was only at the end that her expression changed to something I didn’t want to see-a smile.

“That’s more like it. Welcome to the family.” She held out her hand for me to shake, I refused, obviously confused.

“What?” I frowned.

“You passed the test.” She said proudly.

“Test? What test?”

“The Way test. The test that shows how much you love Michael and how much you are willing to go through for him.”

“I’m willing to go through anything with him.” I said faintly, still a little confused.

“Good. It’s like I always said-your not a Way until you fight like one. Michael will you take my plate away-I’ve had enough.”

I sat back down again, my head in a state of wonder. This women was extraordinary.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ - Watch it! It’s one of their new songs and I can’t stop listening to it. I like how they’ve gone back to the three cheers and left the black parade behind. I think it’s amazing and how cute is Gerard at the end? Please tell me what you think in a comment.

Thanks for reading.
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