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We See the Spells that are Falling from the Skies

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After show fun.

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“That was amazing!” Emilee said jumping around after the show.
“Hell yeah it was! I had so much fun,” Megan said skipping with Chelsea and Callie.
“Come on guys, I want to walk around some and see people,” Jackie said.
“Okay,” the other girls said as they started to walk around, saying hi to people as they walked around.
“Hey, I see Robert from Escape the Fate!” Chelsea shouted as she jumped up and down.
“Are you sure? That looks more like Ray Toro,” Callie replied.
“No, it’s Robert. Look,” Chelsea said when the guy turned around. Sure enough, it was Robert.
“Oh,” she said.
“Told you!” Chelsea said before waving to Robert. He waved back and smiled as the girls walked around, stopping every now and then to sign things and take pictures with fans.
“Okay, I’m hungry,” Emilee said after awhile.”
“Fine. Let’s find somewhere to eat,” Jackie said as they started heading to the bus for Megan and Emilee’s vegetarian food.
When they reached the bus Emilee said, “Oh my God. Is Ali on his back?”
They all looked over to see their manager Ali on Max Green’s back. “Uh huh,” Megan replied.
“Max! Ali! Over here!” Chelsea shouted.
The two of them looked over and Ali waved, causing her to fall off of his back and land on her ass. He looked behind him and helped her up as the girls walked over to see if Ali was okay.
“Jesus, you need to be more careful Ali,” Max said when the girls reached them.
“Yeah. I should be,” Ali said getting up off of her ass before hugging Max.
“Hey Ali, you okay?” Megan and Callie asked.
“Yeah. I’ll live,” she replied.
“Good,” Emilee said.
They started walking and talking when Chelsea’s phone rang. “One sec,” she said. She opened her phone and asked, “Hello?
“Hey Chelsea, you busy?” Bob asked.
“Not really. Just walking with my band, my manager, and Max Green from Escape the Fate. Why?” she asked.
“Well, I was hoping we could hang out tonight. That is, if you’re not busy,” he suggested.
“I’d like to hang out with you. Where and when?” Chelsea asked.
“Our bus around six thirty,” he replied.
“Okay. I’ll see you then. Bye,” she said.
“Bye,” he said before hanging up.


“Did you do it?” Frank asked walking in after Bob closed his phone.
“Yeah. She’ll be here around six thirty,” Bob replied putting his phone in his pocket.
“Ah. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be on the bus when she comes around. Who knows what you two will be doing,” Frank said sitting next to Bob.
“Whatever man. Don’t you have someone else to bother?” Bob asked.
“Nope. Just you. And I think I now what you two will be doing. ‘Oh Bob. Oh baby that feels so good. Oh right there. Yes, yes, YES! Oooohhh',” Frank said making mock sex sounds.
He hit him with a pillow and said, “It’s not going to be like that and you know it!”
“Whatever you said Bob. Whatever you say,” Frank said before getting up and leaving the bus.
Bob shook his head and turned on the TV when his phone rang. He looked to see that it was Frank. He opened his phone and asked, “What do you want?”
“Oh Bob! Oh that feels so amazing! Oh god YES!” Frank said making more mock sex sounds.
He hung up the phone and threw it across the room before grabbing it, going to his bunk, and laying down for a nap.
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