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Wild-Eyed Jokers

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Sneaking around and Guitar Hero action

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“Megan! You’re phone is ringing!” Chelsea said as she played Guitar Hero 3.
Megan got up and grabbed her phone. She opened it and asked, “Hello?”
“Hey Meggy. It’s mom. How’s the tour going?” her mom asked.
“Good. We just got done with a show a bit ago actually. Jackie and Callie are walking around the venue still talking to people and Emilee and Chelsea are here on the bus with me. Emilee’s sleeping and Chelsea’s playing Guitar Hero,” Megan explained.
“Well, are you having fun?”
“Yeah. It’s pretty fun. I’ve met a lot of bands and they’re all so nice. It’s really fun.”
“Well, that’s good. I’ll let you go. I just thought I’d call and check in on you. Bye.”
“Bye mom.”
“What did your mommy want?” Chelsea asked after she finished “Miss Murder”.
Megan hung up her phone and said, “She just wanted to check in on me and all.”
“Cool. Hey, do you want to do two-player? I’m trying to get better so that way I can beat Ronnie at Guitar Hero,” Chelsea explained.
“Sure. I haven’t played in a while though. Just warning you,” she said as Chelsea put it on two player and Megan grabbed the other guitar controller.
“Well, I’m not that good either. So we’re even,” Chelsea said before asking, “What song?”
Megan thought for a second then replied, “Can’t Be Saved.”
“Okay. “Can’t Be Saved” it is,” Chelsea said choosing the song before they played.


“Hey, there’s Ali and Max over there. Wanna spy on them?” Jackie asked Callie when she saw Ali and Max flirting.
Callie looked over before replying, “Sure. Let’s go.”
The two of them kept their distance as they followed Ali and Max around. Every now and then they would see Ali and Max sneak a kiss in. The two girls followed them to the stage and saw that they were going backstage. Being sneaky, they followed and saw that they were in an intense make-out session. Ali’s hands were on Max’s ass as one of his hands was on her waist and the other on the side of her face, cupping it as they kissed.
Jackie looked at Callie and said, “Okay, I don’t want to watch this. Let’s go back to the bus.”
Callie nodded before the two girls left the back stage and walked back towards their bus. Callie looked at Jackie and asked, “Should we tell the rest of them what we saw?”
Jackie looked at her before shrugging. “Sure. Why not,” she replied.


“Well, I have met a good match Miss McCrory,” Chelsea said.
“Touché Miss Ostendorf. Touché,” Megan said before they started laughing.
“What the French Toast are you two laughing about?” Emilee asked walking into the main lobby/living room-type-thing.
“We’re being silly Miss Funkhouser,” Megan said.
“Yes. What Miss McCrory said Miss Funkhouser,” Chelsea said in her best English accent.
Emilee shook her head when Jackie and Callie walked into the bus. “Ah, I see Miss Craig and Miss Mears. ‘Ello poppets,” Megan said in her best English accent.
Jackie looked at Emilee and asked, “What have they been smoking?”
Emilee shrugged and replied, “I have no idea.”
“Well, they’re scaring me,” Callie said.
“Hey guys! Guess what?!” Chelsea asked.
“What?” they asked.
“I got a date with Bob tonight on their bus at six thirty,” she replied.
“Well, it’s six right now. So go get ready!” Megan said.
Chelsea looked over at the clock and said, “Ah. Okay. I be back!”
She went into the back to get ready. Jackie looked at Megan and asked, “Are you as hyper?”
“A little bit Miss Craig,” Megan replied in her best English accent.
Jackie shook her head as Megan and Callie started a game of Guitar Hero.
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