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Tell How You Can Swim when Ropes are Wrapped around Your Limbs

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Movies, walks, and phone calls OH MY!!!

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‘Okay, she’ll be here any minute. Just relax. All you guys are doing is watching a couple movies and talking. That’s it. Just get a grip Bryar,’ Bob thought as he was pacing the living room-type-area of the bus when there was a knock on the door.
“Okay Bob. Just relax and this will go smoothly,” he muttered to himself before he walked over to the door and opened it to Chelsea. She was wearing a black The Dark Knight shirt with the Joker on it and a pair a tight black pants with holes in the knees.
“Hey Bob,” she said smiling.
“Hey. Come on in,” he said moving out of the way for her to get in.
She smiled before walking in. “Thanks for having me over,” she said standing there.
“Well, I was wanting to watch some movies, but I didn’t want to watch them alone,” he said sitting on the couch.
She sat next to him and said, “Yeah, watching movies by yourself kind of sucks after a while.”
He nodded before asking, “What movie do u want to watch?”
“Do you have Thirteen Ghosts?” she asked.
“Uh huh. You want to watch it?” he asked.
She nodded and he said, “Okay. Let’s watch it.”
He got up and walked over to the movie collection they had before grabbing the movie. He turned on the TV, the DVD player, and opened the DVD player before putting the movie in it. He closed it and walked back over to where Chelsea was before sitting next to her. He grabbed the DVD remote and pressed the play button before saying, “Here ya go.”
She looked up at him and smiled before saying, “Okay.”
He smiled before the two of them started watching the movie.


“Emilee! You have company!” Megan said when she saw Gerard outside their bus.
Emilee left her bunk frustrated and asked, “Who is it?”
“Retard Gee-rard,” Megan replied before she, Callie, and Jackie started watching MTV Cribs.
Smiling, she grabbed a jacket and left the bus to see Gerard leaning against it. She leaned next to him and said, “Hello.”
He jumped a little bit before looking over at her. “Hey Emilee. You busy?”
“No. Jackie, Megan, and Callie are watching MTV Cribs and Chelsea’s with Bob. I was sleeping when you came by,” she replied scratching her head.
“I can tell,” he said looking at her pink Cookie Monster sweat pants. (A/N: she actually owns a pair of pants like that. I gave them to her. :]) “Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to go walking around with me. I don’t want to be alone.”
She looked at him and said, “Okay. I just have to tell the rest of the band.”
He nodded and she got back on the bus. “Hey guys, I’m walking with Gerard. I’ll be back later.”
“Okay,” they said with their eyes on the TV still.
She shook her head before getting off of the bus. She looked at Gerard and said, “Let’s go.”
He smiled before the two of them started walking.


Chelsea woke up to the credits rolling and her laying on Bob’s shoulder, his head on hers. She gently lifted his head off of her and took her head off of his shoulder and got up before laying Bob on the couch. She couldn’t help but smile. She walked over to the TV and turned the volume down when her phone rang.
Sitting in this room playing Russian roulette…
She grabbed her phone quickly and answered it. “What Ali?” she asked.
“Hey. What cha doing chick?” Ali asked.
“I just woke up. And you calling almost woke Bob up,” she replied.
“Wow, first Ronnie and now Bob. Damn girl!” she said.
“What?! Now, we were just watching Thirteen Ghosts. We fell asleep watching it. Nothing happened,” Chelsea said defending herself.
“Okay okay sorry,” Ali said.
“And besides, I was drunk. It doesn’t count,” Chelsea said.
“Yes it does,” she heard Max say.
“Shut up Max,” she said when she asked, “Hey, am I on speaker phone?”
“Yep,” the two of them replied.
“You whore! You know I hate being put on speaker phone! Damn it,” Chelsea said.
“Chelsea!” she heard Robert and Omar shout.
“Hi guys,” she said when she asked, “Ali, what are you doing on Escape the Fate’s bus?”
“Um, about that…” Ali said trailing off.
“Let me guess, you and Max have a little love thing going on. Am I right?” Chelsea asked.
It was silent when Max said, “Uh huh.”
“Good. There are some days that I think Ali needs to seriously get laid,” Chelsea said.
“Chelsea!” Ali said as laughter was heard in the background.
“I wuv you Ali,” Chelsea said.
“Eh, whatever,” Ali said.
“Fine! I’m hanging up!”
“NO! I sorry! I wuv you too!”
“I know.”
There was some more laughter when Chelsea heard Bryan ask, “Who are you guys talking to?”
“Chelsea!” the whole room replied.
Chelsea laughed and Bryan said, “Hey Chelsea. When are you coming to visit again?”
“Soon hopefully. I want to get better at Guitar Hero first so that way I can beat Ronnie,” Chelsea replied.
“Nice,” Bryan said.
“I watched you guys today. It was amazing! The last song was so cool,” Omar said.
“Can you teach me German? I wanna be like the cool people,” Max asked.
“I bet Ali can teach you French,” Chelsea said.
“Really?” he asked.
“Yeah. But I think the only thing Ali knows is ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir’,” Chelsea replied.
There was laughter in the background and Max said, “I don’t get it.”
“It means meet me in bed in five minutes,” Bryan replied laughing.
“Hey, I know more than that!” Ali said.
“Sure Ali,” Chelsea said.
“Eh shut up. Well, I’m going to go. Max get your hands off of my ass!” Ali said.
“Okay. Bye,” Chelsea said.
“Bye,” Ali said before hanging up.
Chelsea pocketed her phone to see that Bob was still asleep. She found a piece of paper and a pen before leaving him a note.
I had a great time tonight. We should do this again.
Chelsea laid it next to him before she kissed his cheek and left the bus.
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