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The Blood in Your Veins is 20 Below

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Emilee and Gerard were walking around when Emilee said, “It’s nice out.”
Gerard nodded in agreement and said, “Yes it is.” The two of them walked in silence when Gerard grabbed Emilee’s hand. She looked at him for a minute before lacing her fingers with his. He looked and smiled before they walked in a content silence, hand in hand before they headed back to Emilee’s bus.
When they got to Emilee’s bus, Gerard looked at her and said, “Well, I guess this is good-night.”
She smiled and said, “I guess it is.”
He looked down at the ground for a bit before asking, “Um…I was wondering…err…can I kiss you?”
She smiled and said, “Sure.”
He smiled before cupping her face with his hands and lightly kissing her lips. They lingered there for a bit when Gerard pulled away. “Night Emilee.”
“Night Gerard. See you tomorrow,” she said before going into her bus. She started skipping around when she chanted, “I kissed Gerard. I kissed Gerard.”
“WE KNOW!” Jackie, Callie, and Megan said.
“We kind of saw,” Callie said.
Emilee rolled her eyes before asking, “Where’s Chelsea?”
“Back here. Sleeping. Now shut up,” Chelsea said from the bunk area.
“Sounds like someone didn’t get laid by one Bobert Bryar,” Emilee said sitting next to Jackie.
“Eh, shut up,” Chelsea said before they heard a loud thump and Chelsea shout, “SON OF A BITCH!”
The rest of the girls ran to the bunk area to see Chelsea laughing her ass of on the floor with her blanket wrapped around her.
“What the hell happened?” Callie asked.
“I fell,” Chelsea replied like a little kid.
“We see that. Are you okay?” Jackie asked.
“Uh huh. I’m fine. Nothing’s broken. Except my butt. I think that’s broken,” Chelsea said before standing up. “Nope. It’s fine too,” she said before getting back into her bunk.
The rest of the girls shook their head and Jackie said, “Well, I’m going to bed. Night y’all.”
Megan, Callie, and Emilee shrugged before getting changed into pj pants and tank tops before going to their bunks as well.


“So, what’s the agenda today?” Callie asked.
“Hanging out on the bus for a bit before sound check, then playing between Taking Back Sunday and Escape the Fate, then from what I heard, there’s a party tonight on Escape the Fate’s bus,” Jackie replied.
“Nice,” Chelsea nodded. “I can finally kick Ronnie’s ass at Guitar Hero. He beat me last time, but just wait. I’ll get him so good he’ll be crying himself to sleep.”
“You want to give it to him good,” Emilee said laughing at Chelsea as she drank her coffee.
The rest of the band nodded in agreement. “Hey, I was drunk. Even though Max thinks it counts, it totally doesn’t,” Chelsea said defending herself.
“Whatever you say Chelsea. You know you want to tap that again. Sober,” Megan said pushing Chelsea’s arm lightly.
The rest of the bus roared with laughter when Chelsea said, “Eh shut up.”
“Come on guys, let’s walk around before sound check,” Jackie said.
The rest of the band agreed and the five girls left the bus and started their walk around the venue, signing stuff and taking pictures with fans and saying hi to other bands as they walked around.
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