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Chapter 1- Sunrise

The room is dark and cold, just the way I like it. This is home. My thirst flairs up, looks like I need to go and get dinner. An evil grin spreads across my face, how I love the thrill of hunting. I pull on my black boots and race out the door. The forest that surrounds my house turns to a green blur as I run. My hair whips around my face as animals scurry to safety as I silently run by. Soon I find myself standing in a town square, I couldn’t tell you which town because I never care which human town I’m in. The only borders that matter are the ones of large powerful clans and any demons I can’t overpower. I stalk through the dead of a late winter night searching for my next victim, I round a corner it is then I spot him. I follow silently he walks on through the dark unaware of my presence. I seize the opportunity to attack. I jump on his back he staggers with the shock he gives out a cry but it is cut short as I pull his head back by his hair exposing the soft skin of his neck. My fangs glide easily through his throat; wonderful taste of blood fills my mouth. He drops to the ground in a vain attempt to rid himself of me, I hold tight as the smell of blood fills the air. He struggles for a while but soon is unconscious. I release him to look at my watch, less then an hour until sunrise. I decide to take my victim back to my place before I am spotted. I lift him with ease and run quickly into the distance. As I approach my lonely house out in the wilderness I pick up on a fowl stench. I place my victim on the ground placing a bandage on his neck to stop his bleeding. I recognise the stench with that of a werewolf. I carefully run to the back of my house after hearing a crash, the back door left wide open. I run back to my victim to see a werewolf standing over him, I stop dead in my tracks. The hair on the back of my neck stands up at the sight of my visitor.
“Hello Annabelle, nice to finally meet you” the werewolf says with a smirk. My jaw drops
“How do you know my name?”
Its smirk spreads across its face at my shocked expression
“Oh I know more then just your name”.
I am frozen to the spot as it leans over my victim inspecting him. I give a deep growl, it looks up at me.
“Leave him he’s mine” I say in a firm tone.
The werewolf stands up slowly, eyes locked with mine
“Very well” he says standing up once again.
I lunge at him; I am too quick for him. Within an instant my teeth are at his neck, I have him pinned.
“Who are you?” I growl at him.
“I am Evander” he replies calmly.
Who does this guy think he is? Why am I not killing him now? Why am I not wanting to kill him, my natural enemy? At that moment my victim begins to stir. We both glance over at him. I turn back screwing up my face at the smell of the werewolf. My watch alarm goes off as the sun begins to rise.
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