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Chapter 41

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The steady beating of a heart was both waking me up and keeping me asleep. Or maybe it wasn’t the beating of the heart that was waking me up. I opened my eyes and Gerard slid out from under me.

“I’m sorry, I’m just a clingy sleeper.” I said.

“It’s okay, besides as many times as we’ve passed out together I know how you sleep.” I smiled and buried my face in the pillow.

“Who is at your door?’ I asked. As the second heart beat I’d heard started again.

“I’m going to go see now. You go back to sleep if you want k.” I nodded. And let my eyes close.

“Is she here?” I heard Frank yell.

“Don’t worry about who’s here and who’s not.”

“I saw her car. Are you using again? Did you let her…”

“Frank. Now’s not a good time. You wanna talk to me later. I’ll be here. Just not now.”

“Gerard I swear if you let her use again. I’ll kill you.” I got out of bed and ran into the living room.

“You think that you are worth all the work I put into my sobriety?” I screamed. “You’re not,” he grabbed my chin forcing me eyes to meet his. He took a deep-relieved breath.

“Good, no one is.” he said looking down at his feet.

“Gerard thanks for last night. Promise me you will talk to Marcia. You know you two belong together.” I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek ignoring Frank all together. Then I went back to his old room and changed into my clothes. It didn’t take me long then I walked past the both of them sitting at the kitchen table talking. I haven’t a clue or a care about what. I just got into my car and headed home. Marcia was probably worried. It wouldn’t surprise me if she called Frank to find me.

When I pulled up to my house my breath caught. The ‘For Sale’ sign now said sold. Someone bought my house. I got out and stood in front of it for a few moments. How did this happen so fast? I shook my head and then walked up to the door taking out my door key. When I tried to open it with my key though the key wouldn’t fit. I started to hyperventilate. They had already changed the locks. I can’t even get my stuff. Then the door swung open to reveal Marcia. She didn’t look like she had gotten any sleep at all last night.

“They sold it,” I said in a half yell half sob.

“Don’t you ever run out of here like that again.” she said ignoring what I said all together. “You had better not have gone to Bert’s,”

“Did you hear me they sold the house.” I said.

“Where did you go?” she wasn’t even concerned about the house.

“I stayed at Gerard’s.” I said. She raised an eyebrow. “No. Not like that. We shared a bed, but that was only cause the other bed was where I woke up with Frank and we didn’t do anything but eat pizza and watch movies.” I explained quickly so she wouldn’t freak out. “They sold my house,” I tried one more time.

“I know I’m sorry,” we made our way into the house. That was all she could say, cause there was nothing we could do.

“I convinced him to talk to you,” I said. She smiled. “We should start looking for an apartment I guess.”

“Well until we have to move out of here. Have your new key.”

“New key,”

“Yeah a locksmith came and changed the locks on the doors, said you were expecting him.” I rolled my eyes. Pete must have sent him over.

“Wait what’s today?” I asked.

“Monday why,”

“What time is it?”

“Nonnie its 11:30” I let a string of curse words flow through my lips as I rushed back out of the door. I was late for work, again.
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