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Chapter 12

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(Gerard’s POV)

“Gerard baby wake up we gotta go now!” she was shaking my shoulder.

“What are you talking about?”

“Shhh, as quietly as you can grab some clothes and get to Frankie’s you will be safe there.” I could hear the urgency in her voice. It made me do as I was told, she’s never steered me wrong before. I got up grabbed my clothes and jumped from my second story window. As I jumped I heard my front door burst open. I didn’t wait around to see who was there. I ran into the nearest ally and got dressed quickly. Then I took off running to Frank’s. I knocked on the door.

“Who the hell is at my door this early?” Frank said pulling the door open. I didn’t wait for him to open the door all the way I pushed it open the rest of the way and went past him. Then I closed and locked the door behind me. “Gerard what the…”

“Where’s your phone?” he pointed at the table next to the couch. I started to dial Dr. Maddox’s number. She stopped my hand.

“Don’t…” she didn’t have to explain, and if they were looking for me they would start there. I hung up the phone.

“Gee what the hell is going on?” Frank asked again.

“Ask if you can crash here for a while.” she said.

“Can I crash her for a few days?”

“Yeah sure, are you going to tell me what is going on?”

“No!” she said, “It wouldn’t be safe for him.”

“I can’t tell you, but if anyone we don’t know comes around asking about me tell them I left town. Okay.” he looked me in the eyes.

“Are the cops after you?”

“No, I don’t know who they are.” I said giving him a little truth. He nodded.

“Okay, just if you need any help tell me.”

“I just did,” I said with a little smile. Frank and I were pretty close friends. All of the guys were pretty cool. I knew I could always count on them.
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